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When reading the script, Chi You felt that there was something not quite right about this part. Although it was reasonable, she felt that something was missing.

If it weren’t for He Xing pointing out step by step where the inconsistency was, she probably wouldn’t have noticed.

He Xing hastily made a last-minute revision of the script, and they all took some time to review it before attempting to shoot.

[Song Anying was pinned down by two guards. Her hairpin had fallen to the ground, her long hair disheveled, and her eyes were frighteningly red. Hidden behind her dark hair, she gazed blankly at the man who had been stabbed in the heart. Her lips tremble in bewilderment.

The scene fell into silence; no one had recovered from the previous scenario.

In the next moment, the frantic woman with black disheveled hair suddenly struggled violently. The two guards, caught off guard, failed to restrain her.

Song Anying, unstable on her feet, suddenly threw herself to the ground but managed to crawl to Li Yuanming.

“Li Yuanming… you’ve gone mad!”

Her voice was piercing, not the gentle tone she usually feigned. With disheveled hair, tears dropped from her widened eyes, yet she seemed oblivious.

“I don’t need you to shield me. Do you think I’ll be grateful? Li Yuanming—”

Song Anying’s words were gently interrupted.

Li Yuanming, lying beneath her with a large pool of blood flowing, opened his eyes with difficulty. He raised his hand, wanting to touch Song Anying’s face, but saw the bloodstains on his fingertips. His hand drooped weakly again, and a pale smile appeared on his lips, saying,  “Yinger, I promised to make you the Empress. I broke my promise. You always say I’m foolish. In the future, find someone…”

He didn’t finish his words; blood suddenly overflowed from the corner of his mouth.

Song Anying’s face was covered in tear streaks, yet not a single sob escaped her. Her voice trembled as she shook her head, “No… Li, Li Yuanming…”

Li Yuanming leaned into her embrace, and Song Anying’s panicked reaction made the pain in his chest even more unbearable. He vaguely realized that he might not have much time left, so he looked up at the Crown Prince standing nearby.

“Crown Brother, I understand… I’ve done many things that wronged you, but… I beg you to spare her…”

Song Anying frantically grabbed his hand, her trembling lips not ceasing.

Tears blurred everything in front of her. She gazed at the cold palace, at the Empress’s throne she had been determined to ascend. Suddenly, she didn’t know what she was persisting for at these moments.

The woman’s expression was empty. She sat motionless, with the cold body in her arms. The attendant beside her, who wanted to take away Li Yuanming’s body, whispered something, but she seemed not to hear.

She stared blankly at the snowflakes falling outside the palace, her gaze absent, unresponsive for a long time.]

He Xing had already instructed someone to bring the cake over. Seeing Bo Yihong still hugging Chi You’s neck and crying non-stop, he said, “Alright! That’s enough.”

Since shouting “cut”, this guy had been crying non-stop.

Bo Yihong turned his head to the other side, sobbing.

Chi You carefully moved her head, making sure Bo Yihong’s hair accessories wouldn’t catch on her hair. Hearing him cry until he was out of breath, she thought in her heart that this kid was too easy to empathize with. At the same time, she gently patted his back and said, “Alright, alright, stop crying.”

“Yeah, don’t crush Chi You with your big size,” Qin Yi added coldly.

Bo Yihong bent over and lay on Chi You’s shoulder, his eyes red as he glanced at her, “Bad woman.”

Qin Yi glared.

He Xing quickly intervened, “Alright, alright, for those who haven’t finished, take a break this morning, and continue shooting in the afternoon. Let’s eat the cake now!”

Hearing about the cake, Chi You’s neck was only released for a while. He Xing had someone cut the cake, and he took out his phone and took a few pictures.

They were the first important characters to finish shooting. He Xing gave each of them a big red envelope. Qin Yi, not to be outdone, also took out two red envelopes. Bo Yihong was stunned and chased after Qin Yi to take a picture with her. Qin Yi, with a silent and beautiful face, took a picture with a “click”.

Chi You held the cake and talked to He Xing. When she saw Bo Yihong grinning, she couldn’t help but laugh. Then, a red envelope was handed over from the side.

“Happy completion of shooting.”

Both of them looked up.

Song Yan, who they didn’t know when he came over, was standing beside them. His face showed no expression, still wearing the clothes he had during the scene, holding two red envelopes in his hand. He handed one to Chi You.

Chi You was somewhat surprised, but with many crew members watching, she couldn’t refuse. So, she reached out and took it, smiling, “Thank you, Senior Song.”

Bo Yihong received the other red envelope, then ate some cake. The emotions from the scene they had just finished seemed to have dissipated quite a bit.

That day’s weather was not as hot; it was a good day for the wrap-up.

He Xing took a picture of the sky and posted it on Weibo along with the pictures taken just now.

[1l: First! Brother, happy wrap-up!]

[2l: Brother’s eyes are swollen; it’s been tough! Rest well after wrapping up!]

[3l: The second female lead Sister has reached a new level of beauty, ahhh!!!]


[6l: Am I the only one who noticed how pretty the second female lead is? Bo Yihong looks like a Samoyed, laughing with his mouth wide open, hahaha!]

[7l: There’s even a picture of Bo Yihong with his eyes closed, I’m dying of laughter!]

[8l: One is the obedient daughter, and the other is the mischievous silly son, such a visual contrast!]

[9l: He (the director): As long as the female lead is beautiful enough!]

[10l: Hurry up and make the new actress open a Weibo account!]

[57l: Hurry up and make the new actress open a Weibo account!]

After scrolling through the comments twice, He Xing couldn’t stop smiling.

He turned his head to look at Chi You, who was sitting beside him.


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