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[9th comment: Thinking about the ending of our villain couple, I’m sobbing. Our Li Yuanming is just a wife slave, what did he do wrong?!]

[10th comment: Hongyou is amazing!!]

(Hongyou m. CP name)

In Chi You’s eyes, there were only evaluations related to the drama. She glanced at these comments, but did not pay attention to them. However, Gu Jingxu, by her side, couldn’t help but frown.

Size difference… What did that mean?


Gu Jingxu once again sensed the generation gap between himself and these people. He thought for a moment, then quietly took out his phone to start searching.

“Watching the Tides” was a serious drama, but director He Xing arranged many standout and humorous scenes. The parts where the male and female leads were getting along also had a strong CP (couple) feel. Moreover, the initial popularity of the second male and female leads was exceptionally high. As a result, after its broadcast, the overall attention for the entire series far surpassed all other concurrent dramas.

Qin Yi and Song Yan already had many fans over the years, and many viewers were initially drawn to the show because of them.

However, simultaneously, the popularity of Chi You and Bo Yihong was also very high. Bo Yihong, playing the ambitious Prince who follows the Princess’ orders, brought a significant contrast. Chi You, portraying the malicious female antagonist who had done many evil deeds, subtly revealed her background in the drama. This made the audience, while scolding her, unable to resist feeling sympathy.

Moreover, the outstanding and well-matched appearance of Chi You and Bo Yihong caused a surge in their fan numbers. During this period, Chi You’s fan base, in particular, increased by three hundred thousand within a month of “Watching the Tide” airing.

At the same time, the production team of “Watching the Tides” received an interview request from a television station.



This was the first time Chi You had been interviewed.

The television station was very efficient, and shortly after the entire cast finished the interview, they saw that the interview video had already been released.

After all, it was the first time audiences had seen Chi You’s real-life personality. Yang Qirou cared a bit and sent a message asking Chi You to take a look.

She was present throughout the interview, so she was already aware of the interview content. Instead of watching the video first, she checked the feedback from netizens.

[1L: Ch You, such a perfect face! Beautiful beauty!】

[2L: Song Yan doesn’t seem to be in top form today. Is he feeling unwell?]

[3L: Don’t say that, he’s always like this on shows. After interacting with Qin Yi, Qin Yi rolled her eyes, hahaha!]

[4L: My girl is so obedient. When seniors talk, she stands there obediently watching. She looks at whoever is speaking, her eyes shining.]

[8L: Doesn’t anyone think Director He really spoils Chi You?!! She was standing at the edge, and Director He pulled her over! It’s like he is taking care of his daughter, sobbing!]

[9Lt: Whether he likes her or not is really obvious. But what about our Xiao Hong, is he concerned?]

[10L: Is he concerned? +1]

[11L: Song Yan seems to dislike Chi You a bit, right? They haven’t interacted at all. Xiao hong even chased after Sister Yi for THE interview, and the two of them in the back were like strangers…]

[12L: Actually, I’ve long noticed that my brother doesn’t really like Chi You. I can only say he’s straightforward; if he doesn’t like something, he doesn’t. He won’t force himself.]

[13L: Why is the upstairs comment so sarcastic? Go watch the video at 13:34. After Chi You’s solo interview, isn’t Song Yan the person who went up to greet her? Your brother smiled at her, but you couldn’t see it? Instead, Chi You politely thanked him, and you couldn’t see it?]

Besides these discussions, the interaction between Bo Yihong and Chi You on-site was also quite popular. So, after a while, the official account posted a little surprise from the interview that morning.

The video showed Director He being interviewed, with the male and female leads standing on either side of him. Two additional cameras captured the side corner, revealing Bao Yihong and Chi You sitting on a sofa, facing each other and looking at their phones. After a short while, they simultaneously covered their mouths and burst into laughter.

It seemed inconvenient to discuss during the interview, so Bao Yihong leaned towards Chi You, whispering something in her ear. Despite the distance, it was clear that Chi You was smiling, her eyes and brows curved.

[1L: They’re really hitting it off!!!!]

[2L: Hongyou, whether in the drama or in reality, are seriously hitting us hard!!!!]

[3L: Look at Xiao Jong’s priceless expression. I remember during Chi You’s audition, his ears turned red, right?]

[4L: I have a picture of that!! The place where my favorite couple started!!!]

[8L: I feel like Chi You’s attitude towards Song Yan and Xiao Hong is really obvious. I remember she had scenes with Song Yan in the drama, but why does it seem like they haven’t talked much off-screen?]

[9L: Maybe it’s because of their similar ages? Earlier, Bao Yihong mentioned in his solo interview that he enjoyed hanging out with Chi You the most on set, mentioning how she takes care of him. But isn’t he the senior?]

[10L: What?? My CP is together???]

[122L: What?? My CP is together???]


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