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[Oh no… The CP vibe is so strong…]

[Talking about everything just balances my nutrition…]

[President Gu is smiling at Chi You… He looks so serious when listening to her, it’s so sweet!]

[Damn it, both of their voices sound so good! Did you see Chi You’s gaze just now? Whoever doesn’t understand, at least I don’t look at my boss that way!]

[Haha, my boss doesn’t look at employees like President Gu does!!]

The live broadcast hadn’t ended yet, and several hot searches with Chi You’s name had already appeared.

Some were bought by the drama production team, and some were bought by others just to ride the hype. However, most of them were pushed up by the fans who shipped the couple.

[Forget it, today you must choose either Honyou or Jingyou!]

(Jingyou m. essential oil)

[Jingyou… big laugh! Who came up with this name? Before clicking in, I thought it was an advertisement for massage oil.]

[Hongyou is already in the past. Let me ask you, has Chi You ever smiled like this at Xiao Hong? (Picture)】

[You guys don’t understand. You can’t be too casual with the boss. What if the boss feels unhappy and gives you a hard time? I think Chi You is most at ease with Xiao Hong!]

[Stop arguing, can’t both of them work?!]

Assistant Wang had been observing the online reactions. The PR department asked several times if they should withdraw the hot searches. After waiting for a while without a response from Gu Jingxu, he couldn’t help but make a phone call.

The red carpet event had ended for quite some time, and logically speaking, the boss couldn’t have missed it…

On the other side, suddenly, a mobile phone vibrated.

The intertwined breaths separated instantly.

Chi You tilted her head up, raised her hand to tuck her long hair behind her ear. Her breath was unsteady, paused for a moment, then gently patted Gu Jingxu’s shoulder, “Your phone.”

The phone vibrated on the front passenger seat, but Gu Jingxu showed no intention of reaching out for it.

With one large hand caressing the smooth skin around Chi You’s waist and the other holding her back, he lowered his head and left a few kisses on her face.

Chi You didn’t urge him further; she lowered her head to cup Gu Jingxu’s face and kissed him.

The space was too confined for their movements. Gu Jingxu carefully controlled his breathing, his waist and abdomen slightly tensed. After a moment, he gently embraced her, who had buried her head.

The girl’s chin rested on his shoulder, and with each breath she took, he got a little uncomfortable.

Chi You chuckled and said in a gentle tone, “I didn’t say you couldn’t move.”

Gu Jingxu shook his head. His voice became hoarse due to extreme restraint, “I might hurt you.”

Chi You laughed, shifted her sitting position, leaning back against the steering wheel.

“Then let’s go home now.”

Her movements were light. Gu Jingxu opened his lips to breathe for a moment and replied in a husky voice, “Maybe… we have to wait a bit longer.”

Chi You didn’t understand why he was always so reserved at such moments; she couldn’t suppress the urge to tease him, “But I don’t want to wait anymore.”

The girl’s tone was slightly petulant.

Gu Jingxu’s thick eyelashes trembled suddenly several times. He took a deep breath, as if intending to release the hand around Chi You’s waist. After a pause, he held her even tighter.

Straightening up, the man leaned closer, gently touching the corner of Chi You’s mouth. He softly pleaded, “Youyou, wait a bit more…”

His words almost turned into a sigh, and the warm breath sprayed against Chi You’s ear. In a good mood, she nodded, “Okay, you can beg me.”

“I am begging you.”

The comfort of their bodies couldn’t compare to the joy of hearing these two words. Chi You was very satisfied, lowered her head, and rubbed her cheek against Gu Jingxu’s, “Hurry up and kiss me.”

Assistant Wang received Gu Jingxu’s call an hour later.

Confused, he asked, “Boss, the trending topic issue has been resolved. Is there anything else you need to explain?”

There was a moment of slight silence on Gu Jingxu’s end, his voice very low, “What trending topic?”

He hadn’t checked his messages until now?!

Assistant Wang widened his eyes, but dared not say much. He could only reply, “There was a discussion about you and Miss Chi on the trending topics for a long time, but it has been taken down now.”

Gu Jingxu was momentarily stunned. He turned his head towards the direction of the bathroom. After Chi You returned, both of them had not paid attention to the trending topic.

His gaze darkened slightly, “Next time, there’s no need to take it down.”

Assistant Wang: “….Alright.”



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