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Observing the little cat lifting its paw, San Wu noticed the white wings on its back trembling.

Its beautiful cat eyes stared straight at her.

San Wu was speechless.

Wasn’t this the one who struggled and resisted even with a slight touch from her?

Indeed, even a mutated cat was still a cat, with this inexplicable sense of grandpa’s arrogance.

“In consideration of you just pointing out Wang Cheng’s location for me, I’ll hug you again.” San Wu picked up Ji Lingbai, casually giving his wings a gentle touch.

Ji Lingbai shivered instinctively. Just as he was about to get angry, she pinched his paw twice.

She was obviously taking advantage of him!

But the next moment, upon entering the house, San Wu unceremoniously threw him to the side.

Kui Ku approached happily, rubbing against San Wu’s shoulder. It proudly used its leaves to push Ji Lingbai away.

It was better if the cat stopped seducing its owner.

Ji Lingbai was furious. Did this sunflower think someone was interested in this woman?

“Enough, Kui Ku.” San Wu gave it purified water, and Kui Ku visibly cheered up.

“Let’s start cooking.” San Wu rubbed her stomach.

She first put two small blue fishes into the freshly organized water basin, conveniently a male and a female.

“Grow up quickly to have little fish babies.” San Wu chuckled, inserting her hand into the basin to purify the water.

Ji Lingbai, watching her put the fish into the water, felt a deep disdain.

Didn’t this silly girl know that the outside water couldn’t be used directly for fish?

By the next morning, these two fish would surely be dead.

Ji Lingbai shook his wings; he wouldn’t remind her.

Who asked her to throw him into the corner as soon as she entered the house?

San Wu brought a large pot and, while digging up radishes, found that they had grown significantly in just one day.

“I wonder if the effect will be better when my ability reaches intermediate level,” San Wu thought to herself.

When she stewed a pot full of meat soup, the radishes softened, and the white radishes, in particular, became more fragrant when boiled. Finally, she picked a handful of fresh green vegetables to add.

“Too bad there’s no seasoning, some chili would be great.” San Wu scooped a ladle of soup; it was boiling with hot steam.

Ji Lingbai shrugged his nose.

Was it because he was hungry?

Why did San Wu’s cooking smell so especially delicious?

San Wu noticed that the vegetables and radishes in her home, regardless of how big they grew, maintained the same freshness, retaining the most delicious texture.

And along the wall were rows of sunflowers, but these sunflowers were not mutated.

“It seems to be a matter of luck.” San Wu glanced at her own palm.

She wondered if the probability of growing mutated plants would increase after advancing to the next level.

“San Yi, come over for dinner.” San Wu turned and looked at Ji Lingbai, then thought for a moment, and said,  “Xiao Bai, you come for dinner too.”

Ji Lingbai looked at her with irritation. Who did she think she was calling Xiao Bai? Unfortunately, his injuries were too severe, and his abilities hadn’t recovered much, so he could only maintain this appearance.

San Wu brought out three large bowls. Of course, San Yi couldn’t share the same spoon with them, so San Wu scooped it out separately. After all, the zombie virus spread through saliva and blood.

Fresh chicken soup was more fragrant than the wind-dried meat soup. Ji Lingbai looked at the meat pieces in his bowl and, cautiously and with reserve, took a bite.

After just one bite, Ji Lingbai’s expression became serious.

In the fortress, he had always eaten the best food, and the taste of San Wu’s meat surpassed the dishes prepared by the fortress chefs by several times. Moreover, the most crucial part was that, with each bite, he felt the core of his ability warming up. The speed of healing injuries and recovering abilities was several times faster.

Was she a regenerative esper? But even regenerative ability users were treated like treasures, no matter which fortress they were in. Why would Wang Cheng dare to show off in front of her?

Ji Lingbai couldn’t understand.

“Is it delicious?” San Wu smiled, looking at Ji Lingbai beside her. “How about it, Xiao Bai? Do you still want to run now?”

Now that she was an independent survivor, she had more freedom, but the risks and crises she had to face were several times greater than when she was a resident.

Having more combat power by her side would undoubtedly be better.

The mutated cat was highly intelligent; perhaps it was among the top of its class.

Initially, San Wu was worried that it might attack them once it recovered, but if they could reach a cooperative agreement, it should be fine.

Ji Lingbai turned to look at San Wu.

Staying with this woman would accelerate the recovery of his abilities.

Moreover, this time, he came not only for that King Zombie but more importantly, to obtain something crucial in Fortress Eighteen.

In other words, he would stay there for quite a while.

“Owe,” he lightly snorted, placing his paw on San Wu’s palm.

He would leave when he finished his business. As for this woman, he would consider whether to bring her back to Fortress One later.

San Wu gripped his paw tightly, thinking that as long as the mutated cat agreed, she would take it out to hunt mutated animals. Maybe she could obtain more mutated plants or raise a few high-level zombies.

With her increased combat power, she could deal with it if it didn’t listen.

Two people with their own hidden agendas finally reached a temporary cooperation.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Kui Ku, sunbathing at the door, suddenly started to fiercely knock on the door.

“What’s wrong, Kui Ku?” San Wu placed the empty bowl aside and walked carefully to open the door.

A small head peeked in from outside, two messy pigtails not taking a proper shape, swayed on the head.

“A person?”

San Wu was startled; she remembered there were no survivors living nearby. Moreover, post-apocalyptic children were well-monitored; how could they let a child run out alone?

However, when the child raised her head, she collided with a pair of dull, lifeless eyes and slightly bluish-black lips.

Not a person… but a zombie.

This little zombie seemed about five years old, and before the attack, she must have been well-fed and chubby because what stood in front of her now was a plump child.

“Snap!” Kui Ku raised its leaf, ready to pat the child’s head.

This was its owner’s territory; all intruders were enemies. Kui Ku’s territorial instinct was strong.

San Wu was pushed back a step by Kui Ku.

“Kui Ku, you wait…” She hadn’t finished her sentence when she suddenly saw the child in front of her grab Kui Ku’s large and powerful leaf, fiercely flinging it to the side.

A loud bang echoed as Kui Ku was slapped to the ground, writhing in pain.

San Wu’s pupils shrank, stepping back. “San Yi!”

This couldn’t be possible!

A child-like zombie shouldn’t be this strong.

San Yi immediately came to her, but the child did not launch another attack.

The little zombie tilted her head, staring at the steaming hot soup beside San Wu. Then, she slowly turned her head and uttered a word, “Eat!”

This word was like a bomb dropped, making San Wu’s scalp numb.

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