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“Mrs. Chi,” a cold, deep male voice sounded.

The people sitting at the table subconsciously looked up, only to see the person they had just mentioned appear in the restaurant for some unknown reason.

The man, dressed in a well-fitted suit, had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. When he looked over with lowered eyes, his expression was emotionless, exuding a strong sense of oppression.

He came to a stop next to Chi You and shielded her behind him.

The man’s expression remained indifferent. “Instead of asking her, why not just ask me directly?” 

As his words fell, he nonchalantly lowered his gaze. His eyes happened to meet those of the girl beside him who had just looked up. The gazes of the two collided, and for a moment, neither of them averted their eyes.

After those three left, the restaurant returned to silence.

Gu Jingxu still stood next to Chi You, his expression not quite favorable. “Chi You, come with me.”

The girl he called didn’t even lift her head. She turned slightly, beckoning to the waiter who had been waiting behind for quite some time. Only after a casual wave did she speak, “Not going.”

Gu Jingxu was momentarily stunned.

Assistant Wang behind him: Wow.

Gu Jingxu didn’t notice Assistant Wang’s expression. Almost immediately after hearing Chi You’s words, he furrowed his brows, “Are you having second thoughts—”

“The food hasn’t even arrived, the money’s been paid; I won’t waste it.”

Chi You thanked the waiter who brought the dishes and then looked up, “Sit.”

Just a moment ago, Gu Jingxu thought Chi You regretted making a deal with him.

He had thought about it a lot that day. Undeniably, much of his unease came from not being able to figure out Chi You. He didn’t understand why she agreed to him.

She said it was because she liked him.

But he didn’t feel it.

Watching the girl who began eating as soon as she finished speaking, Gu Jingxu held back the words at the tip of his tongue. He sat down at the table where the three people from the Chi family had sat before, bringing out the modified contract and medical examination report from Assistant Wang, silently pushing them in front of Chi You.

Chi You didn’t move. She looked up slowly at him, her almond-shaped eyes slightly narrowed, “What’s the rush? Eat first.”

After waiting a few seconds and seeing that she really wanted to eat, Gu Jingxu could only suppress his emotions and pick up the still unopened bowl and chopsticks.

Gu Jingxu had never been to such a restaurant before, and he had never unpacked utensils by himself while eating. He lowered his eyes, and his slender fingers separated the bowl and chopsticks. Then, unexpectedly, Chi You pushed a bowl of soup towards him.

“Chicken soup, Mr. Gu, give it a try.”

Those utensils were just used by Chi You.

Gu Jingxu paused for two seconds.

Chi You stared at him with a tilted head.

Assistant Wang, holding his breath, stood beside them, watching Gu Jingxu calmly accept the bowl of soup, taking a sip with the spoon.


He marveled inwardly.

Miss Chi You was indeed quite different.

Assistant Wang couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Chi You.

Noticing his gaze, Chi You raised her eyes and smiled slightly. She took out her own medical report from her bag.

“Mr. Gu, you can take a look.”

Her voice was very soft. Watching Gu Jingxu finish the bowl of chicken soup with a satisfied expression on his face, her smile softened for a moment.

It was known that in novels, nine out of ten male leads had stomach problems.

Gu Jingxu’s daily routine was so healthy that it was hard for people to believe he wasn’t.

Chi You pondered that she must ensure Gu Jingxu took good care of his health in the future, but looking at the man’s physique, she felt she might be worrying too much.

Gu Jingxu didn’t think he needed to see Chi You’s medical report. Although he wasn’t sure why their contract required it, the company values physical fitness when hiring, so he didn’t say anything. After setting down the ladle, he obediently took Chi You’s medical report and flipped through it.

Assistant Wang stood on the side, observing the seemingly obedient boss and Chi You, who was being scrutinized with a smile.

He felt a bit lost, unable to distinguish who was the one in need of a wealthy patron at the moment.

Everything was arranged, and only after Chi You handed over the signed contract did Gu Jingxu finally relax a bit.

He looked at Chi You’s consistently smiling face and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you in a good mood?”

Chi You retorted, “Aren’t you in a good mood?”

Gu Jingxu was speechless, feeling that this question had only one answer.

“I… am happy.”

He wasn’t lying because he could feel a slight relief in his restless emotions at the moment.

Seeing Chi You’s face, seeing those eyes smiling at him, he would calm down.

Gu Jingxu had lived for so many years without understanding what love at first sight was or the joy of mutual affection.

All he knew was that regardless of what kind of liking Chi You mentioned, he felt genuinely happy.

After dinner, Gu Jingxu took Chi You directly to his current residence.

Assistant Wang had mentioned that lovers should live in one house.

Gu Jingxu didn’t know much about these matters, so he willingly adopted Assistant Wang’s suggestion.

Chi You didn’t say anything, obediently following him home. In the elevator, as it ascended slowly, neither of them spoke for a while. The surroundings were quiet, and the sound of the machinery operating echoed in their ears.

Behind the man, illuminated by the elevator doors, the girl’s features appeared somewhat distorted.

Gu Jingxu’s gaze fell on her face, and Chi You felt something. Caught off guard, she raised her eyes and, upon seeing the man’s gaze that he hadn’t managed to retract in time, she slightly curved her mouth without saying anything.

He/She was so obedient.

Both of them thought simultaneously.


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