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Chi You didn’t need his consolation.

As he said, such things were actually common, and Chi You didn’t know how many times she had encountered them in her previous life. So, seeing Song Yan like this, she just found it childish and amusing, without any other thoughts.

She lowered her eyes, not wanting to recall past events. Unexpectedly, Bao Yihong also had such experiences. She asked a few more questions, and the two chatted till the lunch delivery staff arrived at noon.

From afar, they heard He Xing yelling, saying that the lunch was arranged by Gu Group and encouraged everyone to eat more.

Before, when Chi You was alone, Bao Yihong would specifically come over to eat with her. Now that she had a manager, the two still ate together.

Yang Qiruo brought over a cup of iced milk from a distance. She didn’t say where it came from, and Chi You didn’t ask. She opened it and took a sip, hearing Bao Yihong exclaiming, “Wow, this is so good, the boss is generous!”

The lunch was well-balanced with a variety of dishes, finely prepared, making it very appetizing.

Chi You took out her phone, took a picture, and sent it to Gu Jingxu. He replied immediately with a sentence, “Concentrate on eating.”

Chi You imagining the tone of the man, couldn’t help but smile.

Seeing her so happy, Bao Yihong asked curiously, “What’s going on? Who are you chatting with?”

“Someone who has a very good relationship with me.”

Chi You lightly replied, tapping on the screen.

[Chi You: You should also eat well too.]

She cared a lot about the male lead’s health.

After completing her meal, she refrained from sleeping or checking her phone, knowing time was limited. She briefly rested in the car before receiving the message to resume shooting.

Given the hot weather and the intricate costumes, Chi You found it a bit challenging to cope. Sensing this, Yang Qiruo handed her two small fans to help cool her down.

In the afternoon, as there were no scenes for Qin Yi and Bao Yihong, neither of them showed up.

After having her makeup fixed, Chi You proceeded towards the set and noticed Song Yan’s assistant wiping his sweat for him. The assistant, shorter and a bit plump, struggled to handle the task. Observing this, Song Yan took tissues into his own hands, displaying impatience on his face.

Chi You approached with two small fans in hand. She gave Song Yan a brief glance, gently shook the fans, and strolled away.

It seemed as if she conveyed, “I have two, but you won’t get one.”

Feeling the hot breeze under the tree’s shade, Song Yan’s earlier restlessness seemed to dissipate as Chi You passed by. He lowered his gaze until He Xing announced they were ready, then gradually shifted his focus back to Chi You.

In a film production, scenes were not necessarily shot in order. The first scene of the afternoon involved a plot from an earlier part of the story.

The second female lead, Song Anying, made a decision to give up on her husband. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the Crown Prince’s attitude towards her remained indifferent. This time, during a banquet, she pretended to feel dizzy and went to the Crown Prince’s chamber. Acting as if she were unwell, she hugged the Crown Prince’s neck and gently called out, “Husband.”

The girl’s fragrance was very subtle, requiring one to get close to this extent to catch a whiff.

Two soft hands delicately rested on the shoulders and neck, applying no pressure, as if they might slip away in the next moment. It made one couldn’t help but want to grab those hands, making the embrace tighter.

Her snow-white skin was right beside his face, breathing lightly and faintly sprinkling it on his cheek.

Song Yan felt a tingling sensation, and in the next moment, Chi You had already approached.

Her long hair fell onto his shoulders, and the image of the two getting closer was captured by the camera.

Song Yan looked at the close-up view of the slender and curly eyelashes just within reach. In the next moment, as per the script, he saw himself mercilessly pushing Chi You away.

This scene went smoothly in one take, and the crew members cheered. Yang Qiruo rushed up to fan Chi You with a small fan, praising her excellent performance. Chi You, feeling proud, hummed a couple of times, then turned and walked away without sparing a glance for the person standing behind.

The assistant somehow managed to get a small fan from somewhere, and with the cool breeze blowing, Song Yan’s face turned pale. He shook his head gently, lowered his eyes, and turned away.



The scenes scheduled next had nothing to do with Chi You, and due to the hot weather, He Xing also advised her not to stay on the side. So, after finishing that scene, she temporarily went back to the car to rest.

The moment the air conditioning touched her skin, Chi You seemed to come alive. She leaned against the seat, turned her head, and saw Yang Qiruo staring at her phone, her expression not looking too good.

Tilting her head, Chi You asked, “Sister Yang?”

Yang Qiruo responded with an, “Ah?” And looked up to see Chi You’s concerned expression. She sighed slightly, “I didn’t want to affect your filming, so I didn’t mention it. You trended during lunch, and it’s still trending now.”

Chi You was stunned. If she hadn’t seen Yang Qiruo’s expression, she might have thought it was nothing. But with Yang Qiruo showing such a look, it was evident that the trend wasn’t something good.

Chi You took out her phone to check.

Glancing at the trends, her name was not in the search results. Perplexed, she took another look and then clicked on the ninth trending topic.

#Is there no one left in the entertainment circle#

Opening the first post, it was a netizen complaining about the recent dramas being either poorly acted or having eye-searing performances.

Chi You swiped down with her fingertip, and sure enough, she found her familiar name.

[Speaking of this, I want to ask @He Xing, why is the second female lead in “Watching the Tides” a newcomer? If you can’t help it due to connections, just reply with a 1.]


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