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The head maid was indeed attacked by Ruan Qiu’s beauty, but it was not the reason that made her dazed, but Ruan Qiu’s attitude toward her. The head maid was actually a fan of Cheng Tianya and a black fan of Ruan Qiu. After she knew that the identity of the head maid would make Ruan Qiu’s time difficult, she worked hard to get this role and wanted to help her idol out.

But she heard from those fans in the fan group that they had all seen Ruan Qiu on the set. It was said that Ruan Qiu had a bad temper and often cursed. So at first, when she was speaking her lines, she was afraid that Ruan Qiu would hit her with a mop, but to her surprise, Ruan Qiu was not angry at all, and even smiled at her.

It was said that people were visual animals, but the head maid admitted that she was really confused by Ruan Qiu’s beauty for a moment, and actually thought that Ruan Qiu was a good person.

The head maid came back to her senses and went downstairs while thinking that Ruan Qiu was not angry now because she was worried about the live broadcast. Wasn’t Ruan Qiu an actress? Hiding emotions was also a basic skill.

She would definitely let Ruan Qiu reveal her true face, let everyone know what kind of woman she was, and vent their anger!

Ruan Qiu, who had reached the first floor, didn’t know the complex psychological activities of the head maid. She found a utility room, put the mop in, then walked out and entered the kitchen from the back.

Ruan Qiu saw five maids dressed like her standing outside the kitchen door, and thought that the kitchen was already busy. But as soon as the four maids saw her, they all made way for her. One of them said, “You came just in time, go and help the new cook.”

After saying that, the five of them left.

[My God, Ruan Qiu is too miserable, this variety show really makes the guests work.]

[It’s true that some people are more popular than others, Bai Jinyao and the others have already had their second round of tea in the living room.]

[Although I don’t like Ruan Qiu either, but the director’s blatant oppression is too much.]

Jiang Yan was the only one in the kitchen. Seeing him in a hurry, his fans also cursed the director.

But the chief director didn’t care about these scoldings at all. It was only when someone scolded him that he became popular. Besides, he was scolded a lot of times. When he was shooting a thriller movie, there were often audiences who were scared to tears.

Different from the reaction of the audience, Ruan Qiu’s black fans could be described as gongs and drums, beaming with joy.

[Hahaha, seeing Ruan Qiu being bullied and unable to resist is really relieving!]

[Get out early. What can Ruan Qiu do to help? It’s good not to help.]

Hearing the sound of the kitchen door being opened, Jiang Yan turned around and saw Ruan Qiu. Of course, he could recognize this actress who had been attacked online for half a year, and his heart suddenly became even more desperate.

He was not afraid that the other party would want to force him to form a CP with him. After all, he had already made sufficient psychological preparations for this show. What he was afraid of was an actress like her who couldn’t help.

Jiang Yan asked Ruan Qiu with the last glimmer of hope, “That, Sister Ruan, can you cook?”

Ruan Qiu debuted a few years earlier than him, and was half a year older than him, so it was no problem to call her sister.

Ruan Qiu shook her head as expected and said, “I can’t.”

In the world of Infinite Flow, being able to eat was a very luxurious thing. They were busy escaping for their lives every day, wanting to complete the customs clearance and live in the new world, so they had no time to cook to fill their stomachs. They ate a meal in a hurry, then quickly confronted the ghosts.

Jiang Yan slumped visibly. At this moment, the head maid pushed open the door of the kitchen, frowned and said to the two of them, “The guests have been waiting for a long time. I’ll give you another half an hour. If you still can’t cook, you will be punished!”

Seeing the head maid leave, Jiang Yan was so anxious that he almost cried.

His fans followed him and worried about him, while Ruan Qiu’s audience watching her split screen only wanted to see her jokes.

Fortunately, the ingredients there were all Chinese. Jiang Yan gritted his teeth and decided to make his best stir-fry. The cooking speed was fast and took no time. He should be able to make four or five dishes in half an hour.

He didn’t expect Ruan Qiu to help at all, but Ruan Qiu took the initiative to come up and ask him, “Do you need me to help cut vegetables?”

Jiang Yan thought that he should give medical treatment to a dead horse as if treating a live one, so he nodded to Ruan Qiu and said, “Thank you, Sister Ruan. Please help me cut all these things.”

(Tl note m. give medical treatment to a dead horse as if treating a live one = In a desperate situation, one still hopes for a miracle and makes the last attempt to change the situation.)

After Ruan Qiu confirmed with Jiang Yan that he wanted her to cut the potatoes into shreds, she picked up the kitchen knife next to her, held the potatoes in the other hand, and began to roughly peel the potatoes.

[Ruan Qiu’s hands are also good-looking, they are so white, and her fingers are so long.]

[This posture is very dangerous, don’t cut such a beautiful hand!]

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