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Ruan Qiu nodded, picked up the knife on the table, and then picked up the hammer that had previously fixed the nails from the corner of the living room, ready to forcefully remove the door lock.

Head servant: ?

Director: ? ?

Audience:[? ? ?]

[What does she want to do? It’s not what I think, right?]

[Yes, I also think she wants to smash the lock.]

[I actually saw a bit of killing intent from her walking with a knife and a hammer. Is it my problem or hers?]

[It’s her problem (serious), I always feel that Ruan Qiu doesn’t look like a normal female star.]

The chief director also felt that Ruan Qiu didn’t look like a normal female star. How could a female star take these things to smash the door lock, couldn’t she follow the script?

The chief director touched his chin and hurriedly asked the head servant to stop Ruan Qiu through the headset.

The head servant ran to Ruan Qiu in anguish, stopped her from moving, met her suspicious gaze, and stammered out the reason given by the chief director, “It can’t be smashed, this lock must be opened with a key. You have to have the right key.”

Just when everyone thought that Ruan Qiu would not give up so easily, she put down what was in her hand, nodded and said to him, “I understand.”

She knew it was another rule.

In  the world of Infinite Flow, every rule had hidden death flags. Since the head servant said that the door lock must be opened with the correct key, then she could no longer use other methods to force the door open, otherwise it was likely to trigger the death flags.

She must not die until she real murderer of this show was found.

[Is Ruan Qiu so obedient?]

[When Ruan Qiu nodded just now, this mother kissed the screen.]

[? When did Ruan Qiu have a mother fan?]

[I think it seems that only Ruan Qiu is concerned about being locked up, and the other guests are quite indifferent.]

The other guests did not care about that matter. If they were locked, they would be locked. If they did not go out, they would not go out. They thought that it was impossible to really die in the variety show, otherwise the show would not pass the trial.

The audience also felt that the chief director deliberately arranged that, letting these six guests, three men and three women, forcibly share a room, so that they could cultivate their feelings.

The chief director looked at the comments and the expressions of the guests, and sneered in his heart: Oh, young people are too naive.

In the living room, Xue Wu knew that he would definitely not be able to find the correct key for a while, and the banquet would not be able to continue, so he asked Ye Xingyu to cancel the banquet and find another time to make up for it.

Bai Jinyao, who had been active once during the day and screamed and ran again at night, was already a little tired. She glanced at Qi Yingying, who was also a little tired, and then took the initiative to take the other party’s arm and say to everyone, “Then let’s go to rest first.”

Xue Wu was also eager to go upstairs to have a look. He just took two steps and found a small tail behind him.

He turned his head and asked Ruan Qiu behind him what she wanted to do with his eyes.

Ruan Qiu reminded him, “I am your personal maid, and I will follow you at any time.”

Xue Wu: ?

Although he wanted to ask Ruan Qiu why she didn’t do that during the day, he couldn’t say anything when he looked at Ruan Qiu’s wet eyes, so he could only turn around and let Ruan Qiu continue to follow.

[It shouldn’t be only me who saw helplessness and doting in Xue Wu’s eyes just now!]

[I wanted to say it for a long time. Emperor Xue has been watching Ruan Qiu since the place turned dark!]

[This pair, the master of the high-cold manor and the naughty personal maid. No matter how beautiful the surroundings are or how many people come and go, he only looks at her.]

[Thank you upstairs, I agree. I declare that you are the God of CP.]

This time, none of Xue Wu’s fans dared to speak.

They did not refute those who gave Xue Wu CP as before, saying that those people were stubborn, because based on their understanding of Xue Wu, it seemed to be true this time…

There was something wrong


Unlike Xue Wu’s silent fans, Ruan Qiu’s black fans began to ridicule her when they saw Ruan Qiu’s performance.

[Ruan Qiu is in a hurry to stick to Emperor Xue to get popular.]

[Can’t you see Emperor Xue ignore her? She has really thick skin.]

[Are you mistaken? This is a love variety show, isn’t everyone there to find love? What’s wrong with the girl taking the initiative?]

But Ruan Qiu’s black fans finally found an opportunity to attack her, and naturally they would not let it go. They frantically swiped the screen on the barrage, attracting passers-by and new fans who had been attracted by Ruan Qiu’s performance before and quarreled with them.

Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying, who had not left, heard Ruan Qiu’s words and looked back at her with complex expressions.

Since the two of them joined the love variety show, it was not that they didn’t have the idea of ​​forming CPs with Xue Wu. After all, he was the current top actor. As long as they could form a CP with him, no matter what, they would get popularity. If he and the other party really became a screen couple, the benefits would be endless.

But now it was the first day of the program recording, and everyone was still in the stage of knowing each other. If they rushed, they would only reduce their value, and would also be hated by Xue Wu’s fans and ruin passers-by’s impression of them. Only Ruan Qiu, who had only black materials and poor popularity with passers-by, dared to do that.

Bai Jinyao and Qi Yingying did not know that Ruan Qiu single-handedly reversed the impression of a small number of people, and some people began to speak for her. Her popularity among the passers-by was not as bad as before.They just felt that Ruan Qiu’s action of holding a kitchen knife and a hammer just now was to curry favor with the public. Now she also took advantage of her personal maid identity to form CP with Xue Wu, and their inner favorability for her was reduced to the lowest, so they turned around and left.

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