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When Chi You had been rudely awakened by the phone, sunlight had already streamed through the uncovered curtains onto the bedroom floor.

She raised her hand to shield her eyes, then instinctively searched for the source of the noise. Finding her phone beside the pillow, she had answered it with half-closed eyes, placing it against her ear.

A middle-aged man’s voice had immediately echoed from the phone, “Chi You! Don’t think you can escape. Xue Yin might be forgiving, but it doesn’t mean nothing happened! She is still in the hospital. Hurry back and apologize to her!”

The voice irritated Chi You, who had already been in a bad mood. Without fully opening her eyes, she had swiped the screen twice to end the call. Then, she found the blanket and covered her head, drifting back to sleep.

Five seconds later, the white blanket had been lifted, and the black-haired girl had sat up from the bed. She had looked around, her face expressing confusion.

She had a dream the previous night.

In the dream, she had turned into a supporting character in a novel, born to the wrong family and discovered years later to be a fake heiress. Out of jealousy, she had pushed the real heiress down the stairs, leading her angered parents to kick her out of the house.

Losing her status as a young lady, she had only been able to rely on part-time jobs to get by until she had encountered the male lead.

For some unknown reason, the male lead had actively kept her by his side, and they had signed a contract. Her sole responsibility had been to prepare meals for him in the house outside.

Too much idle time had easily led to overthinking.

In the memories of the supporting character, she had only seen the male lead twice—from the first time they had signed the contract to the second time when she had seen him standing with another woman on a rainy night at a banquet.

Her heart had slowly thumped in her chest. Chi You had opened her eyes, and her exquisite peach-blossom eyes had flickered.

She had spent the whole night in such a dream, experiencing the emotions of the supporting character thoroughly.

But the male lead had seemed to have forgotten about her. She couldn’t get close to him, and in the daily waiting, feelings of affection had grown. Finally, summoning the courage to meet the male lead, she had discovered he was already with another woman.

Chi You had covered her heart with her hand, feeling the pain there.

She sighed softly.

Whether this feeling had been called ‘like’ or ‘love’, Chi You couldn’t figure it out. If someone extended a helping hand during the most difficult times, it would have been hard not to be moved. The slight flutter and later gratitude had been gradually magnified by this innocent girl.

One should not treat others as their lifesaving straw; otherwise, how could a seemingly non-intimate scene lead to thoughts of suicide?

She stared at the ceiling, momentarily lost for words.

This speculation was completely confirmed when she saw the messages that followed on her phone.

The person labeled as “Dad” sent messages that sounded more like those of an enemy, each sentence hating this girl who was just informed she wasn’t her parents’ biological child, wishing to force her into death.

Sure enough, people should stay busy.

Chi You blinked twice, lay back down, covered herself with the blanket, and a few seconds later, uncovered herself.

Fool! The supporting character was saved by him in her most desperate moment. It was inevitable for her to develop admiration for the male lead. Thus, she entered the kitchen for the first time, did household chores for the first time, wanting to appear better in front of the male lead.

But now, she touched the sheets that didn’t belong to her, looked at the somewhat simple room, and had a bad suspicion.

In the dream, Chi You experienced the despair and sadness of the supporting character firsthand. Hence, she spent a sleepless night.

If it was just a dream, it would be fine. But everything at that moment was clearly real.

After muttering a not-too-heavy curse, the pent-up emotions within her dissipated. Chi You felt that the influence belonging to the original owner had completely disappeared from her body. Only then did she hug the blanket and turn over.

What kind of guy was the male lead?

What kind of family was the Chi family?

Chi You glanced at the worn-out wooden cabinet serving as a makeshift bedside table. A clock placed on top showed that it was already ten o’clock.

She finished reading, withdrew her gaze, stood up, and took only a few steps to reach the even simpler bathroom. Fortunately, although it was not large, the original owner had kept it tidy. She glanced at her face in the mirror, a face that was no different from her past self, and a slight smile appeared in her slightly raised peach blossom eyes.

In the mirror, the girl with black hair hanging down to her waist looked a bit disheveled, her small face blushing from sleep. Due to the worries of these days, there was a hint of sorrow on her face.

However, after she smiled, she appeared particularly alluring. The small mole below her right eye added a touch of childishness to her appearance.

Chi You stared at the mirror, satisfied for a while.

She finally came to a conclusion.

People, after all, still needed to pursue a career.

As if to agree with her words, the phone rang again.

Chi You went out wearing slippers and saw the name displayed on the screen.

Senior Sister.

Without hesitation, Chi You raised an eyebrow and answered the call.

This senior sister seemed to know a lot about Chi You’s current situation, aware that she was currently broke. She took the initiative to ask if Chi You needed a part-time job.

“The uncle we met last time for dinner is in charge of casting this time, and I recommended your name. If you’re willing, you can go and try out for the role. However…”

Chi You interrupted her, “What’s the matter, Senior Sister?”

The senior sister’s voice sounded a bit embarrassed, “However, it seems that Du Xu is also in this crew.”

Chi You pondered for a moment and found this person in her memory.

The original owner’s ex-boyfriend, Du Xu.

He turned his back on her and broke up with her after the original owner was kicked out of the house by the Chi family.

If it weren’t for being abandoned by both family and lover, the original owner wouldn’t have placed all her hopes on the male lead she had only met once.

Chi You sighed softly in her heart and spoke gently, “It’s okay, Senior Sister. I no longer have any connection with him.”

On the other end, the sister listened to her voice. Although she still sounded a bit listless, she was better than the previous day, indicating that she had truly come to terms with it.

The senior sister smiled with relief, “Then go for the audition in the afternoon. I’ll send you the location later.”

Chi You obediently thanked her.

After hanging up the phone, she looked at the address and frowned slightly.

The address showed that the audition location was right next to the male lead’s company.

In the original owner’s later memories, she knew that she had secretly gone there to see the male lead many times, even though she never saw him once.

After a brief pause, another annoying message popped up on her phone.

She frowned slightly as she read the sender’s name, replied with a few words after recognizing the sender, and directly blocked the contact.

The emotions built up over the years with the original family and the original owner were not something that could be severed easily. Since Father Chi insisted on her returning home to apologize to the real daughter, she would go and take a look.

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