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After Ruan Qiu fixed her appearance, she walked in front of Jiang Yan, glanced at the noodles floating in the pot, and took out five bowls from the cupboard. When Jiang Yan added the seasoning to the bowls, Ruan Qiu suddenly reminded him, “Don’t put garlic in this bowl.”

She remembered that vampires couldn’t eat garlic. Although Xue Wu was a high-level vampire now and garlic didn’t have a big impact on him, eating it would definitely make him uncomfortable.

Jiang Yan mistakenly thought that Ruan Qiu didn’t like garlic, so he secretly noted that down, and then did not add garlic to one of the bowls according to Ruan Qiu’s words.

He put the cooked noodles into a bowl, then found a jar of chili sauce and put it in a separate bowl for those who liked spicy food to add.

Ruan Qiu glanced at the maids guarding the kitchen door and asked them loudly, “Do you want a bowl?”

Several maids at the door were already drooling because of the aroma, but they still had to continue to act according to the script. One of the maids turned her head and said strangely, “Who dares to eat the food he makes? I heard that his previous employer was poisoned to death. Who knows if it is because of his resentment? We dare not eat it.”

[? Is there a problem with Jiang Yan’s identity?]

[Since they were afraid of Jiang Yan’s poisoning, why did they let Jiang Yan cook alone for the owner of the manor and the guests in the first place?]

[I have a bold idea. Didn’t Ruan Qiu and the others find evidence that the housekeeper and the manor owner harmed people? What if these servants also knew, maybe they wanted to poison these people with the chef’s hands?]

[! ! Makes sense! Netizens are indeed talented.]

Ruan Qiu also thought of it, and she suppressed her doubts because she wanted to know the answer to another question now.

Ruan Qiu walked to the door and asked the maid who spoke before, “Sister, do you know what happened to Miss Qi in the past?”

The maid was obviously a stubborn one, and was specially arranged by the director to send them clues, “I know, let me tell you, she was not the number one singer before, but her teacher!”

“Her teacher and our wife were friends.” The maid curled her lips, “That Miss Qi, in order to make herself stand out, made her teacher mute! Isn’t it vicious? People like her should go to hell.”

Ruan Qiu was lost in thought.

The hidden identities of all the guests had almost emerged.

Her identity was of a maid who once betrayed her master, Xue Wu’s identity as a manor owner who killed his brother, Ye Xingyu’s identity as a housekeeper who killed his father, Bai Jinyao’s identity as a noble lady who abandoned her husband and son, Jiang Yan’s identity as a chef who was suspected of poisoning his master, and Qi Yingying’s identity as a singer who poisoned her teacher.

The identities they got—

[Good guy, they are all villains!]

[Help, this is too exciting, I almost called out at work.]

[A voice of doubt once again, am I really watching a love variety show, not a crime variety show?]

[Maybe it’s a horror variety show (dog head)]

[Maybe it’s a survival variety show?]

[I have a hunch that after this episode ends, there may be a lot of fairy clips in the Erchuang video.]

Something flashed through her mind, Ruan Qiu calmed down and her eyes widened suddenly——

This was the background revision of No Survival!

In a closed manor, six sinners were trapped, one of them had “died” mysteriously, and the murderer had not been found. If her thinking was correct, they would all be “killed” one by one!

Ruan Qiu immediately reviewed the content of the main tasks, and she did very well in [Staying away from Shura Field] and [Maintaining Passerby Status], so now, it was time to carry out the task of [Finding the Murderer].

Ruan Qiu, who had made up her mind, picked up the two bowls of noodles that Jiang Yansheng had brought out, and walked toward the dining room.

She put the bowl of noodles without garlic in front of Xue Wu and whispered to him, “This bowl has no garlic.”

In fact, Xue Wu didn’t have a particular dislike of food, because in his eyes, all foods were equally disgusting. He didn’t plan to eat breakfast, but Ruan Qiu put down the bowl and stood beside him, as if she wouldn’t leave before he started his meal.

Xue Wu moved his fingers and heard Ruan Qiu continue to whisper, “I specifically asked Jiang Yan not to add garlic, can you give it a try?”

Xue Wu’s mood suddenly brightened.

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