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The season was already getting a bit hot, and the coffee shop had the air conditioning on early. As Chi You lifted her hand to brush away the fluttering strands of her long hair, she noticed the tall figure had already taken a seat. She smiled at the employee who was looking at her, nodded, and ordered two cups of coffee.

This coffee shop was located beneath the Gu Corporation headquarters. With the audition going on next door that day, the place was quite crowded, and at this moment, many eyes unintentionally focused on the girl who had just entered.

She wore a white long-sleeved dress that reached her ankles. The swaying motion of the skirt as she walked was quite captivating. Her long, slightly curled hair scattered, with a strand falling in front of her chest. The cuffs were adorned with lace, making her look exceptionally charming when she raised her hand to flip her hair.

With just one glance, one could tell she was a beauty. Many people who came for the audition secretly sized her up, but the girl seemed unaware of the gazes. After ordering coffee, she casually found a seat.

The cafe had a pleasant atmosphere, and people unconsciously lowered their voices when speaking. From where Chi You was sitting, she didn’t need to turn her head deliberately to see the face of the person not far away.

Her senior said she would arrive soon, so she put down her phone and tapped thoughtfully on the tabletop with her fingers.

In just this short while, she had already changed her plans.

The coffee had been delivered. She didn’t like bitter things, so she specifically asked for extra sugar. Chi Yu took a sip, and her eyebrows slightly relaxed. Then, her shoulder was gently tapped.

“You Yuo!”

Chi You turned her head, offering a smile.

Her peach blossom eyes were captivating, and the smile made it even more challenging to look away.

Despite having seen her many times, Shi Yue was still momentarily taken aback. The presence of a beauty always lifted her spirits. After sitting down, she smiled and remarked, “I was afraid you might still be upset. Seeing you in such good spirits puts my mind at ease.”

Chi Yu gently pursed her lips, responding with a light smile, “I appreciate Senior Sister’s concern during this time.”

“Why be so formal with me?”

Shi Yue took out the script from her bag, sensing glances from the vicinity. Somewhat displeased, she raised her head to glance back, causing the stray gazes to retreat. Handing the script to Chi Yu, she mentioned, “I heard there are quite a few people auditioning today.”

The coffee shop played soothing music, and she spoke in a low voice, not worried about being overheard.

“Jie Jie (sister), this time, He Dao is directing. He recently won an award, and many people are here for him. Besides, I heard this drama is also funded by the Gu family…”

It was only at this point that Shi Yue remembered. Chi Yu usually didn’t pay attention to these things, and she probably wouldn’t understand even if she said it. But just as she was about to explain, she heard Chi Yu ask softly, “Which Gu family is it?”

Shi Yue: “Which other Gu family is there?”

In the entire city A, there is only one.

Chi Yu’s eyes flickered slightly at the corner, and she raised her eyes without saying anything more.

When Chiyu arrived, she had already reviewed the part of her audition several times. So, she casually flipped through it and didn’t completely focus her attention on the man by the coffee shop window.

Even though he was sitting in the corner by the window, he was still the most eye-catching one.

When she came in, she noticed someone was secretly taking pictures of the male lead.

He seemed oblivious to the fact that all the girls in the entire shop were glancing at him, until at a certain moment, the coffee shop’s door opened and then closed. After the trace of a white figure left, Gu Jingxu finally lowered his gaze indifferently.

Seated in front of him, He Xing had already finished his coffee and leaned back slightly. “The coffee downstairs in your place is better. Last time at the crew, I had a cup that could kill anyone; they still called it coffee even though it was so sweet.”

After muttering to himself, he noticed that his friend didn’t seem to pay attention to what he said. He suddenly felt annoyed. “Lao Gu! Do you have any respect?”

Gu Jingxu, as if finally unable to tolerate his nagging, raised an eyebrow slightly and calmly said, “You’ve already wasted an hour of my time.”โ€ƒโ€ƒโ€ƒ

If it were someone else, who would have the face to let Gu Jingxu sit there for an hour?

He Xing grinned again, feeling honored. “It’s still early for the audition. I’m not just idling around.”

After finishing speaking, he remembered something, sighed with a troubled face, and said, “I’ve seen all the people who came for the audition, but I didn’t feel anything. None of them have that kind ofโ€””

He Xing scratched his head, trying to express the mysterious feeling in his heart. His handsome face wrinkled as if he were constipated, but his attempts were in vain. He sighed again.

His new drama was ready to start shooting, but after several days of auditions, he still couldn’t find the right cast.

It wasn’t about the main characters, as he had basically already chosen them.

He only needed a supporting actress, and he couldn’t make up his mind.

It wasn’t that there weren’t beautiful enough actresses.

It was just that none of them had the feeling he wanted.

Gu Jingxu paid no attention to his friend’s mad expression, letting him speak. That was the common ailment of artists; ordinary people like them couldn’t understand.

Gu Jingxu lowered his eyes, well aware that the figure from a moment ago had already left. Yet, in the next moment, he unconsciously raised his eyes and looked in a certain direction.

The seat was now empty, and the staff had cleaned up the table, returning to the counter.

This was the third time he had looked in that direction in such a short time.

Starting from when that girl walked in.

The fingers he had placed on the table unconsciously curled up, and when he raised his eyes again, his gaze was deep, as if without any ripples.

Chi You’s audition was very successful.

She was only going to play the role of a maid in the film, with almost no close-up shots. It was called an audition, but in reality, Chi You was the only one who came to audition for this role.

The assistant director frowned and said that the people waiting outside were there to audition for the supporting actress.

On the way there, Chi You roughly checked and found that He Xing had indeed become popular recently. His last drama was focused on the female lead, receiving continuous praise upon its release. In the midst of numerous idol dramas that ended poorly, it could almost be considered a dark horse, and it had already won several awards.

However, among the people auditioning, most were attracted by the investors this time.

The last drama unexpectedly became popular, and He Xing himself didn’t expect it. Therefore, from the start of filming to the broadcast, there was almost no marketing. This time, he was smart and released the news of Gu’s investment early.

Some viewers might not know what Gu represented, but as long as they checked, all the currently popular or previously highly praised hot dramas were invested in by Gu.

He Xing happily arranged the follow-up marketing, but stumbled upon the actors.

After sending off the last person, the assistant director hesitated, “Director He, if it’s not working out, just make do. It’s just a supporting actress; if you choose too well, it might overshadow the female lead.”

He Xing gave him a glare, annoyed that he didn’t understand. The assistant director was his junior from school and was already accustomed to his personality, so he responded helplessly.

At this moment, someone lightly knocked on the door of the assistant director’s office.

Since the door was open, they could see the person outside with just a glance.

He Xing and the assistant director looked up and saw a girl in a white dress with trembling eyes. She hesitated and said softly, “Assistant director, I’ve signed the contract.”

The assistant director responded, about to go and welcome her, but suddenly the person pretending to be dead beside him darted over.

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