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Qi Yingying sang a song, the pianist played the piano, the chef brought plates of delicious food, everything was perfect, and the roommate’s mood unwittingly relaxed with Qi Yingying’s singing.

However, in the next second, the lights in the living room suddenly went out without warning, a scream came from the phone, and the roommate was so frightened that she almost threw the phone.

Just as she was about to turn off the video and stop watching, the lights came on, and the head butler appeared in front of everyone, shouting, “The door outside is locked.”

Roommate: Why is the door locked?

The screen switched. In the video, Ruan Qiu was walking in the dark basement with a candlestick in her hand. She made a neat move and pressed the drunkard against the wall. The subtitle appeared again, [Clue +1]

The speed of the screen switching accelerated, and the soundtrack became more exciting. On the screen, Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu walked into the attic together and took down the weird looking portrait, [Clue +2]; Ruan Qiu, Xue Wu and Ye Xingyu put together the torn letter in the study room, [Clue +3].

When looking for these clues, the hidden identities of the guests gradually surfaced, which made people nervous and excited.

Before the screen went black again, the key appeared on the screen, and the shape was exactly the same as the seal. The roommate just thought that this was not very simple, the key was found so easily, and Ruan Qiu’s voice came from the phone, “The seal is fake.”

Roommate:? ?

She changed her posture and continued watching. The time in the video returned to the day when Bai Jinyao was “killed”. When the roommate watched the guests on the screen go to the greenhouse, and listened to Ruan Qiu’s guess about the reason for her death, she couldn’t help rubbing her arms.

Seeing that Ruan Qiu subdued the drunkard who wanted to “kill” her with one move, the roommate almost called out, and whispered in her heart that she was too handsome. She watched as Ruan Qiu walked out of the basement without changing her expression. In front of the other guests, she calmly analyzed the clues.

The soundtrack of the video also calmed down, making people unconsciously follow her thoughts and fall into thinking. When the murderer was revealed, the roommate suddenly realized that she was scared because of the gardener’s trick, and admired Ruan Qiu’s performance.

The screen switched again, and the captured gardener stared gloomily at them and confessed his crime.

At the end of the video, Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu opened the door with the key and walked out of the manor. Their figures gradually became smaller, the screen gradually darkened, and the soothing soundtrack ended.

After watching the video, the roommate liked it, feeling a little disappointed, thinking that this suspenseful variety show looked good, and she would watch the next episode in the live room…

Wait, what suspenseful variety show?!

The roommate raised her head slightly and said to Zhou Ping who came back, “Are you sure this is a love variety show??”

What kind of love was so outrageous?! It didn’t matter if it didn’t focus on romance, but it still had “dead people” and “murderers”!

Zhou Ping: “…But it’s really a love variety show, you can go and watch the special CP clips.”

The next morning, Zhou Ping got up and prepared to leave for the group performance of the next episode. When passing by the roommate’s bed, the roommate suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “Zhou Ping, I watched the CP clips of Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu all night. It’s so fragrant, it’s really good, woo woo.”

She stretched out her fingers and counted with Zhou Ping, “I ship their master and maid CP in this variety show. Every scene is a famous scene, calling him ‘Master’, and helping him wearing clothes very intimately. Xue Wu looks good when he is jealous. When walking together, they looked like an old husband and wife, the last scene of elopement is the perfect one!”

“Oh yes, I also watched the demon girl played by Ruan Qiu and Taoist CP played by Xue Wu in another performance before, as well as the city beauty and cold faced police. They are good matches no matter what…”

Zhou Ping looked at her red eyes and heard her continue to say excitedly, “Are you going to the performance group? If you are selected, when you come back next time, can you help me get a combined signature of Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu? I beg you, I’ll treat you to dinner!”

Zhou Ping: “…Okay.”

In another place, Ruan Qiu just got up in the morning when she received a series of rainbow farts from a new fan. She looked at the CP clip videos of her and Xue Wu sent by the other party, and thought about the business agreement with Xue Wu the previous night, and sent a flower emoji back. 

Ruan Qiu thought, this should be no problem, right?

Zhou Ping’s roommate in bed: ! ! !

The master didn’t deny it, so it must be true!

She could still ship them!


Ruan Qiu didn’t know that her actions just now made CP fans celebrate the New Year. She was supervising whether Xue Wu had breakfast.

Before she left the previous day, she exchanged personal contact information with Xue Wu, and it was very convenient to contact her now. After Ruan Qiu got up from the bed, she was stunned for a while. After thinking of Xue Wu’s anorexia, she sent a message to the other party and asked him if he had breakfast.

Xue Wu, who was doing crunch, got up, reached out and opened Ruan Qiu’s message, and replied with a little guilty conscience, “I have eaten.”

Ruan Qiu continued to ask, “What did you eat?”

When she thought of the scene where Xue Wu’s face was pale and almost fainted in front of her, her heart palpitated, for fear that Xue Wu would suddenly starve to death one day.

Xue Wu knew that she couldn’t be fooled, so he got up and took out a bag of milk that Lin Hong had stuffed in the refrigerator before, boiled an egg for himself, and then took a photo and sent it to Ruan Qiu.

Ruan Qiu was relieved and continued to instruct, “Remember to eat lunch too!”


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