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Jiang Yan returned to the Imperial Medical Pavilion, instructing the young medicine apprentice to find his master. He watched Zhou Ping leave with the poison from his master, then returned to his room alone and retrieved the note hidden in the secret pocket of his sleeve, unfolding it slowly.

He nervously leaned against the wooden door, guarding against anyone suddenly entering from outside, silently looking at the words on the note.

The director directed the crew to zoom in, and the curious audience could clearly see the words on the note, “To seize the throne, meet behind the second artificial mountain in the Imperial Garden tonight at the hour of Chen. Burn after reading.”

Jiang Yan: What is this? Why would he want to seize the throne? Isn’t he just a court physician?

[I don’t get it.]

[In simple terms, the person who sent the note believes that Jiang Yan wants to take the Emperor’s position. The note instructs Jiang Yan to meet this person tonight from 7 to 9 behind the second mountain in the Imperial Garden. After reading the note, burn it and don’t let others discover it.]

[Jiang Yan, don’t act recklessly! What if the other person wants to kill you?!]

[Wow, the director wants to cut off the clues at the source.]

The director nodded. He wanted to ensure that others couldn’t find any clues except to follow his arrangements.

Jiang Yan looked at the note in his hand, hesitated for a moment, but still walked to the oil lamp placed on the table and burned the note.

The flame flickered on his face, and Jiang Yan thought, tonight he still had to go to the Imperial Garden to look around. First, to find clues, and second…

Jiang Yan couldn’t help but wonder, what if he indeed became the Emperor? Would he then have the qualification to compete with Xue Wu?

On the other side, Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu had already reached the main hall and encountered Bai Jinyao, who was leading the patrol.

The soldiers behind them all bowed and saluted. Upon hearing the voice behind, Bai Jinyao finally realized that the person in front of her was the Emperor and the Chief Eunuch. She quickly saluted as well, then watched Ruan Qiu’s figure enter the main hall, observing her every move.

[Why is Bai Jinyao paying so much attention to Ruan Qiu?]

[I hope she doesn’t have any malicious intentions. I really hope she won’t end up like someone else, or else I’ll truly hate her.]

[I used to like Bai Jinyao’s lively and sunny personality. The moment I found out she’s friends with Cheng Tianya, I… sigh.]

There weren’t many decorations in the main hall. The center had a large open space designated for officials standing during court sessions. Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu circled around the pillars, briefly inspecting the area. Finding nothing unusual, their gazes turned to the highest position— The Dragon Throne.

Ruan Qiu followed Xue Wu forward, jointly inspecting the Dragon Throne. She touched the dragon head on the armrest, sensing something amiss. Just as she was about to take action, Xue Wu held her wrist.

Xue Wu shook his head at her, and Ruan Qiu immediately understood, retracting her hand.

[Did you find anything? Tell us!]

[They’re so in sync, it’s heartbreaking!]

[Qi Yingying is also here. Let’s see if she can handle the intense situation!]

At this moment, Qi Yingying also arrived at the main hall.

She had just been reminded by the extras to report to the Emperor, informing him that the banquet for the diplomatic reconciliation between the two countries that night was ready, and they should go to invite the envoys from the foreign nation into the Imperial Palace.

Qi Yingying silently recited the words she was going to say but paused when she saw Bai Jinyao, clad in armor and wielding a sword. They both stayed silent for a second before diverting their gazes to avoid the awkward atmosphere.

Qi Yingying organized her thoughts and stepped into the main hall.

Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu turned their heads simultaneously to look at her. Qi Yingying was momentarily unsure of who the Emperor was, so she simply bowed, not looking at them, and said, “Greetings, Your Majesty. The banquet is ready. Shall I go now to invite the envoys from the foreign nation into the Imperial Palace?”

Banquet? Foreign envoys?

Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu exchanged a glance. Xue Wu then turned to Qi Yingying and said, “Very well, I understand. You may leave.”

One of the guards with weapons outside the hall also overheard the conversation inside and discreetly reminded Bai Jinyao, “Leader, we need to be extra vigilant tonight. I heard those foreign people have no intention of making peace; they plan to assassinate the Emperor.”

Bai Jinyao was shocked.

[Xue Wu is really in danger. There must be quite a few people wanting to “kill” him.]

[It seems like there’s more than one assassin this time?]

[Seems like it. The way things are going, each guest will have at least one assassin trying to “kill” them.]

[Alright! Things are getting exciting!]

[Does anyone remember that this is supposed to be a romance variety show…]


A scream shattered the tranquility of the palace, and everyone turned to the source of the sound.

A woman in a white dress, with disheveled hair, rushed into the hall, her hands waving in the air, muttering incomprehensible words, “All must die, everyone will die…”

The guards with weapons in front of the hall immediately blocked the entrance. They drew their sharp swords, keeping a close eye on this deranged woman. If she made any suspicious moves, they would swiftly “kill” her!

The madwoman seemed to be frightened. She suddenly stopped and no longer advanced. Then, she extended her index finger, pointed fiercely at Bai Jinyao in front of her, also at Qi Yingying, who hadn’t left yet, and at Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu checking the situation at the door. Finally, she pointed at herself and said, “You, you, you, and you, yes, and me, we will all die! We will all die!”

She started spinning in place, bursting into a shrill laughter that sounded eerie, “You will all die!!”

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