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Gu Jingxu finally snapped back to reality. Subconsciously, he took Chi You’s hand in his palm, paused for a moment, and suddenly said, “I… don’t know what to say.”

Chi You raised an eyebrow slightly, watching Gu Jingxu awkwardly express his emotions, “Many people say that you seem relaxed with that male actor on the set, but I don’t see that in front of me.”

He had also checked what those netizens were saying and felt a bit of a gap after learning about it.

Chi You immediately thought he might have seen something. She asked after a pause, “Do you think I’m happy on the set?”

Gu Jingxu nodded silently.

Chi You continued, “But I’m also happy in front of you, just a different kind of happiness.”

After saying that, she couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Gu Jingxu, are you feeling jealous?”

Gu Jingxu tilted his head, and despite his stern appearance, he seemed surprisingly cute at this moment.

“Is this what jealousy feels like?”

Chi You affirmed, “Yes.”

Gu Jingxu slowly withdrew his gaze.

Jealousy, it turned out, felt a bit uncomfortable.

Chi You didn’t want to see him struggling alone. She tilted her head and kissed the corner of Gu Jingxu’s lips, saying, “I won’t do this with anyone else. Except for you. Isn’t that enough?”

Gu Jingxu’s face, which was a bit downcast just now, instantly changed.

He didn’t say anything, but his eyes lit up considerably, staring unwaveringly into Chi You’s eyes.

“Well… it’s enough.”

Gu Jingxu lowered his head and lightly touched Chi You’s lips with his.

Suddenly, he felt that being with Chi You was truly miraculous. During this time, he experienced emotions and feelings he had never had in his more than twenty years.

Most importantly, with Chi You by his side, he felt a deep sense of tranquility.

Whether it was coming home after work to find her curled up on the sofa sleeping or in the kitchen cooking and hearing her playfully say she didn’t want to eat a certain vegetable, in those moments, he felt reassured.

The man’s large palm hooked onto the girl’s waist, his prominent nose brushed against her soft cheek, and a faint smile curved his lips.

He felt that having Chi You by his side was truly wonderful.


The drama had aired more than half of its episodes, and He Xing’s tasks had become much easier. He happily monitored the viewership and positive reviews every day, pretending not to know about Chi You and Gu Jingxu being together.

After some time, He Xing’s social media page posted news about acquiring the rights to “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves”. Simultaneously, news about a new drama about to start shooting was also announced.

The lead roles for “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” had already been confirmed, so He Xing directly tagged Bo Yihong and Chi You.

The original work of “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” was very popular. The female lead was a princess from the royal family, and the male lead was a childhood friend and young general. In the early stages, the Princess was naive and romantic, unaware of the world. In the later stages, she voluntarily took on significant responsibilities to save the country. It was a true female-centric drama.

Online discussions were buzzing, with both positive and negative comments, as expected. Yang Qiruo took Chi You’s phone and didn’t let her see those envy-inducing comments.

That day, they were going to the drama set. This time, the set wasn’t in City A, and it took three hours by plane. When they landed, it was already dark.

Chi You was the first to arrive. Bo Yihong had attended a banquet in the neighboring city two days ago and arrived in the early morning of the next day.

Although it was another ancient costume drama, the Princess’s makeup for this drama was much simpler than the previous one.

After the makeup trial and the run-through of scenes, the official shooting began.

The entire crew consisted of familiar faces, and Chi You didn’t feel any discomfort. On the contrary, Gu Jingxu kept asking if she would feel uncomfortable.

The two cities were far apart, and they couldn’t stay together every day like the previous drama. Occasionally, when he saw Chi You looking very tired during video calls, Gu Jingxu refrained from disturbing her.

After more than two months without seeing each other, Chi You could sense that Gu Jingxu missed her a bit. Every time they ended a video call, he wore a lonely expression. She found it amusing and sent him a message after the call.

[Chi You: Remember to visit when you have time.]

he sent the message, and he eagerly replied with a “yes”.

Before going to bed that night, Gu Jingxu sent a screenshot of the plane ticket.

Chi You didn’t expect him to come so soon. The next day on set, she casually mentioned it to He Xing.

He Xing responded with a disdainful expression, saying, “He is so clingy, not independent at all.”

Waving his hand, he called Bo Yihong, who was playing with horses over there. Bo Yihong was having a great time, but reminded by the assistant, he reluctantly ran over.

He Xing tilted his head, saying “Fans suggested you do a live broadcast, so since you two have time now, do it today.”

Watching the Tides was currently airing, and knowing that the two of them have joined a new drama as lead actors, many fans had been wanting to see them live.

As the live stream started, Chi You and Bo Yihong sat on small stools with the temporary set of the drama in the background.

Bo Yihong blushed a little, saying, “Hello, everyone!”

As the live notification suddenly appeared, there weren’t initially many viewers. The live stream lagged for a couple of seconds, and then the barrage instantly filled the screen.

[Sorry, everyone, for my awkward introduction! I’ll take you home now!]

[Ah, ah, Goose Mom, I miss you so much!! Give me a kiss!]

Chi You sat beside Bo Yihong and spoke gently, “Hello, everyone~”

He Xing had given some instructions about what they could and couldn’t say. The two of them sat there like elementary school students, obediently reading the live chat.


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