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With a few days left until the New Year, the climate in Country S was comfortable, even at the end of the year. However, celebrating the Chinese New Year in a foreign country lacked the festive atmosphere. If it weren’t for the He family starting to prepare for the New Year’s menu, Chi You might have almost forgotten about it.

Although the He family lived abroad, they still celebrated the Chinese New Year every year. This year, to make it livelier, they specifically invited the Gu family, who had recent business dealings with the He family.

While Mrs.He was on the phone, He Chenran held a drink and leaned against the table, “Do you find this Gu family name familiar?”

Chi You kept her expression unchanged, looked up at him, and didn’t say anything.

Seeing a dangerous meaning in her expression, He Chenran shrugged and didn’t challenge Chi You’s good temper any further.

Mrs. He’s voice became clearer, “Remember to bring Xiao Gu too. Our darling seems to be working as an actor in China. She’s from his company…”

“Beautiful is a certainty. I’ve seen those female stars in Xiao Gu’s company, none of them can compare to our darling…”

Mrs. He, having lived in Country S for a long time, didn’t possess the modest characteristic often seen in Chinese people. She knew that Mother Gu, who had also lived abroad for a long time, genuinely praised her daughter, Chi You.

The two mothers chatted for a while until everything was settled before hanging up the phone.

On the other side, at the Gu family villa.

The blonde lady with a hint of mixed-race genes finished speaking to Mrs. He in fluent Chinese. She then turned to her husband with a sigh, “I don’t know when our son will be back.”

Mr. Gu looked at his phone and asked, “Didn’t you have a video call with him last time? What did he say?”

Mrs. Gu played with her golden hair, and upon closer inspection, her deep brows and eyes were remarkably similar to Gu Jingxu.

“That child seems to be in not very good condition. He looked quite haggard during the video call…”

“He must be tired being alone in China. It’s a good time for him to come back and take a break for the New Year.”

Mrs. Gu still looked worried, swiping her phone a few times. Suddenly, she asked, “The girl from the Chi family seems to be in Jingxu’s company. What do you think…”

Mr. Gu immediately understood her intentions and waved his hand, “Don’t bother. Don’t mess around. Jingxu can’t be persuaded, he has his own ideas.”

The Gu family has been getting along well with the He family recently. They attended the banquet hosted by the He family a few days ago. The girl from the Chi family indeed left a stunning impression. She was not only beautiful but also charming. Most importantly, she could make desserts.

Okay, perhaps that last point wasn’t so crucial.

Mrs. Gu wrinkled her nose in frustration, leaned back on the sofa, and continued discussing the lifelong affairs of her child with her husband.

On New Year’s Day, Gu Jingxu finally returned to S Country.

In just a few days, his cheeks had become noticeably sunken, and dark circles surrounded his eyes. At first glance, his condition seemed extremely poor. If it weren’t for his bright features and tall stature, the chauffeur wouldn’t even have recognized him when picking him up.

Seated in the back with his head lowered, Gu Jingxu remained silent. The chauffeur, speaking softly, inquired if he wanted the window open. Gu Jingsu shook his head slightly without uttering a word.

It had been more than a week.

Despite not blocking him, Chi You had not replied to a single message. From that day until now, he had only spoken to her once.

Over a week ago, he had called her using He Xing’s phone. When Chi You answered, she only said a sentence telling him to eat well. As soon as he tried to say something in response, Chi You hung up.

She followed up with a short message, consisting of just a few words, “Don’t contact me anymore.”

Staring at those words, Gu Jingxu’s eyes instantly welled up with tears.

In those days, he had tried to find her. He even personally inquired with people she often contacted, including Bo Yihong. However, he had gained no information.

The only surveillance footage he could retrieve showed Chi You heading to the airport with a man on the day she messaged him. It was a man he had never seen by her side before.

Gu Jingxu turned his head slightly, his lifeless gaze fixed on the scenery outside the car.

For the first time in his life, he found himself plunged into such emotions. Gu Jingxu felt lost, confused, and didn’t know what to do to ease his pain.

He could only rely on recalling every moment he had spent with Chi You, using those memories to prop himself up.

However, once he snapped out of those memories and saw the home where they had spent so much time together, now empty except for him, he would sink into an even deeper state of desolation.

He missed her.

He missed her so much.

Chi You had left alone, and she hadn’t taken anything with her. Every piece of clothing in the wardrobe carried her scent. On the nights he couldn’t sleep, he could only find solace by tightly holding onto her clothes.

Unable to bear watching any longer, He Xing called Chi You, but her attitude only grew colder when she saw the pictures He Xing sent.

Even the handsome and distinguished Gu Jingsu, with all his charisma, couldn’t keep her. Now, a man who looked lifeless and dispirited had even less of a chance.

With a chaotic mind, Gu Jingxu drifted through the journey, confused about what he was thinking.

When the car finally stopped, he hugged his parents gently and gradually lost consciousness amidst his mother’s concerned questions.


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