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The palace maid glanced at Xue Wu and the Prime Minister, then fearfully lowered her head and said, “Usually, Eunchun Ruan is responsible for His Majesty’s daily affairs…”

The Prime Minister’s brows furrowed even tighter, a hint of anger in his voice as he bowed to Xue Wu, “Your Majesty, I suggest we immediately throw Eunchun Ruan into the dungeon and interrogate him thoroughly to uncover his intentions. How dare he attempt to harm His Majesty?!”

He knew that eunuch had ill intentions.

Xue Wu closed his eyes, tiredly massaging his temples, and said to the Prime Minister, “Enough, there’s no need to say more.”

[Oh no, Xue Wu has found out about Ruan Qiu!]

[It’s over, Xue Wu seems very displeased.]

[No, Xue and Ruan can’t break up!]

[Director, I’m gonna kill you!!!]

Fans of Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu’s relationship were in an uproar. On the live feed, Xue Wu watched as the extras found two bottles, one labeled “Madness Medicine”, which was the drug Lady-in-Waiting switched to drive Empress Wan insane, and the other labeled “Restless Heart Pill”.

One of the physicians said, “This bottle of ‘Restless Heart Pill’ is the poison His Majesty consumed.”

The Prime Minister scolded, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and prepare the antidote for His Majesty!”

Following the director’s instructions, the physicians pretended to discuss for a moment and then reluctantly said, “Your Majesty, Prime Minister, both of these poisons require a special herb. The current amount of herbs can only be used to make an antidote for one of the poisons…”

Without hesitation, the Prime Minister said, “Prepare the antidote for His Majesty.”

“No,” Xue Wu suddenly spoke up. “Prepare the antidote for Empress Wan.”

[Why? Xue Wu, you don’t have feelings for Empress Wan, do you?]

[Xue Wu’s character makes me love and hate him at the same time. Why does he have to have a harem?!]

[Everyone calm down. I think Xue Wu is more likely trying to use the antidote to clear Empress Wan’s mind and gather information from her.]

[The person above has a point. Xue and Ruan’s banner never falls!]

Upon hearing Xue Wu’s words, the physicians began preparing the antidote on the spot. The Prime Minister wanted to object, but Xue Wu turned to him and said, “It’s getting late. Prime Minister, you should go rest first.”

The Prime Minister remained silent for a few seconds before bowing to Xue Wu and leaving. As the ministers hadn’t cleared their suspicions yet, everyone stayed temporarily in the palace that night, with some armed guards escorting the ministers out.

Once the Prime Minister left, no one could stop Xue Wu anymore. He picked up the antidote prepared by the physicians, casting a cold gaze around. The people around him fell silent, lowering their heads obediently as he walked out of the hall.

The commander of the Imperial Guards and some soldiers followed Xue Wu from a distance as he headed towards the direction of the Imperial Hospital.

[In this direction, Xue Wu wouldn’t be going to settle scores with Ruan Qiu, right? No, please, no…]

[No, Xue Wu once said he will always believe in Ruan Qiu. They’ll be fine (comforting myself).]

[Xue Wu is becoming more like a tyrant. Although I know he’s acting, I’m still scared, woo.]

Xue Wu held the bottle of antidote in his hand, tucking it into his sleeve. He already understood what Ruan Qiu had been hesitant to tell him earlier.

With a soft sigh, he pondered how to face Ruan Qiu when he met her later.

Just as he was thinking, a eunuch dressed in a gray-blue robe suddenly appeared at another intersection. He was carrying a bundle of deep red fabric, which Xue Wu recognized as a robe identical to the one Ruan Qiu wore.

Xue Wu recognized the eunuch as Ruan Qiu’s Godson and beckoned for him to stop. Then he said to the eunuch, “Give it to me.”

The eunuch bowed nervously, handing over the clothing, and whispered, “This is for Godfather…”

“I know,” Xue Wu replied. “I’m going to see Eunuch Ruan.”

The eunuch withdrew his hand, unsure of Xue Wu’s intentions and whether he was allowed to follow. After glancing at the guards behind him, he pondered for a few seconds before deciding not to be a third wheel.

The popularity of Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu’s relationship, combined with the scandal surrounding Ruan Qiu, had even reached the ears of someone like him, who usually had no interest in entertainment gossip.

Xue Wu took the clothing and continued walking forward, all the way to the hospital. He inquired about Ruan Qiu’s room from a young attendant still in the hospital, then stopped at her door, politely knocking.

Ruan Qiu snapped out of her thoughts. She looked up at the shadow cast on the door and said, “Please come in.”

Xue Wu pushed open the wooden door and approached Ruan Qiu, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Ruan Qiu didn’t expect him to come over, so she hesitated for a moment before standing up and walking towards him. Her gaze shifted to the clothing in his hands, and she reached out to take it, saying hastily, “I…”

“Don’t move.” Xue Wu raised his hand skillfully, avoiding Ruan Qiu’s hands and said gently, “Rest, I’ll do it.”

He shook out the deep red robe and draped it over Ruan Qiu’s shoulders with an almost embracing gesture, maintaining a polite distance. The ambiguity and sense of propriety were just right, not offensive, but rather giving the impression of closeness. Even her heartbeat quickened in response.

Ruan Qiu’s gaze paused on Xue Wu’s fingers as he buttoned up the robe. His fingers were long, with distinct joints, clean yet powerful—a must-have for any hand fetishist in the entertainment industry.

She stood there, watching as he calmly fastened the buttons and belt for her. Suddenly, she remembered the last time she had tied a belt for Xue Wu in the previous episode.

But back then, she was a maid, and it was Xue Wu who had asked her for help dressing. But now, Xue Wu was the Emperor and didn’t need…

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