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It was nine o’clock in the evening, and many people’s nightlife hadn’t started yet.

The emotionally charged audience rushed to the official account of the production team, starting to curse the director. The director continued to pretend to be dead, so the audience spread his misdeeds, inviting others to join in condemning him.

The heat continued to ferment. Many netizens who were not interested in romance variety shows saw the screenshots posted by the audience, clicked in with confusion, watched the process, then retreated in shock, heading straight to the live broadcast room of the show.

[What? You’re saying this is a romance variety show? This clearly looks like filming a TV drama!]

[I don’t understand, but I’m deeply shocked.]

[Has variety shows evolved into this kind of format now??]

[The director is wasting his talent on variety shows. He should go film costume dramas and save the film and television industry.]

[Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu didn’t make it, woo, and the Imperial Guards haven’t returned to support them yet. If they go now, will they be captured by the Fourth Prince and “killed”?]

In the live broadcast footage, because the Fourth Prince was acting brazenly, his behavior had already caused a commotion in the palace. Many people had come out, looking at each other in confusion, not knowing where to go or what to do, unsure if they should surrender.

Qi Yingying was organizing the palace maids and eunuchs to clean up the mess in the main hall. She heard the shouting outside and wondered if there were assassins again. She sent one of the young eunuchs to open the door and see what was happening outside.

The young eunuch going outside happened to be Euneuch Ruan’s godson. He learned about the situation from the frightened palace maids outside, and even witnessed everyone taking Yuan Xiang to the hospital. Just as he was about to go back and inform Qi Yingying, he saw Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu walking from the stone path.

The young eunuch wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, feeling like he had seen a savior. He hurriedly ran towards Ruan Qiu and said, “Godfather! Your Majesty! Something big has happened!”

“Earlier, the Fourth Prince took many people to find Yuan Xiang, but for some reason, someone cut his throat, and he was taken to the hospital. I heard he’s not doing well!” The young eunuch said anxiously, “Godfather, what should we do?”

Ruan Qiu thought for a moment, then turned to Xue Wu and said, “Your Majesty, I’ll go deal with them first. Once the Imperial Guards arrive, we can capture the traitors in one fell swoop.”

As if anticipating Xue Wu’s objection, Ruan Qiu continued, “Their target is the throne, Your Majesty. You are their primary concern right now, so it would be dangerous for you to come with me. But I’m different; I’m just the chief eunuch. At most, they’ll interrogate me about your whereabouts, but there’s no need for them to resort to violence.”

“Alright,” Xue Wu said, his eyes fixed on Ruan Qiu. “I’ll go find the Empress Dowager. I’ll persuade her to join forces with us against the Fourth Prince.”

The two temporarily parted ways, with Ruan Qiu instructing the young eunuch to lead him to where the Fourth Prince and the others were. Inside the main hall, Qi Yingying, worried about the delayed return of the young eunuch, walked to the door and immediately spotted Ruan Qiu in her deep red robe. Excitedly, she called out, “Ruan… Eunuch Ruan!”

After she ran to her side, Ruan Qin quickly explained the current situation to her in a few words, then instructed her to stay in the hall for now and not wander around.

Qi Yingying bit her lip, shaking her head. “I want to follow you!”

Following Ruan Qiu gave her a tremendous sense of security! Last time on the show, Ruan Qiu single-handedly found the culprit and the key, ensuring the safety of everyone for the rest of the time and even allowing them to leave the estate early. In this dire situation, Ruan Qiu still appeared confident. Following her must be the right choice.


Qi Yingying had already forgotten about teaming up with Ye Xingyu. Setting aside the fact that she and Ye Xingyu hardly had any chances to meet in this episode, Ye Xingyu was still a County Princess in this episode. She really didn’t want to promote a CP with Ye Xingyu dressed as a woman. It’s much better to stick with Ruan Qiu.

Having made up her mind, Qi Yingying grabbed Ruan Qiu’s arm and stuck close to her as they moved forward together.

[Qi Yingying is practically slacking off this episodeā€¦]

[No, think about it. If Qi Yingying had found these clues first, Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu wouldn’t have found them later. So, Qi Yingying is still useful.]

[Hahaha, Qi Yingying really likes Ruan Qiu so much. They look so happy holding arms together.]

[Ahem, sneakily taking a taste.]

Meanwhile, in Yuan Xiang’s room, the others have also come to their senses. The Fourth Prince picked up the forged Imperial Decree and turned to the guests behind him, saying, “Tonight, Yuan Xiang was killed by assassins sent by the Empress Dowager. She wanted the decree, but Yuan Xiang refused to give it to her, leading to his injury and death. We have nothing to do with it, understand?”

He knew Yuan Xiang wouldn’t survive, so he became even more audacious, directly laying the blame on the Empress Dowager.

The people met his cold gaze, knowing it was all an act, but still feeling a chill down their spines, terrified by his ruthlessness. They nodded hastily.

The Fourth Prince softened his expression and smiled at Jiang Yan, saying, “Nephew, were you scared just now? Don’t believe what that old man said. Uncle won’t harm you. This throne can only be yours. When I sent you out of the palace back then, it was to protect you from the Empress Dowager’s schemes, all for this day. Do you understand?”

Jiang Yan had understood what Yuan Xiang said earlier. He knew that the Fourth Prince wanted him as a puppet Emperor to wield power, but he had nothing besides his identity and couldn’t confront him directly.

Jiang Yan clenched his fists, nodding at the Fourth Prince, pretending not to know his intentions, and said, “Nephew understands. Thank you, Uncle, for your help.”

“Good, as long as you understand.” The Fourth Prince smiled, saying, “Let’s go, call all those ministers to the main hall. It’s time to announce the new Emperor’s succession.”

[Argh, he’s so evil!]

[If the Fourth Prince takes power, Xue Wu will surely die. Jiang Yan will be slowly worn down by the Fourth Prince until he dies. Even Bai Jinyao, who stands by Jiang Yan’s side, is likely to be killed. Once Ruan Qiu’s ambition is discovered, he’ll meet the same fate.]


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