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“I went out to subdue the territory lord zombie near our fortress.”

Wang Haosheng’s face lit up. “A territory lord zombie has appeared?”

Not every territory had a lord zombie; only territories with exceptionally powerful zombies or mutant animals did.

“That Lord Zombie brought a whole group of high-tier zombies and cost me quite a few men. I didn’t bring enough people to take him down.”

“This time, your bean sprouts can be used to recruit ability holders. If some die, it will weaken the zombie. Those who survive can be given the bean sprouts as a reward. Just like you said, we can harvest their crystal cores.”

Wang Hai took a deep breath, feeling clearer about his next steps, and his mood improved.

“But that zombie is bloodthirsty, vicious, and has a violent, unpredictable temper. He is difficult to deal with!” Wang Hai said, squinting his eyes with hatred.

Meanwhile, in the bramble thicket outside the fortress, San Wu was staring wide-eyed at the zombie holding his face in front of her.

“What… what does this mean?”

The zombie didn’t attack them; he just stared intently at her.

Seeing San Wu not reacting, he extended his hand, saying, “Delicious.”

San Wu instinctively took a step back.

What did he mean? Did he think she was delicious?

Ji Lingbai leaned against San Wu and clicked his tongue.

This zombie was at least a king-level, judging by how the black panther follows behind him, looking like a submissive wife. He might even be a lord zombie.

Seeing San Wu on high alert, the zombie, who seemed smarter than Xiao San, pondered for a moment, then used his hands to pull up the corners of his mouth.

Unlike some expressive zombies, his face was stiff and couldn’t make expressions. But that didn’t matter. He used his hands to lift his mouth corners, attempting to form a smile.

It revealed a charming smile, a smile from a zombie.

Human, can you see the goodwill I’m trying to convey?

Ji Lingbai flicked his tail lazily at his behavior.

This lord zombie… seemed to have a few screws loose.

The black panther behind the lord couldn’t bear it and roared at San Wu.

But before it could finish, the Lord Zombie turned and kicked it.


The black panther whimpered and lay down on the ground.

The Lord Zombie looked at San Wu with a ridiculous smile, feeling anxious inside.

He was being so obvious, why didn’t this woman understand?

San Wu had some experience dealing with San Yi and Xiao San, the two little scavengers, after all. So, she quickly caught on.

“Is he asking for food from me?” San Wu muttered to herself before lowering her head to ask the vigilant Xiao San, “Xiao Xiao, is he very strong?”

She had never seen Xiao San, who was usually carefree and happy, look so tense.

“Yeah!” Sang Xiao nodded energetically. “Lord Zombie!”

San Wu: “…”

She knew about lord zombies. With the combat power she had brought out, excluding the flying thing she held, encountering a Lord Zombie would mean certain death.

She remained silent for a long time, and the lord zombie, who had been cute and playful until now, started to get restless.

His hand couldn’t resist reaching out to grab Xiao San, who immediately began to resist with a howl of protest as her arm was pulled almost to the point of tearing.

The Lord Zombie didn’t care. This little zombie had just taken out something to eat!”Don’t move, Xiao Xiao. I’ll give you something tasty later.” San Wu grabbed Xiao San suddenly.

Xiao San’s abilities were not bad, but they were no match for the Lord Zombie.

The Lord Zombie was pleased to hear this and stared straight at San Wu.

“Here’s the deal. You come back with me. I don’t have anything tasty with me right now,” San Wu whispered, observing the Lord Zombie’s expression carefully. Unfortunately, he showed no expression.

While soothing him was one aspect, on the other hand, San Wu couldn’t let go of such a powerful force.

She had confirmed that the purified food she cooked was acceptable to the zombies, and they even preferred it over human blood, thanks to her ability, which gave her an absolute advantage.

It didn’t matter if she knelt with bloodied knees as long as the zombies she raised were tough enough.

But lord zombies were dangerous, and she wasn’t sure about this one.

Also… he hadn’t eaten her cooking before, unlike San Yi and the others who followed their noses.

Unable to understand, she didn’t dwell on it any longer.

She started walking, and the Lord Zombie followed suit.

Seeing their boss act like this, the black panther immediately tried to run, but the Lord Zombie grabbed it and pulled it back.

The human seemed to like the black panther, so they could take it along. It could be exchanged for something tasty.

Ji Lingbai had no objections to the decision; he was hungry too.

His wounds had already healed. Although this Lord Zombie’s ability was not bad, he was still not as good as the three king zombies that had attacked him before. If he didn’t behave… Well, if San Wu was willing to plead with him, he could still help.

Ji Lingbai thought arrogantly.

Shortly after they left, a carriage pulled by several mutated horses rolled over, rumbling through the dust.

“Vice Lord, we’ve arrived at the territory of the Eighteen Fortress, but it’s not convenient to send a sky signal here. Let’s make some ground markings along the way and find a suitable house to stay in. Brother Ji will naturally follow along when he sees them.”

The special ground markings could only be understood by Ji Lingbai and wouldn’t be noticed by others.

“Got it.” Lin Ran nodded, looking a bit weary. “Find a decent place. I’m exhausted.”

“I hope Brother Ji is in this area. Otherwise, we’ll have to find another place.”

Zhang Tao muttered to himself. If they weren’t afraid of being noticed by the people from the Eighteenth Fortress, they would have fired a signal flare long ago.

That would be the quickest way.

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