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At that time, Chi You was already preparing to sleep, so she sent him an emoji indicating acknowledgement.

After that, there was no further activity. Chi You then put her phone down and went to sleep.

However, around 1 a.m., Gu Jingxu sent another message.

[x: The contract will be ready soon.]

At exactly 3 a.m.

[x: The contract has been revised. I’m coming to see you.]

Despite the serious manner, it was challenging to discern that he was about to discuss something secretive with Chi You.

He was in such a hurry…

Chi You chuckled, replying nonchalantly.

[Chi You: Mr. Gu, your daily routine is quite regular for 3 a.m.]

Then, without any burden, she arranged the meeting with him.

[Chi You: I have a shoot during the day, so come in the evening.]

After sending the message, she didn’t wait for his reply and got up to go to the set.

Compared to her casual and indifferent demeanor, on the other hand, Gu Jingxu didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until he saw Chi You’s response. He raised his hand and pinched his eyebrows, replying to Chi You’s message before putting down his phone.

He hadn’t closed his eyes all night.

After returning the previous night, he went to the private hospital of the Gu family for a physical examination. He seldom found himself unable to focus like this, unsure how to deal with the situation. So, subconsciously, he chose to come to the company.

When he snapped back to reality, he had already picked up the contract that Chi You had seen, and he personally went through the entire document again. He made sure all the requirements Chi You had mentioned were included, sent her a message, and then sat in the office until the current time.

The sunlight was bright, looking out from the French window, the entire city was vibrant.

Assistant Wang arrived at the company on time, and when he reached the office and saw that Gu Jingxu was already there, he couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Gu, were you… here all night?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes showed signs of fatigue. His throat was dry, and he spoke with a low, deep voice, “Hmm.”

He stood up and instructed, “Don’t touch the documents on the desk. Push tonight’s work to later. Adjust the schedule.”

Assistant Wang , belatedly recalling what the boss had done the previous night, lowered his head and responded. But he couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t look particularly successful.

Did she refuse him?

Gu Jingxu didn’t know what Assistant Wang was thinking. His complexion wasn’t great, and after giving instructions, he went to the lounge next door to take a break.

The chaotic and erratic thoughts finally left him, and he no longer thought about those things. But closing his eyes, the next moment, memories of the girl’s expression emerged in his mind.

She said… she liked him.

Chi You could more or less guess Gu Jingxu’s state of mind.

In fact, after understanding the personality of the male lead in the novel, she already had a general idea of what impact her words would have on him.

The unexpectedly pure confession made him even more adorable.

However, even if she knew, Chi You had no intention of saying anything more to him.

Firstly, they would meet in the evening.

Secondly, there were some things that he had to figure out on his own.

The crew has recently started shooting the latter part of the plot. The second female lead, Song Anying, understood that her husband was useless and ultimately decided to climb the high branches.

So, when the Crown Prince came to visit Li Yuanming, she dressed in red to pay her respects.

However, the Crown Prince, who was focused on by the people and the country, showed no response to her seemingly indifferent seduction. Annoyed, Song Anying turned her head as she left, her eyes coldly looking in his direction.

After finishing the scene, Chi You’s scenes for the day were also completed.

The staff came over to escort her off the stage. Just as she took a step, lifting her skirt, she suddenly swayed, uncontrollably falling to one side, seemingly having stepped on something.

The staff nearby didn’t react in time. Chi You, losing her balance, was startled. However, she was suddenly caught around the waist by an arm.

Steadying herself, she looked up and saw Qin Yi dressed in black.

She was wearing the costume for the next scene, and the sleek outfit made her look even more aloof.

Chi You was half embraced by her, instinctively lifting her skirt to avoid falling again. “Thank you, Senior Qin.”

After she stabilized, Qin Yi let go of her hand. Her gaze slowly fell on Chi You’s face, gradually moving away, finally looking towards Song Yan, who was standing motionless beside them.

After the completion of the previous scene, according to the logic, Song Yan was the closest to her after leaving the stage.

Just now, he stood on the side, watching Chi You fall without moving.

Qin Yi’s expression was cold, and her red lips slightly opened as she cursed him, “**.”

Chi You quickly looked up in surprise.

Her disbelief was too obvious, and her eyes almost widened.

Qin Yi looked at her with interest for a moment before turning away.

As she left, Chi You, subconsciously, locked eyes with Song Yan, who had just been scolded.

His face was as usual, with a slightly displeased expression due to the scolding, but when he saw Chi You’s bewildered and shocked expression, his lips moved. However, he didn’t say anything, and his emotions were unreadable as he walked away.

Several staff members who had come over earlier dared not say a word.

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