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“Little beggar, get out of our Fortress Eighteen.”

San Wu was pushed out from the gate of the fortress by two men.

She fell to the ground, curled up and tried not to wipe the blood on her body because the smell of blood outside the fortress was deadly.

The man spat on the ground, and said disdainfully, “Useless thing, even after awakening twice, she is still stupid, unable to detect any elements. Leave! Don’t stay in our fortress and waste food.”

San Wu stood up from the ground with her hands on her knees, her hair was messy and tied into knots, her clothes were torn, she was already an adult but she was as thin as a stick. But her eyes, hidden under her messy hair, were very bright.

Her hair was messy and tangled, and she was shaking.

Ten years ago, the blue star they lived on experienced an unprecedented crisis.

Animals mutated, humans became zombies , and the soil became waste.

In the days when no food was found and even animals mutated, one had to beware of the surging zombies.

After it became difficult for human beings to even survive, different regions began to combine forces, which turned into the current fortress.

At that time, there were still dozens of forts, but over time, the weak ones were either destroyed by zombies, or they  just ran out of food and water and eventually collapsed.

When only Fortress Eighteen remained, the zombies evolved again, and some advanced ones began to regain the ability to think independently.

But fortunately, the awakening of powers began to emerge among the survivors.

Sixty percent of the survivors could awaken abilities, strong and weak, but the awakened had a benefit.

That was, those advanced zombies liked the blood of awakened people very much. Compared with the huge group of zombies, the number of human beings had decreased sharply, and they had begun to make a contract with the zombies, feeding blood on a regular basis, and raising the zombies for help.

San Wu’s eyes fell on behind the two men, and there stood two expressionless zombies.

For example, those two men were awakened, and they each raised a high-level zombie.

“What are you looking at?!” One of the men with a scar on his face noticed San Wu’s gaze, and immediately stepped on San Wu’s shoulder without hesitation.

“You’re such a waste, it’s better to die outside.”

“It’s fine if you couldn’t detect any elements in the first awakening, but you are the first one to fail in the second awakening.”

He was full of ridicule. The people who could awaken for the second time were all existences in the fortress with explosive combat power.

However, fortunately, this little beggar couldn’t get any powers in both awakenings.

Even now, she couldn’t even pay her stay fee in the fortress.

If she couldn’t pay it, she would naturally die!

In Fortress Eighteen, people without supernatural powers were equivalent to domestic animals, and they could be abandoned and killed.

Fortress Eighteen was also known as the scum fortress.


Because this fortress gathered some scumbags who had been expelled from other forts, and those scumbags gathered there to dominate.

Over time, the fortress became full of them.

As a result, many people who were rotten to the root spontaneously went there to gather.

There were no rules, no order, just a place of violence and blood.

Of course, San Wu didn’t go there voluntarily. She just followed an old beggar to beg for a living nearby before the end of the world.

Later, Fortress Eighteen was established, and the old beggar took her to live in it.

Thinking of the old beggar, San Wu slowly clenched her hands hanging beside her, but she did not continue to look at the man.

She couldn’t afford to mess with them at that moment.

San Wu dragged her weak body and kept going out.

The ground under her feet was barren of grass, and the soil was no longer the color it was before the end of the world. The mutated and polluted soil showed a magnificent deep purple.

It was a pity that no matter how beautiful the color was, no plants could be grown.

San Wu rubbed the sweat on her forehead, looked around and murmured, “I hope I don’t encounter mutant wild animals.”

For supernatural beings, mutated wild animals were a good resource to exchange for food.

But for ordinary people who had no power, a mouse the size of a dog in the doomsday could bite off their necks while they were not paying attention.

After walking for almost two hours, a layer of dry white skin formed on San Wu’s lips, and the way she walked was like stepping on cotton.

Finally, she found a small village that had been abandoned for a long time.

Part of the small buildings had collapsed, and the ruins and walls were piled up to form a desolate scene.

San Wu raised her head and inspected the circle, but did not see any traces of living in that abandoned village.

Humans living in a fortress were called residents.

And those who couldn’t afford the stay fee or did not want to live in the fortress and came out to find a place to live were called drifters.

It was just that the mortality rate of drifters was very high. If they had a choice, most people still would want to become residents of the fortress.

San Wu walked slowly toward the village against the wall.

She saw several low-level zombies wandering inside. Zombies were divided into low-level, middle-level, and high-level.

Low-level zombies had no consciousness, they were just driven by hunger to eat humans.

San Wu bypassed those low-level zombies, and finally chose a villa with walls on all sides at the very edge of the village.

The owner of the villa must have been a rich man who would have enjoyed it before.

San Wu cautiously opened the door, but luckily the door was open.

The wall of the villa was not strong, but its height was good, and it could block other people’s sight. 

But she couldn’t guarantee it was safe inside.

She took a long stick from the side and walked carefully into the house.

If there were zombies, she could only fight to death.

With a small number and a low level, she was certain that she would be able to retreat in one piece.

If the number was large… San Wu closed his eyes fiercely.

When she was kicked out of the fortress, she had already thought of the worst outcome.

Fortunately, even though she had never been very lucky, this time luck was on her side.

In that small villa with a large yard, there was not a single zombie.

San Wu immediately locked all the entrance doors from the inside, and after relaxing, she knelt down and sat on the ground.

She panted heavily, trying to calm herself down a little bit.

After a while, San Wu took out a transparent crystal the size of a fingernail from her pocket.

This was the energy crystal of a low-level zombie.

One energy crystal could allow a person to live in the fortress for a whole month.

San Wu was kicked out because she couldn’t afford the energy crystal.

But now she took out a whole energy crystal and put it in front of her.

The stench of the zombies was incomparable, but the energy crystal had flowers fragrance.

San Wu swallowed the energy crystal in one gulp, and the next moment, a burst of white light lit up in her palm.

And this bright light was the sign of a successful awakening ability.

San Wu looked at her palm, a smile slowly appeared on that numb face.

“Finally!” She was trembling all over, but it was no longer the pitiful trembling when she was driven out, but trembling with excitement and happiness.

She finally didn’t have to worry anymore and shouted excitedly, “I can finally leave that damn place.”

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