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San Wu looked at the light on her palm, the warm power wrapping around her entire body, constantly washing away the fatigue that had accumulated.

No matter how hard those people in Fortress Eighteen thought about it, they wouldn’t think that San Wu had awakened a hidden ability at all.

It was the ability she had awakened, a type that could not be detected even by the stone plate used to test the ability.

The abilities awakened at the beginning were very weak, and humans could not even control them freely.

So they had to use the test stone plate.

But what they didn’t know was that San Wu’s ability couldn’t be detected even with a stone plate

She had a special ability unique to the world.

At first, San Wu didn’t know, she just thought that she didn’t really awaken any ability.

Later, when her ability became stronger, she discovered that she could actually purify polluted people or objects back to their original appearance.

But if the person had completely turned into a zombie, then she could do nothing.


San Wu squatted down and grabbed a handful of purple soil on the ground into her palm. The next moment, the purple soil turned into the fertile soil before the mutation.

The familiar brown soil made San Wu’s eyes sour.

When she was in Fortress Eighteen, she was afraid that those people would find out if she used her ability, so she didn’t dare to reveal it.

She was only in a preliminary understanding of her ability.

San Wu sat on the ground, remembering what Ah Si had said to herself.

Ah Si was an old beggar who brought her along to beg for a living.

She was also the only one who would put her ragged padded jacket on her shoulders in the cold winter months.

At that time, she had just realized her ability, so she took Ah Si’s hand and said that she would lead her to live a happy life together.

If those ability-holdes knew her ability, they would definitely value her very much.

Ah Si’s expression changed suddenly. She slapped her hand and said, “Live a good life? I’m afraid you think that life is not miserable enough, so you want to take the old man with you to die.”

“Do you think those people will really value you? You can do so many things with your ability, but you can’t protect yourself. If you want to be a tool in the hands of others, then go.”

How could there be morals in the apocalypse? Her ability was the same as someone who had water-type ability. After learning about her ability, she was directly imprisoned, and she worked desperately all day long, completely losing her freedom, working for those scumbags like a domestic animal until she died.

San Wu listened to Ah Si’s words, and kept the matter a secret.

Afterward, this concealment lasted for five full years.

So much had happened in five years that Fortress Eighteen had become full of scumbags.

Because Ah Si accidentally bumped into the son of the owner of the fortress, she was beaten to death.

She was fifteen years old when she first awakened her ability, and at the moment she was twenty years old.

At the age of fifteen, she could only hide in the shell of the fortress, honing her skills in fighting zombies a little bit.

Therefore, she was able to fight three low-level zombies alone and retreat unscathed.

And the ability had also awakened for the second time, so she realized that it was time to leave the place.

After eating one crystal, San Wu was in a good state, but she only had one crystal left.

There would be nothing left after eating it.

“I need to get something to eat,” San Wu looked at the yard of the villa with some excitement.

There was even a small pool in the yard, but the water in it had been drained.

“This is…” San Wu suddenly found that in a corner of the yard, there was a water pump connected to the well below.

There was already some rust on the water pump, but she had heard from Ah Si that even if this water pump was left unused for a few years, it could still press water out.

It was just that if it was too old, she had to prepare a little water and pour it in before pressing it to divert water.

Water was hard to find.

The post-apocalyptic water was polluted and looked the same as before, but people who drink it would get sick or turn into zombies.

Most of the water in the fortress was provided by people with water abilities or distilled a little bit.

Contaminated water must be distilled at least three times before it could be safely imported.

But the water obtained in that way was slow and limited, so water resources had become one of the most precious resources in the apocalypse.

As for plant resources, there were no plants after the end of the world.

Not even mutant plants.

She couldn’t eat energy crystals too much, as she needed three days to digest even one energy crystal of the lowest level.

But the feeling of fullness was only temporary, and she still needed food and water.

San Wu walked into the villa and began to search for things.

It could be seen that the owner of the house should not have been in danger when he left, or the house itself was unoccupied.

Ah Si thought that rich people buy houses to look good, not to live in.

San Wu ran to the large double-door refrigerator on the first floor.

As soon as the large refrigerator was opened, a foul smell came out.

Even those low-rank zombies with pus flowing from their heads didn’t smell that bad.

San Wu tried her best not to puke.

Although she didn’t know if that house had been inhabited before or not, the fact that there was still something in the refrigerator was a good thing for her.

She averted her eyes from the already decayed and unformed things, holding her breath as she stared intensely at the entire row of water below.

There were about twenty bottles.

Of course the water was not drinkable, but that was only for others.


San Wu poured two bottles of water into the water press, and immediately began to pump vigorously and repeatedly.

After working hard for a long time, she heard the roaring sound of water splashing from below, and San Wu was overjoyed. The next moment, the water flowed out suddenly, and fell into the wooden barrel that had been placed long ago.

Watching the only bucket gradually filled with water, San Wu also felt that her heart was also filled with hope.

In the fortress, even if one paid a crystal every month, ninety percent of all things found by non-ability holders like her had to be surrendered.

After filling the bucket full of water, she purified the water source and immediately cupped it up and took a large sip.

The well water tasted sweet in the mouth, and after taking a sip, San Wu’s eyes lit up.

After drinking that water, a crispy hot sensation unexpectedly came from the palm of her hand.    

San Wu raised her hand and glanced at it, at the palm of her right hand was where the crystal core was.

San Wu could not use the crystal core in Fortress Eighteen, nor did she dare to use her ability, so the hidden crystal core under her skin was only white in color.

But after drinking that sip of water, she could clearly feel that her core had been warmed up.

The effect was not as intense as when using crystal cores, but it was gentle and could be used frequently.

“Could it be that it’s an upgraded version of my ability after the second awakening?” San Wu muttered to herself. 

She only heard that the degree of preciousness of the second awakening was no less than the pandas before the end of the world.

San Wu was half-aware what benefits a second awakening could have.

“Never mind, it’s a good thing anyway.” San Wu clapped her hands and was in a better mood.

With that kind of ability, her power would be upgraded even faster, and then she would be able to return to Fortress Eighteen again.

Thinking of that scene when the son of that fortress’ master killed Ah Si, San Wu only felt that the blood in her body was half cold.

Ah Si’s ashes were still over there …… 

Those beasts didn’t allow her to bring it out of the fortress.

Thinking about the road she had to take next, San Wu temporarily suppressed the icy coldness in her heart and was about to go in to find something to eat.

Suddenly, a roar of a zombie came from outside the gate.

As soon as she heard that, she instinctively held the stick in her hand.

She wondered if there was a zombie coming.

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