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The subordinate reminded Bai Jinyao, “Boss, we should go to the main hall to patrol. We and the Forbidden Army are stationed in shifts and change every hour.”

When Bai Jinyao took the men behind her to the main hall, Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu had already arrived in the Empress Dowager’s courtyard. The last remaining guest, Jiang Yan, also brought up the medicine box and went to the Empress Dowager’s palace under the instructions of the teacher of the Tai Hospital to deliver medicine to the Empress Dowager.

Accompanied by a young medicine apprentice, Jiang Yan wouldn’t easily get lost. Wanting more information, he asked the apprentice, “Young medicine apprentice, do you know why we’re delivering medicine to the Empress Dowager?”

“Of course!” The young medicine apprentice, a boy no older than fifteen, replied enthusiastically, “Because my master said the Empress Dowager is not doing well! She’s almost at the end of her life!”

“Doctor Jiang, did you forget? Last time, we even delivered medicine to Empress Liu to cut off her family line. Because the Empress Dowager said the Emperor shouldn’t have heirs; it would affect her grip on power,” said the young medicine apprentice, delivering his lines, “The Empress Dowager hasn’t been well lately, and we don’t know what she might do to the Emperor.”

The young medicine apprentice shrank back a bit, a hint of fear in his voice, “What if the Empress Dowager really orders us to poison the Emperor? I’m scared.”

Jiang Yan was astonished.

The live audience was astonished.

[Help, is this going to be another situation with everyone turning villainous?]

[Xue Wu, be careful.]

[What?! No way! Why does it feel like everyone is under the Empress Dowager’s control? How can we continue like this?]

[ I’m gradually forgetting this is a romance variety show.]

The chief director backstage smugly thought that they needed to control these guests, bind them to the plot, and prevent a repeat of the previous situation.

Jiang Yan continued to follow the young medicine apprentice, lost in thought. When they reached a corner, a visibly flustered eunuch suddenly appeared from another path. The eunuch seemed not to notice Jiang Yan approaching, kept his head down, and rushed forward, inevitably colliding with Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan was startled, taking two steps back after being bumped before regaining his balance. He was about to ask if the eunuch was alright when he suddenly felt something being handed to him, a rough piece of paper. His hand froze.

The young eunuch hurriedly ran off after handing Jiang Yan the note. Jiang Yan turned to look at the retreating figure, feeling uneasy as he clenched the paper in his hand. After contemplating for a few seconds, he discreetly tucked the note into a secret compartment in his sleeve and then turned to the young medicine apprentice, saying, “Let’s continue.”

Sharp-eyed viewers noticed Jiang Yan’s unusual behavior, but since they hadn’t witnessed the eunuch slipping the note, they assumed Jiang Yan might know the eunuch from before, leading to his distracted state.

Carrying the medical kit, Jiang Yan and the young medicine apprentice arrived at the door of the Empress Dowager’s sleeping quarters.

Once again, the palace maid opened the door, and inside, Ruan Qiu and others lifted their heads, ready to see who had arrived and if they could gain new clues.

Suddenly, Ye Xingyu had a bad premonition, but before he could take out his handkerchief to cover his face, Jiang Yan had entered the room and immediately spotted Ye Xingyu, who was sitting sideways due to wearing a dress.

Jiang Yan: …

He took a horrified step back, then rubbed his eyes, confirming that it was indeed Ye Xingyu.

Jiang Yan’s expression became extremely awkward, not because Ye Xingyu looked bad in women’s clothing and a wig, but… it was just weird. He took another look.

The final guest also realized he was cross-dressed. Ye Xingyu, with a sense of resignation, closed his eyes.

Ye Xingyu: I’m tired, just destroy me.

Ye Xingyu’s fans, who were initially trying to salvage the situation, saying that their brother looked good even in women’s clothing, were disheartened. Even Jiang Yan, who arrived last, couldn’t bear to look directly at him, turning his head away. The fans, unwilling to be the subject of mockery, closed the barrage with aching hearts.

[What kind of live suicide scene is this, hahaha!]

[Recorded, permanently cherishing Ye Xingyu’s dark history.]

[So, Qiu Yingying and Ye Xingyu’s CP is no longer valid. They’re sisters now (serious).]

[Sisters, hahaha, my head is about to explode from laughter.]

Because he was too shocked by seeing Ye Xingyu, Jiang Yan forgot to bow to Qin Shuangyu. The young medicine apprentice, following instructions from the director, tugged at Jiang Yan’s sleeve, signaling him to pay attention. He then walked up to Qin Shuangyu and first bowed to her, saying, “Empress Dowager, may you be in good health. This is the tonic my master prepared for you.”

The palace maid took the medicine box from the young medicine apprentice and returned to Qin Shuangyu’s side.

Jiang Yan quickly followed suit.

The young medicine apprentice continued to bow to Xue Wu and others according to their status, “Greetings, Your Majesty. Greetings, County Princess. Greetings, Eunuch Ruan.”

After Jiang Yan finished bowing with the young medicine apprentice, he also learned that Xue Wu had drawn the role of the Emperor this time. Thinking of the young medicine apprentice’s earlier warning about Xue Wu possibly being poisoned by the Empress Dowager, he looked at Xue Wu, his expression complex, unsure whether to inform him.

He then glanced at Ruan Qiu, who was sitting beside Xue Wu. She remained as beautiful as ever, and upon making eye contact, she smiled slightly, as if greeting him. Jiang Yan also smiled back at Ruan Qiu, but in his heart, he wondered if he had a chance this time, given the distance between his role and Ruan Qiu’s involvement with Xue Wu, who had drawn the Emperor role.

Sensing Jiang Yan’s gaze on Ruan Qiu, Xue Wu calmly shifted his body, blocking his view. He then addressed Qin Shuangyu, saying, “Mother Empress, this son won’t disturb you since your health isn’t well.”

Qin Shuangyu reluctantly watched as Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu left, but understanding the necessity of following the plot, she nodded in acceptance, letting Xue Wu lead Ruan Qiu away.


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