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The palace maids at the door saw them and calle out, “Empress Dowager, the Emperor and Eunuch Ruan have arrived.”

A palace maid walked out from inside, and the maids on both sides opened the door, allowing Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu to enter smoothly.

Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu were about to salute when Qin Shuangyu on the couch quickly got up, walked to Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu quickly, and said kindly to them, “Good guys, get up, come and sit, what do you want to eat? Say whatever you want, Mom… Ben Gong will definitely not treat you badly.”

A few seconds later, Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu saw the person sitting opposite them suddenly stand up, tightly covering their face with a handkerchief, and using a familiar male voice, they said, “Greetings, Imperial Uncle. Xingyu has been impolite.”

Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu:… Ye Xingyu?

Ruan Qiu took a bite of pastry to suppress her surprise, while Xue Wu picked up a teacup and took a sip, concealing his amusement.

[Ye Xingyu has been rejected, hahaha, I feel sorry for him. I really want to laugh, hahaha.]

[I seriously suspect that the Empress Dowager is a fan of the Xue-Ruan couple. Wasn’t she trying to say, “Mother will not mistreat you” just now?]

[Hilarious! The Empress Dowager is getting excited about the couple, her eyes shining, seems like it’s me in real life.】

[Ye Xingyu is in such a pitiful situation; I’ve once again succumbed to the embarrassing habit of empathizing with others. It’s so awkward, oh, no!]

Ye Xingyu was disheartened.

He knew that the two people on the opposite side must have recognized him, so he put down the handkerchief in his hands and looked at the two of them with hopeless eyes.

Ruan Qiu looked away politely. Although she knew everyone’s identity in this show through the plot of the original novel, it was a text version after all. The visual impact of Ye Xingyu was too strong, and she really wanted to laugh.

Xue Wu tilted his head directly, unable to bear to look at the other party’s dress.

Qin Shuangyu looked at Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu with a kind smile. She had completely forgotten the script the director gave her, and her heart was full of rich mental activities such as “Hey, hey, I got it”, “The two of them just looked at each other again!” .

On the other hand, before Ye Xingyu arrived at the Empress Dowager’s palace, Bai Jinyao followed the staff’s instructions and came to the camp with a sword.

She had already donned armor, appearing to be made of lightweight yet sturdy material. Stepping among a group of tall individuals, she couldn’t help but take a half step back when met with their collective gaze. Enquiring with a hint of unease, she asked, “Have there been any unusual occurrences lately?”

She also has to actively search for clues like Ruan Qiu, trying not to be eliminated as quickly as last time.

[Yaoyao, keep it up! You’ve got this!]

[You’re amazing! You’ll surely make it through to the end!]

[Why do I feel Bai Jinyao’s fans have a different vibe compared to others? Like they’re genuine supporters?]

[She has quite a few motherly fans…]

Observing the livestream discreetly, the actress system considered that Bai Jinyao being the female lead had its perks.

Even within the entertainment industry, she consistently had supporters, maintaining harmonious relationships with others. Even her fans exhibited little animosity, truly becoming the darling of the group.

Initially, Cheng Tianya sought to benefit from Bai Jinyao’s good fortune. However, the world line always protected the female lead, and Cheng Tianya found herself unable to seize anything. As a result, the actress system ended up binding Cheng Tianya, who could barely be considered a supporting character.

The actress system thought that once it freed itself from Cheng Tianya, it would ask Ruan Qiu if she would like to form a binding.

On the livestream screen, the subordinate saluted and reported to Bai Jinyao, “Leader, there have been no recent disturbances in the Imperial City. However, foreign envoys seeking peace often roam around the Imperial City, attempting to enter the hall to meet the Emperor directly. Our team and the Forbidden Army have had to escort them out multiple times.”

Foreign envoys? Forbidden Army?

Continuing to provide information, one individual expressed frustration, saying, “Leader, those from the Forbidden Army are crossing the line. They are not loyal to the Emperor and follow the orders of the Empress Dowager!”

Lowering his voice, he added, “Everyone now knows that the Empress Dowager has questionable intentions, and the Emperor is merely a puppet in her hands. We must protect the Emperor and prevent him from being harmed by those in the Forbidden Army with rebellious intentions!”

Bai Jinyao understood.

So, their front-line guards were on the Emperor’s side, while the Forbidden Army was on the side of the Empress Dowager. The Forbidden Army might have received approval from the Empress Dowager to harm the Emperor, putting them at risk too.

As Bai Jinyao pondered, the Forbidden Army approached from another direction. Seeing her, the commander of the Forbidden Army walked forward and began, “Cowardly rat! You killed my brother last time; I will settle this score today…”

The commander of the Forbidden Army suddenly paused.

According to the script, he should push the opponent to the ground, then leave triumphantly, declaring that he would ensure the other person’s demise.

But why did the front-line guard with a sword be a slender and delicate female celebrity who couldn’t withstand a single blow?

After a few seconds of hesitation, the commander of the Forbidden Army, fearing harm to the other party and potential backlash from her fans, decided to improvise, “Today, I’ll let you go. The next time we meet, I will kill you!”

He snorted coldly at the still bewildered Bai Jinyao and departed with the Forbidden Army in tow.

[New clues appeared!]

[Bai Jinyao’s death conditions also appeared? This commander of the Forbidden Army seems to be the one intent on killing her.]


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