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[1st: On the scene, I am that hairpin, the beauty is truly captivating!!]

[2nd Comment: Is this Bao Yihong’s ear? There’s a mole behind his ear… how can his ear turn so red?!]

[3rd Comment: Since none of you are saying it, I’ll be the first – wife sticker!]

[312th: Wife sticker!]

The previous trending topic had been taken down, and the new trending term that had risen to the top was #WifeSticker#. Anyone who clicked into it would see an ancient beauty looking at them with enchanting eyes.

Seeing that things had settled down like this, He Xing felt a bit enlightened. He sighs, “Gu Group’s PR team is really not just talk.”

Yang Qirou was also somewhat satisfied. “I didn’t expect that after taking a break, the PR department recruited such a talent.”

The two gossiped quietly, while Chi You remained silent.

She glanced at a certain chat on the phone page where she was quietly present, then casually shifted her gaze away.

With this matter settled, the crew breathed a sigh of relief, and there was a high level of anticipation for “Watching the Tides” online. The actors were more active during filming, and the afternoon scenes went smoothly, ending earlier than usual.

After wrapping up, the entire set was bustling. Chi You finished a bit earlier, so her makeup was already removed. Yang Qirou went to ask He Xing about the next day’s scenes, while Chi You sat in the makeup room for a while before heading to Qin Yi’s resting room.

Qin Yi’s wrist problem wasn’t particularly serious; Chi You applied the ice promptly, and with He Xing also arranging for a doctor, after resting for a while, she was much better.

Back in the resting room, the assistant was about to help Qin Yi remove her makeup when the door, which was slightly ajar, was gently knocked.

Qin Yi, glancing through the mirror and seeing Chi You already with light makeup, raised an eyebrow slightly, saying, “What’s going on again?”

Chi You walked in, naturally standing behind her. She gently patted the assistant’s shoulder, then slowly removed a hairpin from Qin Yi’s head. The two locked eyes in the mirror.

“Senior Qin, are you free for dinner tonight?”


Having finished work early and arriving at the set ahead of time, Gu Jingxu found it deserted.

He stood in silence outside the car with Yang Qirou for quite a while.

Yang Qirou gave a nervous laugh, “Maybe she went to the restroom.”

Gu Jingxu: “Hmm.”

Yang Qirou felt the low pressure emanating from the boss, making the temperature feel a bit colder.

Unable to bear the awkward atmosphere, she tried to initiate a conversation, “After you helped resolve today’s hot search issue, Chi You was really touched.”

Gu Jingxu: “Hmm?”

Yang Qirou felt the boss’s reaction seemed a bit bewildered, as if he had no idea what had happened.

In reality, she hadn’t seen any emotion on Chi You’s face from the beginning to the end. Whether being scolded or praised, Chi You had remained calm throughout.

Regardless of whether she was moved or not, she had to make sure the boss knew she was touched.

Saying more positive words would also be beneficial for Chi You’s further development.

Gu Jingxu obviously didn’t notice Yang Qirou’s little scheme. His dark eyes slightly lowered, and his voice was not loud as he asked, “What happened?”

Yang Qirou: “???”

After recounting the incident, Yang Qirou appeared even more puzzled than Gu Jingxu.

Wasn’t this matter resolved by the boss?

The company’s personnel hadn’t even had time to react, the PR department hadn’t started working, and everything had already been smoothed over?

So who was it?

At that moment, the person who came forward to speak out was unlikely to be a mere bystander enjoying the show…

Compared to Yang Qirou’s changing expressions, Gu Jingxu’s face hardly showed any changes.

An inexplicable feeling lingered in his heart, and he quietly instructed to inform him promptly if such a situation occurred again.

Then, his brows and eyes lightly drooped, casting a shadow with his thick eyelashes beneath his eyes.

In the next instant, his phone emitted a soft sound.

He received a message from Chi You.

[(Heart):I have plans tonight, will be back later.]


Gu Jingxu pursed his lips slightly, wrote a few words but deleted them, and finally replied with a simple [Okay].

Yang Qirou was still observing the boss’s expression when she was informed that Chi You had gone out for dinner with someone else. She stood in place, watching the boss turn and sit in the car.

She felt that the boss’s mood wasn’t very good.

Upstairs at a western restaurant, Qin Yi, in different clothes, sat in her seat. After hearing Chi You’s thanks, the corners of her eyes lifted slightly.

“How did you guess it was me?”

Chi You smiled at her with narrowed eyes. “Intuition.”

If it was Gu Group’s PR team that helped her solve this, then Gu Jingxu would definitely know. However, he hadn’t sent her a single message.

So, Chi You could only guess that it was Qin Yi.

Qin Yi showed no intention of concealing anything; she raised her eyebrows slightly at Chi You, recalling something and asked, “Have you signed with Gu Group?”

There was no need to hide this matter. She took a sip of water, then said, “Yes.”

Qin Yi withdrew her gaze with a hint of regret.

She used to be with Gu Group too. After gaining popularity, when her contract expired, she simply set up her own studio. Initially, upon hearing that Chi You hadn’t signed with any company yet, Qin Yi had thought about bringing her under her wing. However, she didn’t expect someone else to beat her to it.

“Gu Group is not bad. You won’t be mistreated there.”

Gu Group treatment of artists was famously good in the industry, not a secret anymore. Many newcomers would do anything to get in.

Chi You smiled, indicating her agreement.

Her phone on the side lit up for a moment, and Chi You lowered her eyes to check. It was a message from Gu Jingxu, asking when she would be back.

She didn’t reply immediately and continued chatting with Qin Yi about other things.

There were rumors online that Qin Yi was difficult to get along with, forcing away five assistants in a week. On the set, she often acted like a big shot and looked down on newcomers. Even Yang Qirou suggested not getting too close to Qin Yi.

But Chi You liked Qin Yi from the first moment she saw her.

The woman’s beauty was extravagant and dignified, a single glance in the crowd making it difficult to look away.


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