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Qin Yi seemed to be in a good mood that day. Shortly after recovering from her injured wrist, she was planning to take Chi You for a ride.

A red Ferrari sped by, gradually slowing down. Qin Yi’s lips curled with a smile, “When you decide you don’t want to stay with Gu Group anymore, you can come find me. I might consider taking you in.”

Chi You raised her hand to fix her hair that was sent flying by the wind, and smiled in response.

After a while, Qin Yi offered to take her home. Chi You provided an address, and upon hearing it, Qin Yi paused slightly, inexplicably giving her a glance, “You live there?”

It was a prime location in the center of City A, where even wealthy people couldn’t afford houses. Qin Yi herself didn’t live there.

Chi You’s reaction was calm; she tapped on her phone, replied to a message from someone unknown, then looked up, and said, “Just a temporary residence. I’ll be moving out soon.”

Qin Yi raised an eyebrow slightly but refrained from asking further.

Upon arriving home, Chi You changed her shoes and entered the house. In the next moment, she encountered Gu Jingxu coming out of the study.

He appeared to have just finished work, wearing a suit vest with his coat casually thrown somewhere, showcasing well-defined muscles on his upper body and long, straight legs.

Upon seeing Chi You, he paused slightly.

When both of them sat on the sofa, Chi You tilted her head, glancing at him.

“Do you want to ask me who I went out with?”

Gu Jingxu hadn’t expected her to bring it up on her own; he nodded.

Chi You said, “Then go ahead and ask.”

Gu Jingxu hesitantly asked, “Tonight… Who were you with?”

Even he got left behind.

In the next moment, Chi You’s eyes narrowed slightly, appearing sly. “Not telling you,” she declared. Gu Jingxu paused, his lips forming a helpless smile.

The usually calm and serious man, now smiling like this, made Chi You stare at him for a moment. Suddenly, she reached out and hooked his palm with hers.

Gu Jingxu’s wrist moved, and his ten fingers intertwined, completely enveloping her hand. After a moment of contemplation, he said, “Sorry for not being able to help with today’s situation.”

“It’s okay.” Chi You tilted her head and smiled.

As if sensing that the man was genuinely a bit down for not being able to help her, Chi You thought for a moment and added, “If you really feel guilty, you can do something to make me happy.”

The girl’s voice was soft, and it took Gu Jingxu a while to realize what she was saying.

Afraid of misunderstanding, Gu Jingxu fluttered his long eyelashes a few times, leaned in, and lightly touched Chi You’s lips.

After their lips met and separated after a moment.

Chi You withdrew her hand and hooked his shoulder, saying, “I taught you this yesterday.”

The man obediently lifted his hand, gently pinching the girl’s snow-white chin, and his lips covered hers again.

Lips entwined, and the unfamiliar sounds in her ears made her earlobes start to heat up. When her breathing became irregular, Gu Jingxu let her go. Seeing her calm down, he eagerly tried to get close again.

But she gently pushed him away.

The girl’s eyes were tinged with redness. She said, “Go take a shower first.”



The drama was coming to an end. The character Chi You portrayed as the second female lead had attracted a lot of attention during this time. As a result, for every subsequent scene, He Xing had to contemplate for a long time before shooting began.

During lunch break, Shi Yue sent a message saying she happened to be nearby and suggested having a coffee together.

As Chi You entered the shop, she saw Shi Yue waving to her, and she walked over with a smile.

It was lunchtime, and the coffee shop wasn’t very crowded. The few people scattered around turned to look at Chi You.

Shi Yue noticed their gaze and glared back disapprovingly.

Back when Chi You and Shi Yue were together, Chi You often experienced such stares. Over time, it became increasingly intrusive.

Chi You took off her sunglasses, noticing Shi Yue looking a bit upset. She pushed the small cake on the table towards her and said, “You eat. I already had lunch.”

Shi Yue rested her chin on her hand, staring at her face for a while before sighing, “You’ve gotten thinner.”

Chi You was surprised and heard Shi Yue ask with concern, “Are you eating well on the set? Is anyone bullying you?”

“No one is bullying me, and the food on the set is delicious. I eat a lot every meal,” Chi You replied.

Chi You tilted her head and pinched the soft flesh on her own arm.

Shi Yue held her hand and put it in her palm.

“I saw the trending topics a couple of days ago. Are you okay?”

Chi You happened to see the trending topics during her lunch break. She spent a considerable amount of time in the restroom arguing with online users, and in the end, she was blocked by them.

She felt uncomfortable reading those comments.

Chi You affectionately pinched Shi Yue’s fingertip and said, “I told you there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all resolved, right?”

Shi Yue still looked concerned.

Chi You was beautiful, but considering her current situation in the entertainment industry, Shi Yue was genuinely worried that she might face disadvantages.

“Why did so many people suddenly start criticizing you? You’re a newcomer, yet your popularity is so high…”

She couldn’t understand.

Chi You turned her gaze slightly and saw someone at the side of the coffee shop raising their phone towards them. She furrowed her brows slightly and explained, “I think some people are dissatisfied that I got this role.”

Shi Yue didn’t understand the intricacies of these circles, and Chi You didn’t want to tell her. Knowing about it would only make her more anxious.

Shi Yue asked, “Who is it?”


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