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Chi You didn’t think much about it. Just as she arrived near the rest area, Yang Qirou pulled her towards the makeup room to change.

In the meantime, she didn’t forget to ask if anyone had seen her.

Chi You obediently replied that there was no one around at that time.

Yang Qirou sighed while helping her tidy up her clothes.

It wasn’t a bad thing for the boss to visit the set, but he was just too indiscreet.

He came over and asked Chi You’s whereabouts.

Although he was asking her, what if someone else overheard? That wouldn’t be good for Chi You.

After instructing Chi You for a while, Yang Qirou was then summoned by He Xing.

Chi You double-checked her makeup before leaving the room, only to see Bao Yihong, who was already prepared.

As soon as he saw her, Bao Yihong came over. “Hey, have you heard? The investor for our drama has come again.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Bao Yihong said, “I heard that the Gu family has invested a lot in this drama. I wasn’t sure before, but now I believe it. Even the president of Gu’s Corporation comes to the set so often. With such attention, they must have spent a lot!”

Bao Yihong, at first glance, seemed like someone who liked to act cool, but after spending some time with him, one would realize he was actually a gossip-loving teenager with a touch of adolescent rebellion. Many times, he had tried to persuade Chi You to watch passionate anime together, but she had always refused with various excuses.

Chi You wasn’t interested in matters of investment, so she just listened.

The two of them, as a habit, first went to chat with He Xing on the scene for a while, so they were about to go over after getting ready.

While quietly passing by a certain lounge and overhearing a conversation, they heard Chi You’s name mentioned from inside.

Both of them paused.

Bao Yihong widened his eyes, glanced at Chi You, and without thinking, pulled her to hide in a corner.

Chi You, caught off guard, leaned against the wall, raising her hand to adjust the hairpin on her head.

In the next instant, the voice from earlier resounded again.

At this time, the staff were busy with preparations, and actors were in the midst of makeup and changing costumes. Perhaps they didn’t expect Chi You and Bao Yihong to arrive so early, as the people inside showed no restraint, and with sharp voices, once again mentioned Chi You’s name.

“Make sure to keep a good distance from her. You two have had a lot of scenes together recently; don’t let her ride on your popularity!”

The voices were unfamiliar to both Chi You and Bao Yihong, but when they mentioned scenes together, Chi You immediately thought of someone.

The male voice inside continued, “I don’t know what Director He is thinking, making the male lead and second female lead have so many intimate scenes. When this drama airs, there will definitely be a lot of criticism!”

Clearly, he wasn’t the only one inside, but no one else responded.

“Whatever, we are almost done shooting anyway. Just remember not to get too close to Chi You. Someone who relies on connections to get roles is bound to play tricks. You’ve had issues before because of such people; be careful this time too—”

“Why do you always have such a bias against her?” A low, displeased male voice interrupted him.

Bao Yihong widened his eyes and looked at Chi You, his eyes saying, “As expected!”

The agent, who was interrupted by Song Yan, was even more annoyed. “Do I have a bias against her?! How could a newcomer like her have a chance to play the second female lead? If not for connections, what else could it be? If she didn’t have any tricks, could she have made the whole crew like her? Even Qin Yi reposted praise for her on Weibo!”

Hearing this, Bao Yihong’s expression had already changed.

He furrowed his brows discontentedly, ready to rush in. Chi You was startled and quickly grabbed him, pulling him away.

The agent, sensing some movement outside, came out, took a glance, saw no one, and went back in to close the door.

The remaining conversation couldn’t be heard from outside, and since Chi You hadn’t heard anyone criticize her hobbies, she quickly pulled the still-angry Bao Yihong away.

It wasn’t until they were far from the lounge and almost at the scene that Bao Yihong gradually calmed down.

He looked at her with indignation, saying, “They spoke about you like that, and you’re not angry?!”

His makeup was almost ruined from anger, but Chi You remained cold and indifferent.

In response to his words, Chi You raised an eyebrow, “Why be angry? Who would believe what they say? Do you believe them?”

“I don’t believe it!”

Bao Yihong was on the verge of exploding. He wouldn’t believe a single word of what Song Yan’s manager had said.

He started hanging out with Chi You because she was a newcomer, and not only that, but she was also close to his age. He hardly had anyone in the crew he could get along with, and only Chi You, every time she heard him talk about those interests that people would mock as childish, would smile and ask him why he liked that character.

She was so understanding.

Hearing Bao Yihong’s answer, Chi You laughed even more happily.

She didn’t care much about what happened just now; she was more concerned about something else.

“The manager said that Song Yan had a similar incident before. What happened?”

Bao Yihong was taken aback by her question. After recalling for a moment, he thoughtfully said, “It seems that there was such a thing before. Song Yan has acted in many dramas over the years. There was a time when he collaborated with a newcomer, and it was rumored that they were romantically involved. It caused a big uproar on the internet. The other party even hired online armies claiming that Song Yan was using his seniority to threaten her.”


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