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Bao Yihong whispered, “I can’t remember the details. Anyway, during that time, he was criticized severely. In the end, he had to clarify many times and even went to court to clear his name… I think his manager might be a bit scared after that.”

So from their first meeting, his attitude towards Chi You was like that.

Chi You’s reaction was too indifferent, causing Bao Yihong to gradually lose his anger. He patted Chi You on the shoulder like a brother and said, “Forget it. It’s almost over. If he doesn’t interact with you, you don’t need to interact with him either.”

Chi You was somewhat surprised that Bao Yihong could say such things.

But, in fact, that was exactly how she felt.

These days had passed without any issues, and there was no need to stir up trouble just before the end. Moreover, she was still just a newcomer with no notable fame. If anything did happen, it wouldn’t be beneficial for her.

Knowing that Song Yan’s strange behavior had nothing to do with her, Chi You’s mood became much more relaxed, although she had not been concerned about this matter in the first place.

In the afternoon scenes, she performed exceptionally well. However, when it came to scenes with Song Yan, he made frequent mistakes.

In the camera, Chi You’s eyes flickered with emotion, and there was a determined look in her eyes as if victory was certain. Her lips were about to touch the corner of his, but for some reason, Song Yan did not move away as per the script; instead, he seemed lost in thought.

He Xing, holding a megaphone on the side, shouted, “Cut!”

This scene had been shot more than ten times, and every time it reached this point, Song Yan made a mistake. Everyone was a bit tired, so He Xing suggested they take a break and adjust. They would film the lead actress’s solo parts first.

Song Yan hastily snapped back to reality, standing up with tightly pressed lips.

A gentle breeze swept by, carrying the faint fragrance from the girl.

Chi You silently got off the bed and left his side directly.

Unconsciously, Song Yan’s fingers hanging at his side moved slightly.


The investor was on the set, and actors, big and small, were eager to perform well, hoping to catch the eye of Gu Jingxu for better opportunities in the future.

After Song Yan made over a dozen mistakes, everyone harbored grievances in their hearts. But since he was a senior in the industry, no one dared to say anything. After leaving, they kept their complaints to themselves.

Chi You took a sip of water, wiping the sweat from her forehead with a tissue.

Her gaze followed Song Yan, who had left the stage. Her eyes flickered, revealing no particular expression.

On the other side, Qin Yi’s scene had already started, and Liu Manny came over to fix Chi You’s makeup. Chi You shook her head slightly, saying,  “I want to go talk to Song Yan.”

Song Yan’s clear avoidance of her was too obvious, and everyone in the crew could see it. Liu Manny, with her long experience in the industry, was well aware of it.

She frowned, glancing towards the direction of the rest area, saying, “Could he listen to what you have to say?”

Chi You was not entirely sure herself.

Her eyes darkened slightly, and she looked up to see Gu Jingxu standing not far away.

He came as an investor, and with so many people on set, they couldn’t stand too close to each other. He had been standing next to He Xing, watching since Chi You’s shoot started.

In the dim evening, Gu Jingxu’s expression couldn’t be clearly seen. Chi You could only see the deep, mysterious gaze fixed on her. She blinked, saying to Liu Manny, “I’ll give it a try.”

“Alright, just don’t cause any conflicts.”


In the rest area, the agent was not present that night, and the assistant had gone to the restroom during the filming. When he returned and saw that the cast had changed, he hurriedly rushed back to the rest area.

The bright lights illuminated a man dressed in an ancient costume, his expression cold, moody, and irritable.

He had maintained this state for quite some time.

The assistant couldn’t help but wonder if something had happened to Song Yan. He seemed in a bad mood that day, making mistakes frequently even during filming.

The assistant carefully approached and stood by the sofa, knowing that Song Yan didn’t like to be disturbed when digesting his emotions, so he didn’t speak.

At that moment, the door to the rest area was then knocked twice.

The door wasn’t completely closed. As the assistant looked up, he saw Chi You, who had never had any private communication with Song Yan before.

His surprised expression was evident.

Chi You didn’t say anything. Song Yan, with his head lowered, hadn’t heard the sound. He raised his eyes, and in the next moment, the restlessness on his face transformed.

“Song Yan, let’s talk.”

The assistant didn’t forget to close the door before leaving. Chi You didn’t sit on the sofa but stood a few steps away from Song Yan.

She continued with her previous words, “I won’t do anything that concerns you. After the drama is finished, there won’t be any ties between us.”

Her voice was calm, saying, “So there’s no need for you to do such things. This scene can’t be avoided, and it’s also the usual for you, isn’t it?”

The implication in her words was that Song Yan deliberately made mistakes because he wanted to make things difficult for her.

Song Yan’s eyebrows twitched, but he couldn’t express the real reason.

In the drama, the second female lead frequently seduced the male lead, but he remained faithful.

But he couldn’t do it.

Seeing him silent, Chi You didn’t show any special emotions. She found Song Yan’s approach childish. “If you really don’t want to see me on set, after this is finished, I’ll try my best not to be in the same crew as you. I know you dislike me, but please respect your profession. Can you focus on your work?”

Chi You’s words were not something a junior should say, but when Song Yan heard them, he only moved his lips subconsciously, “It’s not…”

He met Chi You’s gaze without any emotional fluctuations, paused, then turned his head away. His voice became somewhat hoarse, “I understand. I’m sorry.”


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