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Finally getting the response she wanted, Chi You sighed in relief. However, seeing that Song Yan wasn’t someone easy to talk to, she couldn’t help but add, “If you have any opinions about me, I can accept them. But in the future, before treating others like this, can you please put aside your speculations and check the facts first?”

She was undoubtedly fortunate to have the protection of Director He and Qin Yi. She encountered kind people in the crew, and there was also the support of Gu Jingxu behind her.

But what if she were just a newcomer who wanted to perform well without any connections?

Being blatantly cold-shouldered by senior members of the crew, one could imagine the looks she would receive from others.

Chi You’s words pierced Song Yan. His body stiffened, and his pupils instinctively contracted for a moment. He weakly tried to explain something, but the door of the rest room was gently knocked.

“Senior Song, Chi You, can you start shooting now?”

Without hesitation, Chi You turned around, opened the door, and smiled at the staff outside, “Sure, thank you.”

With her wide skirt in front, the man behind her followed at a leisurely pace. Song Yan lowered his head, making a gesture to help her, but Chi You subtly avoided it.

She could come here alone, and she could go back alone.

With that, the next scene began shooting.

Director He had been busy all day that day, and the night scenes were delayed. He had always been an impatient person, and his bad mood was evident on his face. Gu Jingxu looked at the approaching Chi You, retracted his legs that were about to go find her, and glanced at his good friend. “This scene will go smoothly.”

Director He: “Who knows.”

He obviously didn’t hold much hope. As Chi You walked over and locked eyes with Gu Jingxu, she chuckled lightly. “Director He, don’t you believe in me?”

Director He sighed, muttering under his breath, “It would be great if everyone could be as reassuring as my precious.”

Gu Jingxu frowned, but seeing Chi You smiling at him with curved eyes, he slowly relaxed. The whole crew thought they were about to face another disaster, but unexpectedly, after only a short break, the scene went smoothly on the first try.

Some crew members couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Director He was even more shocked. He looked at Chi You, who approached with a small expression, seeking compliments. “How did you do it? Is there a secret I don’t know?!”

Song Yan happened to pass by and, hearing this, gave Director He a cold glance.

Director He quickly covered his mouth and chatted with the assistant director next to him.

Chi You stood next to Gu Jingxu, naturally standing at a distance from him. Many people’s eyes were on the two of them. Gu Jingxu tilted his head slightly, maintaining a cold expression. When looking at Chi You, he couldn’t help but reveal a hint of tenderness. Reminded by Chi You’s faint glance, he paused and asked, “Is it over?”

It seemed like an ordinary conversation between a boss and an employee.

Even Director He, who was standing closest, didn’t notice anything wrong. He said, “Not yet. There’s one more scene later. I hope Song Yan can maintain the state he just had.”

Chi You smiled, “He will. You can rest assured.”

Song Yan winning the Best Actor award indicated that his acting skills were up to par. Just now, he was just disturbed by some things, that was all.

Director He grumbled, saying, “Hopefully.” 

Gu Jingxu stood aside, his eyes lowered, observing Chi You’s appearance.



That night, there were quite a few actors scheduled for the scenes. Besides the main characters, many supporting ones also had significant parts. At this point, everyone was a bit tired, holding back their energy, eager to finish and go rest.

Still concerned about any issues with Song Yan, Director He took the opportunity of explaining the scenes to Chi You and called Song Yan over.

He held the script in his hand, saying, “This is your last scene together. Song Anying’s remaining scenes are with the Crown Princess and Li Yuanming.”

Director He flipped through a few pages and found the location. “Pay attention here. The Crown Prince initially thinks the person sitting by the bed is the Crown Princess, so he goes over. He’s drunk but not completely, Song Yan, do you want to take a sip later?”

Song Yan said with a serious expression, “No need.”

Director He chuckled, continuing, “Song Anying will have a final look, expressing her murderous intent towards the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess. We’ve already shot the later part, so just focus on this state…”

While he was explaining the scene, Gu Jingxu was standing on the side.

His tall figure was particularly eye-catching throughout the entire crew. Leaving aside his identity as the president of Gu Corporation, just based on appearance, he seemed more superior than Song Yan, who played the male lead.

He was very tall, seemingly around six feet three, with a sharp face, evident angular lines, and a slightly lowered jaw, creating a sculpted look. The indifferent gaze fell on several actors, resembling a boss inspecting the work.

Director He also sensed this subtle oppression and couldn’t bear it, “Why did you stay here for so long today? Nothing to do in the company?”

Gu Jingxu’s eyes flickered but he remained silent.

Seeing his demeanor, Chi You found it cute and couldn’t help but smile, tilting her face towards him.

This smile was captured by Song Yan beside her. He also slightly raised his head, following Chi You’s gaze, catching the fleeting smile in Gu Jingxu’s eyes.

His brow furrowed slightly, feeling something was off, but Chi You had already withdrawn her smile and lowered her head.

A few supporting actors’ scenes just ended on the side where the assistant director was, and they called Director He from a distance.

So the group stood up and went over.

For Chi You’s next scene, it was another change. She made it clear to the people in the court that the Emperor wouldn’t depose the Crown Prince. Many subordinates of the male lead turned traitor. During the palace banquet, Song Anying bribed palace maids and arrived at the Crown Prince’s bedroom, wearing a white dress, the Crown Princess’s favorite, sitting on the couch.


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