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The director backstage nodded in satisfaction. Although Xue Wu’s sudden interjection had derailed part of the plot, hindering the subsequent storyline for the foreign envoys, this assassination attempt was sure to happen, and he couldn’t avoid it.

“The director sighed and shook his head, thinking, “It’s inevitable, Xue Wu. It’s your fault for showing your edge just now, prompting those with ill intentions to act…”


The palace maid looked at her empty hand, then at the dagger kicked several meters away. She was dazed as Ruan Qiu, who had rushed forward, tackled her to the ground.

Director: … Huh?

With precise aim, Ruan Qiu kicked the dagger out of the palace maid’s hand. Her crimson robes fluttered as she swiftly moved forward, grabbing the maid’s shoulders and pinning her down. She shouted to the armed guards outside, “Assassin!” Then sternly questioned the maid, “Who sent you?!”

The palace maid was completely bewildered and blurted out subconsciously, “It’s the director… No, I won’t say anything!”

[Haha, that’s right, it must be the director who sent her!]

[Did you see that flying kick from Ruan Qiu just now? So cool!]

[I’m constantly amazed by Ruan Qiu’s reaction speed. The last time she saved Qi Yingying was also incredible. Is she really still within the bounds of humanity?]

[How many skills has Ruan Qiu secretly learned?]

[I knew it! How could a Chief Eunuch not have some kung fu skills!]

In the backstage, the director swallowed nervously, a bit afraid that Ruan Qiu might seek revenge on him in the future. He might not be able to withstand a punch from her.

But the plot had to continue. In order to maintain the coherence of the storyline, while the armed guards outside the hall were still caught off guard, the director commanded another person who intended to kill Xue Wu to step forward. He believed that Ruan Qiu wouldn’t still be able to protect Xue Wu…


The medicine bottle in the hand of another eunuch who rushed forward was knocked away by Ruan Qiu with a wine cup. The black powder scattered all over the place, with a small part floating in the air and landing on Ruan Qiu’s clothes.

Director: …Huh?

Ruan Qiu picked up another wine cup from the table and stared at the eunuch in front of her. As long as he made any suspicious move, she would not hesitate to throw the weapon in her hand.

[Did Ruan Qiu just use that small wine cup to knock away the medicine bottle?]

[It’s unbelievable! How did she aim so accurately? Is there really no special effects in this show?]

[Ruan Qiu: One comes, one goes down; two come, one pair goes down, haha]

[Ruan Qiu: As long as I’m here, no one can kill the Emperor!]

[Haha, help! Director, are you okay? Haha]

[So cool! I’m twisting like a pretzel in bed! Soft hubby, I love you!]

[Ruan Qiu loves Xue Wu so much (tears). With the way she desperately protects Xue Wu, who wouldn’t be moved?!]

The people in the hall were all stunned by Ruan Qiu’s actions.

Upon hearing the news of an assassin, Bai Jinyao, who rushed in, happened to witness Ruan Qiu throwing the wine cup. With mixed feelings, she led the people behind her forward and catched the young eunuch and palace maid, preparing to take them to the dungeon.

The young eunuch took a few steps before realizing what was happening. He turned to Ruan Qiu and shouted, “That’s poison! You’re poisoned, hahaha! You’ll die!”

Startled, Ruan Qiu instinctively turned to Xue Wu.

Xue Wu immediately frowned and hurried over to her, reaching out to her while telling the people around, “What are you waiting for? Quickly, send for the Imperial Physician!”

A hand was placed between Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu, as Yuan Xiang solemnly addressed Xue Wu, “Your Majesty, no! The Chief Eunuch has been poisoned. Your Majesty should stay away to avoid endangering yourself.”

Empress Qin Shuangyu adjusted the hairpin on her head as she walked down from behind and also advised Xue Wu, “Yuan Xiang is right. Your Majesty, it’s best to keep your distance from him.”

Suppressing the heartache of breaking up her own CP, Empress Qin Shuangyu instructed the people nearby, “What are you waiting for? Quickly go hold the Emperor and take Eunuch Ruan to the infirmary.”

Yuan Xiang stood in front of Xue Wu with a stern expression. “Your Majesty, please leave this place quickly. There may still be assassins lying in ambush!”

[How annoying! Although Yuan Xiang is a loyal minister, he’s blocking my CP!]

[The plot is very reasonable and consistent with the characters, but I’m not feeling good inside! Hurry up and let them be together! What are these people doing blocking the couple!]

Watching Ruan Qiu leave the hall, pushing aside those who tried to stop him, Xue Wu’s voice turned cold as he said, “Search! If Eunuch Ruan suffers even the slightest harm, and you can’t find out who’s behind this, you’ll all accompany her in death!!”

Yuan Xiang frowned instantly, but faced with Xue Wu’s gloomy expression, he kept silent for the time being, and together with other courtiers, he accepted the questioning from the armed guards.

[Wow, Xue Wu is showing signs of being a tyrant.]

[Although Xue Wu’s words are not very humane, the tyrant and his favorite eunuch still have a great CP!]

[I feel like Xue Wu is really angry, not just acting.]

[If it were me, I’d be angry too! That dog director needs to come out and take a beating!]

The director backstage glanced at Xue Wu’s expression, then at the barrage of criticism against him, and decided to pretend he hadn’t seen anything, continuing with the storyline he had arranged.

Knowing that she couldn’t be of much help and suspecting that the mastermind behind this was probably the Empress Dowager, Bai Jinyao pondered. But who could confront the Empress Dowager head-on now?

She thought for a moment, then turned to one of the armed guards behind her and said, “I’ll take a team to patrol the surroundings and see if there are any suspicious people.”

With that said, she led a team of people to the Imperial Garden.


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