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Director: …Huh??

Why was even Bai Jinyao starting to disrupt the plot?

He hastily instructed Zhou Ping to take Jiang Yan away. They must not expose their identities now.

Shortly after Zhou Ping and Jiang Yan left the Imperial Garden, Bai Jinyao also arrived with her team. She wandered around the garden with a lantern, but found nothing unusual.

Bai Jinyao’s feelings about Ruan Qiu being poisoned were indescribable. Suddenly, she felt a desire to see how Ruan Qiu was doing. She came up with a reason and turned to the armed guards, saying, “Eunuch Ruan might know something. Let’s go to the infirmary and check on her.”

On the other side, Ruan Qiu had already arrived at the infirmary. She deduced from the actions of the young eunuch that this type of poison couldn’t touch the skin. Therefore, she had refrained from touching the black powder on her clothes with her hands, and had someone bring her some cloth to wrap around her hands. At the same time, she took off her original hat and put on a veil that covered her entire face, leaving no chance for the director to eliminate her.

After entering the infirmary, the old physician asked her to sit down and used her wrapped hands to remove her outer robe, throwing it into a bamboo basket. He then had a young medicine attendant carry the basket away before feeling Ruan Qiu’s pulse and commenting, “Eunuch Ruan’s body is unharmed. Please rest assured. If Eunuch Ruan still feels uneasy, I have some tonic here…”

“No need,” Ruan Qiu politely declined. “Thank you for your kindness.”

She instructed her godson, the young eunuch, to go back and fetch her clothes, informing the gatekeeper that it was her order. Then she waited for him to return in the empty room, changed her clothes, and left.

Ruan Qiu silently pondered the current situation. She didn’t believe that the Empress Dowager was the one behind that night’s events because it didn’t benefit her in any way.

The sudden appearance of the Fourth Prince was crucial that night. Ruan Qiu thought that if the Emperor died, the most likely successor wouldn’t be the Empress Dowager but the Fourth Prince. Therefore, there was no reason for the Empress Dowager to make a move.

But if the Fourth Prince wanted to confront the Empress Dowager, he must have his own cards to play.

So, what were the Fourth Prince’s cards? Ruan Qiu fell into contemplation.

After taking off the veil, Ruan Qiu’s hair was slightly disheveled. She sat on the edge of the bed, tidying her hair while deep in thought. She was only wearing a white inner garment, outlining her slender body, appearing gentle and quiet, completely different from her previous ability to take on two opponents at once.

[I’m guilty, let me go first. Ruan Qiu is so easily taken down like this (covers face).]

[Wife, come to my bed! (Dog head with a rose in mouth)]

[Bed scene editing material is available now hehe, I’m going to edit the video quickly!]

Ruan Qiu was unaware of the increasingly dangerous thoughts of the audience in her livestream. She stood up, intending to walk around the room, when suddenly the door opened.

Zhou Ping, who had returned with Jiang Yan, already knew what had happened in the hall. She closed the door, turned around, and faced Ruan Qiu, saying, “You did well.”

Ruan Qiu blinked, hearing Zhou Ping continue, “You’ve been lurking around His Majesty for a long time, and His Majesty trusts you very much. Now that you’ve risked your life twice to save him, you’ve completely gained His Majesty’s trust.”

“This is the poison that can cause the Emperor’s sudden death,” Zhou Ping stepped forward and handed the vial to Ruan Qiu. “Tonight or tomorrow, when the Emperor summons you, let him die. Understand?”

Ruan Qiu blinked again, taking the vial from Zhou Ping’s hand and nodding. “I understand.”

Jiang Yan, who was at the door, froze.

He covered his mouth, feeling a mixture of ecstasy and disbelief, but managed to control his actions, quietly taking a few steps back and leaving the door, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

[No! This can’t be! Ruan Qiu, don’t be so ruthless, please!]

[The Emperor won’t be the first one out, right? Jiang Yan won’t really take over, will he?]

[Is there any way to break this situation?]

[There really isn’t any way. The guests only have fragmentary clues now, and there are many things Ruan Qiu doesn’t know. Where can we break the deadlock?]

[Dog director, I’m going to kill you, sobbing.]

After saying these words, Zhou Ping left the room and coincidentally met Bai Jinyao, who had rushed over.

Bai Jinyao stopped at the door, hesitated for a few seconds, and felt a bit awkward about going to see RuanQiu like this. Her previous thoughts were just a momentary impulse. So she turned to Zhou Ping and asked, “How is Eunuch Ruan?”

Zhou Ping didn’t expect Bai Jinyao to initiate a conversation with her. She hesitated for a moment and replied, “Eunuch Ruan is fine.”

Seeing that there was no one behind Bai Jinyao, Zhou Ping thought for a moment and then approached her, whispering, “Madam Bai, may I have a word with you?”

Bai Jinyao glanced at Zhou Ping and followed her to a secluded corner.

Speaking in a low voice, Zhou Ping said to Bai Jinyao, “Madam Bai, the Crown Prince has been found. We can finally avenge the former Crown Prince.”

“You’ve been lurking around the Emperor very well,” Zhou Ping said to the puzzled Bai Jinyao. “If the Emperor doesn’t make it through tomorrow, please make sure to stop the Empress Dowager’s guards, so as to let the Crown Prince ascend the throne smoothly!”

Bai Jinyao: ?

Wasn’t she on the Emperor’s side? Who was the Crown Prince? And where did he come from?

Seeing Bai Jinyao’s expression, Zhou Ping knew she hadn’t found the clue, so she explained the situation again and reminded her to find a way to keep the guards away from the hall the next day to help Jiang Yan successfully ascend the throne.

There was no choice. The original plot had changed, and they, as supporting actors, could only adapt as best as they could.

[Oh my, Bai Jinyao also has a hidden identity? She turns out to be the former Crown Prince’s person!]

[Looking at it this way, the Emperor is certainly going to die tomorrow. I’m so worried about him…]


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