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When the viewers asked when the grand finale of “Watching  the Tides” would air, Bo Yihong scratched his head, saying “About the grand finale, I don’t know when it’ll be.”

Just as he finished saying this, he suddenly looked up and saw someone pulling his horse. Immediately, he stood up and ran over, shouting.

Chi You chuckled a few times, turned on the camera of her phone, avoiding the ongoing shoot on the other side, and filmed Bo Yihong. She whispered, “That’s his little horse; he treasures it a lot.”

On the screen, Bo Yihong ran over and, along with the staff, followed along the back of the little horse. The little horse, somehow startled, calmed down a bit when it saw Bo Yihong approaching.

Chi You turned the camera back, continuing to read the live messages.

“How’s the new drama? Hmm, He Xing said not to talk about the new drama.”

“Will you have scenes with Bo Yihong? If there’s a suitable script, we’ll work together. We get along well.”

After chatting for a while, the live chat suddenly started talking about Song Yan.

Chi You tilted her head, took a sip of water, and when she leaned in again, she saw Song Yan posting.

[Song Yan: Is it hot there?]

Chi You blinked, “It’s okay.”

[Song Yan: Hmm.]

After Song Yan joined, the live stream became even more lively. Watching the rapidly flashing messages, Chi You thought for a moment and decided to stand up and find Bo Yihong.

Over there, Bo Yihong had already calmed down the little horse and was walking over. When he saw Chi You approaching, he suddenly thought of something. He took a few quick steps, grabbed Chi You’s arm, and said, “Do you want to ride for a bit?”

“After this.” She glanced at the phone, showing the live chat content to Bo Yihong, and he blinked as he greeted Song Yan in the live chat.

After the live broadcast ended, Bo Yihong didn’t rush to take Chi You to ride the horse. Instead, he pulled her to sit in a corner, looking puzzled, “What did Song Yan say to you just now?”

Chi You replied, “He asked if it was hot here.”

“Just that?”

Bo Yihong tilted his head, thought for a moment, and added, “He doesn’t like you, so why bother watching the livestream?”

Chi You was actually puzzled too, “Maybe it’s the account of the crew. He probably didn’t expect to see me when he entered.”

Bo Yihong was always worried about how Song Yan would treat Chi You in front of the fans, and he was almost scared when he saw him in the livestream.

Chi You, of course, knew he was worried about her and patted his back, “Don’t worry, he won’t do anything out of line.”

Bo Yihong, with his concerns, soon had to leave for his scenes. After he left, Chi You took out her phone and glanced at it.

Meanwhile, at the top level of Gu Corporation’s building.

Assistant Wang handed the documents to the man at the desk and whispered, “The general direction has been adjusted, and it should be resolved in half an hour.”

A game under their company was launched in the early morning, but within two hours of its release, a large number of players gave it negative ratings. The entire company had been busy for almost a whole morning because of this incident.

Gu Jingxu raised his eyes to take the documents. His expression showed signs of fatigue. Not only had he stayed up all night, but he had also dealt with a substantial amount of work until just a moment ago.

Upon hearing Assistant Wang’s words, Gu Jingxu nodded slightly. Then he listened as Wang continued, “It’s just… the noon flight is soon.”

Originally, he had planned to visit Chi You on set at noon that day, but now…

Gu Jingxu frowned. After a moment of contemplation, he instructed Assistant Wang to book the next available flight. Following that, he picked up his phone to send a message to Chi You.

He briefly mentioned the company’s affairs, and at the end, he mentioned that he might be a bit late.

After sending the message, he stared at the phone screen, waiting for a response. He knew that Chi You should be filming at this time, but his eyes didn’t move away from the screen.

After a while, Chi You replied with a simple “okay”.

He stared at this word for a long time, until the screen dimmed, and only then did he slowly blink his eyes.

Chi You didn’t pay much attention to the new ticket information sent by Gu Jingxu.

At the time of receiving the message, she was already seated in the restaurant, looking at the man in front of her who bore some resemblance to herself.

The man had a handsome face, and his slightly raised eyes were almost identical to those of Chi You. He formed a faint smile and spoke in a gentle tone, “You probably love sweets as well?”

After saying this, he looked up and whispered something to the waiter next to him. Chi You’s eyes reflected his figure as she smiled without uttering a word.

This kind of feeling was indeed novel. In the past, Chi You had never expected that a man who shared 80% similarity with her would sit across from her like this.

No, it should be said that she didn’t realize it until the day before the previous day.

As the waiter left, the melodious and slow-paced music in the restaurant brushed past their ears. Chi You lifted the coffee cup on the table and took a sip. “So, how did you find me?”

The man gazed into her eyes. “I located the nurse who made mistakes and did wrong things back then and traced it to the Chi family.”

Chi You lowered her eyes, smiling faintly. Although her expression seemed gentle, it was evident that she had no excitement about reconnecting with her family. “After all these years, none of you ever thought of coming back to find me?”

A hint of helplessness flashed in He Chenran’s eyes.

After coming to China, he persistently inquired about Chi You’s information and finally found out that she was a very obedient child. Upon meeting her, he realized that she was indeed well-behaved, but hidden beneath her harmless appearance was a rather cold side.

Since contacting her, she had displayed such a distant attitude.

Alert, indifferent—nothing like what those people claimed, that she was a child pampered by the Chi family.


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