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[Fan 3: Hilarious, am I the only one who noticed? Qin Yi played the sister of the little general, the one who despised her brother, hahaha.]

[Fan 4: Truly a true-to-life performance.]

[Fan 7: What’s going on up there? Can we cut Xiao Hong some slack? He’s been without a wife for two dramas already! Can’t we show him a little sympathy?!]

The announcement of the end of filming came five days later. In the center of the picture, Chi You and Bo Yihong were holding a cake, He Xing stood beside them with a wide grin, Qin Yi rolled her eyes disapprovingly at Bo Yihong, and someone managed to capture a shot of the moment Bo Yihong seemingly smeared the cake on his face. As soon as the picture was posted, fans mocked Bo Yihong for getting cake on his face again.

Chi You also posted a Weibo update about the end of filming. She had already returned to the hotel, and Yang Qirou was packing things on the side. After a while, she suddenly said, “It seems like the fans have prepared a welcome gathering for you.”

Chi You turned her head, her eyes slightly brightened. “When?”

Yang Qirou, rare to see her so happy, couldn’t help but smile. “Of course, after you get off the plane, but there shouldn’t be too many people.”

As she spoke, Chi You had already stood up. “Then I’ll go see if there’s anything I can bring for them.”

While talking, the girl put on a mask, took her phone, and briskly left the hotel.

During her time filming, Chi You had hardly gone out in the past few months. Except for the time she had dinner at a well-known restaurant nearby with Gu Jingxu, she usually stayed at the hotel or on the set.

Yang Qirou was worried and wanted to accompany her, but Chi You replied that it was unnecessary. She also asked about the fans coming to pick her up and learned that they were mostly girls. So, she found a mall on the map, went to a boutique, and bought a dozen small plush toys.

The plush toys weren’t too big. Chi You hugged the shopping bag tightly and returned to the hotel. On the elevator, she noticed several people glancing at her.

Chi You held the plush toys closer, pushed her sunglasses up with her hand, and discreetly turned her face towards the inside of the elevator, pretending not to notice anyone watching her.

The elevator stopped, and the doors automatically opened.

Chi You quickly stepped out of the elevator, found her room, and pressed the doorbell.

Yang Qirou came over to open the door and, upon seeing Chi You holding so many plush toys, was first surprised. Then, her expression turned hesitant and conflicted as she said, “Yuyu.”

Chi You placed the plush toys on the sofa, raised her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear, and looked at her. “Ah?”

Yang Qirou hesitated, “The flight… might be delayed.”


“Due to weather conditions, the flight has been delayed by two hours, and it will land in the early morning. It’s too late for the fans to pick you up, so they’ve arranged for them to go back first.”

Chi You lowered her eyes, looking at the flight information displayed on her phone. The determination she had just shown instantly disappeared. She reached out and took one of the small plush toys she had bought.

“Well, then we’ll meet next time to give these to them.”

The flight was delayed, and the fans were not feeling well. Heavy rain poured outside the airport, and a group of girls in the fan group sent messages of distress. Chi You sent several red envelopes in the group to console them. After comforting them, she and Yang Qirou boarded the plane.

After a few hours of flight, the entire city seemed to quiet down upon landing.

The rain in City A showed no signs of stopping. As soon as Chi You got off the plane, she received a message from Gu Jingxu saying he was about to arrive at the airport. After replying with a few words, she, along with Yang Qirou, headed out. Just after exiting the boarding gate, they suddenly heard a shout.


“Yuyu, look over here!”

Chi You instinctively looked up and saw several girls running towards her from a corner of the airport.

Yang Qirou was also startled, immediately realizing that these were the fans who had waited to pick them up and hadn’t left.

After several hours of flight delays, they had actually waited until now.

Yang Qirou’s emotions were complicated. She watched Chi You walk quickly, and she hurriedly arranged for her assistant to take out the small plush toys Chi You had bought.

Chi You walked faster than the girls who were running towards her. When she reached them, she immediately asked, “Have you been waiting for me all this time?”

One of the seemingly leading girls blushed and said, “We wanted to see you, so we waited a bit longer.”

Despite the relentless rain outside, Chi You took the letters and small cards they had written and stuffed them into her bag. She reached out and shook the hand of one of the girls beside her. “Your hands are so cold. Go back quickly; it’s not safe outside so late.”

“It’s okay! The few of us live together. We’ll go back together later!”

Chi You patted the girl’s head, and the girl suddenly took a deep breath, covering her mouth in excitement.

Yang Qirou had already brought Assistant Wang to hand them the plush toys. “These were personally bought by Yuyu this afternoon. Pick the ones you like!”

The girls had never been so close to their favorite celebrity at the airport. Holding the plush toys, they blushed and didn’t know what to say.

In just a short moment, Chi You had Assistant Wang bring the car over.

Until the girls were led into the car, they still seemed a bit dazed.

Chi You stood outside the car, her arm carrying a bag with letters written by them. They sat inside the car, holding the plush toys and warm milk tea.

Chi You and Assistant Wang reminded them to ensure they safely arrived before leaving. Turning back, she said, “The space in the car is small. Sorry for the squeeze. Next time, don’t come to pick me up so late, it’s dangerous. What if someone has bad intentions towards you?”

The girls were reluctant to leave, even if she lectured them.

The girl sitting on the outer side took the courage to hold Chi You’s hand for a moment. Chi You couldn’t help but smile, touching her hand and softly saying, “It’s too late now. We can talk about the rest next time. Go back and rest early; it’s too cold at night. Drink the hot milk tea. It’s okay to gain a little weight occasionally.”

Watching the car slowly leave and drive into the heavy rain, it took several seconds before Chi You couldn’t help but sniff.

Yang Qirou leaned over in shock. “You’re not crying, are you?”

Chi You interrupted, “No way.”

Inside the car, after providing the hotel address to Assistant Wang, the girls remained silent.

The sound of heavy rain hitting the car windows became more pronounced.

After a while, the girl sitting on the outer side, whose fingers were slightly pinched by Chi You, couldn’t help but cry out.

Her cry triggered the others, and soon all the girls were crying.

Assistant Wang had never seen such a scene before, wide-eyed and even holding her breath.

These girls had come from the neighboring city to see Chi You. Initially, they were thrilled to be chosen to pick her up, but unexpectedly, the weather suddenly changed, causing flight delays and cancellations for pick-ups.

With busy work schedules, they rarely had time off. The girls had arranged to stay at a distant small hotel together, and one of them had even rushed over during the weekend.

This was their only chance. If they couldn’t see Chi You now, they would have to leave and had no idea when they could come back. So, they were unwilling to leave, waiting at the airport for hours.

And then…

They waited for the hand-holding and head-patting, waited for the plush toys Chi You personally bought, and the warm, steaming milk tea in their hands.

They came to see Chi You because they liked her. Originally, they just hoped to see her from afar and have a conversation with her. None of them ever imagined being treated with such intimacy, like younger sisters.

Several girls couldn’t stop crying, frightening Assistant Wang. “I’m really just a driver, not someone trying to kidnap or sell you… Don’t be scared.”

The girls: “Wuwuwu…”


After seeing the car drive away, Gu Jingxu approached a little.

It wasn’t until Chi You couldn’t see the car anymore that she turned around and looked up to see Gu Jingxu standing beside her.

It was almost three in the morning, and although there were people at the airport, it wasn’t as crowded as during the day. Most people were leaning against corners in the distance, resting, not bothering to look at the people on the other side.

Gu Jingxu glanced around before reaching out to hold Chi You’s hand. “Are you worried about them?”

Chi You nodded.

It was late, and the girls all looked quite young. It was hard for her not to worry.

Yang Qirou stood by and whispered, “I mentioned this to the group just now, asking them not to stay up so late next time. They know you’ll worry, so they won’t do this again in the future.”

Chi You nodded, and Gu Jingxu ruffled her hair, asking, “Is there more work ahead?”

Chi You thought for a moment, then turned to ask Yang Qirou, “Is there?”


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