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Yang Qirou contemplated for a moment before stating, “Currently, there’s no new drama. A few days back, Director He mentioned the possibility of the crew participating in a variety show… Oh, and by the way, there’s a red carpet event scheduled in the near future.”

That meant there wasn’t any long-term work that required them to be away for an extended period.

Gu Jingxu took note of that in his mind.


Chi You had only recently debuted, and this was her first time attending a red carpet event. It was not just her who attached importance to it; her fans were also anxious for her. They reminded her every day on Weibo to be careful on the red carpet, fearing that something might happen.

On the day of the red carpet event, the entire process was live streamed online. The drama “Watching the Tides” had just finished airing, creating a peak in discussions. As a result, many onlookers were drawn to watch the red carpet event.

When the host introduced the cast of “Watching the Tides”, the comments in the live chat exploded.

[Ah, I’m here! Let me see my favorite couple walking the red carpet together! Wuu, wuu, wuu!]

[Hey, is your favorite couple Hongyou?]

[Anyone not shipping Hongyou can leave!]

[Chi You and Xiao Hong must be walking together; their relationship is officially confirmed!]

[Stop chatting, it’s starting, it’s starting!!]

The live broadcast froze for a moment, and the next moment, Bo Yihong in a white suit smiled and approached.

The live chat erupted instantly.

[What?! Why is Xiao Hong here alone?!]

[Where’s my Chi You? She’s not walking with Song Yan, right?]

[What are you thinking? Chi You wouldn’t dare to walk with Song Yan; she’d be criticized to death, wouldn’t she?]

[Song Yan is also coming alone!!]

The broadcast did not pause due to the comments. After Ba Yihong signed autographs, Song Yan also walked over alone.

[Qin Yi hasn’t been feeling well recently; she said on Weibo that she won’t come tonight. Song Yan is here alone, Chi You is probably walking with Director He. He really treats her like a daughter.]

[Wuu, wuu, wuu, thank you, Director He! The father-daughter relationship is so touching!]

The barrage in the live chat continued. The host and Song Yan exchanged a few words. Song Yan showed no expression on his face, nodded calmly, then lowered his gaze and left.

The next moment, He Xing walked towards the camera alone.

[Where’s my goose?]

[What the heck? Didn’t they invite Chi You?]

[Everyone, don’t worry, the official announcement today mentioned inviting Chi You… Maybe she’s coming later?]

[Which actor arrives on the red carpet later than the director…]

The comments abruptly stopped.

Because the next moment, the fans in the live broadcast saw Chi You walking behind He Xing, holding the arm of a tall man, stepping onto the red carpet.

Female celebrities attending the red carpet were all dressed in gorgeous dresses, and Chi You was no exception.

She wore a slim black dress that day, with a one-shoulder design that revealed her slender neck and perfect shoulder line. Holding the arm of the man beside her, her makeup was elegant, and she wore a suitable smile.

Beside her, the man wore a black suit. The live broadcast couldn’t capture the texture, but it looked very luxurious on him. The man raised his eyebrows slightly, walked with an unhurried pace, and coldly stared ahead.

After a moment of silence in the live chat, the next second almost caused the screen to freeze.

[Who is this?! I’ve been in the entertainment industry for so many years and haven’t seen him!]

[So handsome, I’m dizzy… Can a human have such a nose?!]

[The camera is almost on their faces! Beauty impact! Cameraman, well done!]

[Ah, ah, ah, I need to know everything about him in one minute!!!]

[Stop shouting, the host is introducing him.]

[…Such a long title, wait, the Gu Group? Is it the one I know?]

[Oh my! My girl has made it! Walking the red carpet for the first time with the big boss!]

[Mom, is the Gu Group’s boss really this handsome?]

This wasn’t Chi You’s first time on the red carpet, and she didn’t feel nervous. But Gu Jingxu was worried that she might be scared.

That was also why he said he wanted to walk the red carpet with her.

After answering a few routine questions from the host and handing the microphone to the man beside her, Chi You tilted her head slightly to look at him.

The host, facing the boss, was somewhat intimidated, but her good professional demeanor allowed her to continue smiling, “Mr. Gu, may I ask how Director He persuaded you to participate in the red carpet event?”

He Xing stood aside and snorted at the mention of persuasion.

Was there a need for him to persuade?

Clearly, it was Gu Jingxu’s own decision to come.

He never attended so many red carpet invitations before, but he showed up just for a relationship.

Love-struck fool!

He wondered what Chi You saw in him.

After internally criticizing, He Xing didn’t pay attention to what Gu Jingxu said. The host continued, “So, Chi You, how to you feel walking the red carpet with Mr. Gu?”

The female host, with a sweet smile, handed the microphone to Chi You, who looked at Gu Jingxu and smiled.

The man caught her gaze and quickly lowered his eyes.

The girl had fair skin, and the black dress showcased all her advantages. Facing the camera calmly, she smiled and said, “Of course, I feel honored and grateful that Mr. Gu has given me this opportunity to walk the red carpet with him.”

Mr. Gu…

Since they got together, Chi You rarely used that address.

Hearing it momentarily, Gu Jingxu’s ears turned red, and he slightly nodded.


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