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In the following period, Chi You received many scripts. However, most of the scripts were historical dramas. After appearing in historical dramas twice in a row, Chi You wanted to try a different genre. Yang Qirou was also concerned that it would be difficult for her to transition in the future. As a result, the next project was not finalized for a long time.

After returning to City A, He Chenran also came. However, the He family usually resided abroad, and their domestic property had been unoccupied for a long time. He Chenran ended up staying in a hotel.

After being seen by Gu Jingxu during their first meeting, Chi You was contemplating when to bring Gu Jingxu to meet He Chenran.

But it was not easy to bring up this matter, and she felt it was still too early to tell Gu Jingxu about finding her family, so she had not informed him yet.

He Chenran seemed to have a flexible schedule. He lived in a hotel and rarely went out, occasionally asking her to come over to accompany him.

Gu Jingxu had been busy with work recently, often returning home close to midnight.

In the evening, Chi You picked a time to go to the hotel. Just as she was about to reach the lobby, He Chenran called and asked her to buy a dessert from the cake shop next to the hotel and bring it upstairs. He specifically emphasized that it must be strawberry-flavored.

She turned and went to the adjacent cake shop.

After buying the strawberry-flavored cake He Chenran wanted, as it was getting packed, Chi You, in a moment, lifted her head and saw a somewhat familiar figure.

The sound of completing the payment on her phone “beeped”, and she snapped back to reality. In just a moment, she looked back to where she had seen the figure earlier, only to find that there was no one there anymore.

In a hotel, on the second floor. 

Xu Xueyin, feeling a bit dizzy from having a few too many drinks, was assisted by a guy as she staggered into the elevator.

Her head was spinning, and she couldn’t understand why she felt so uncomfortable when she hadn’t drunk that much.

This afternoon, Chi You’s mother took her to a banquet, claiming that all the prominent second-generation wealthy individuals from City A were present. She was instructed to build good relationships with them.

Xu Xueyin had been back at the residence for some time, thinking she had mastered the appearance of the upper-class society. However, in front of these peers, she couldn’t help but feel inferior with just a glance.

A few wealthy young ladies sneered and uttered many words she couldn’t comprehend. While pretending to be enthusiastic in front of the adults, after Chi You’s mother and the others left, they sat beside her with arrogance, urging her to drink.

With a poor tolerance for alcohol, Xu Xueyin started feeling uncomfortable after just two drinks.

However, the continuous mention of Chi You’s name by those affluent peers fueled an unknown determination in her. She sat up and finished the other three large glasses of alcohol on the table.

The laughter of those wealthy youths made her feel even more nauseous. When she was at the point of extreme discomfort, someone led her out.

“Go… Where are we going?”

Xu Xueyin leaned against the elevator wall. Shortly after, a figure pressed up against her. The person raised an eyebrow and glanced down at the neckline of her shirt. With eyes dark due to desire, he said slightly, “I’ll take you to a place to rest.”

He looked at Xu Xueyin, who had quickly finished her drink after a few provocative remarks. Although he disapproved of her attempt to blend in with them, he was quite interested in her.

The room door swung open, and the next moment, two bodies collided on the bed.

The young man urgently pulled open Xu Xueyin’s collar, and without waiting, passionately kissed her.

Xu Xueyin’s hazy mind sensed that something was wrong. She raised her hand to push away the person on top of her, but her hands were weak, and she had no strength.

“Go… get away.”

Xu Xueyin turned her head, feeling a faint pain where the guy had kissed her. A tear rolled down from the corner of her eye. The guy’s hand was already on her thigh, subtly moving upward.

Even with her clouded mind, Xu Xueyin realized that something was amiss. She struggled to free herself, but her hands were held by the guy. Then, a slap landed on her face, instantly making her face hot and swollen.

The guy muttered something under his breath and suddenly got up.

Xu Xueyin’s ears were ringing, and after a moment, she realized that the doorbell had been ringing continuously.


“Help me…”

“Save me…”

Someone must save her, anyone who could come to her rescue…

“Chi… You? Why are you here?”

Chi… You…

Xu Xueyin’s chest trembled.

The sounds gradually faded from her ears, and then a slightly cold voice sounded, “Get lost.”

The guy had not interacted much with Chi You before, and he had never been treated with such an attitude by her. He suddenly became angry, “Are you crazy? I—”

His voice abruptly stopped as he was violently kicked out. He clutched the spot where he fell, howling in pain. Chi You glanced at He Cheran, saying, “You came quickly.

Chi You glanced at He Cheran, who was still in a suit even inside the hotel, “You came quickly.”

He Cheran smiled, saying, “Of course.”

Chi You handed the cake to He Cheran. Several hotel staff had arrived in the corridor; He Cheran signaled for them to take the person away. Then he saw Chi You close the door from inside.

In the room, Xu Xueyin, with disheveled clothes, half-layed on the bed. She tried hard to hear the sounds around her, but it seemed like there was nothing, only her own self.

In the next moment, a cup of cold water was splashed on her face.

The cold water jolted her awake, dispelling most of the alcohol-induced haziness. A pack of tissues was thrown near her hands. She instinctively looked and saw the elegant and pretty Chi You standing by the bed.

The girl’s expression was cold, and she looked down at her with a condescending gaze.

Just like the first time she visited the Chi family.


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