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The lady at the counter, dressed professionally, watched the tall man in front of her lower his head and pointed to a certain diamond ring displayed before him.

“This one.”

The counter lady’s smile was impeccable, saying, “Excellent choice.”

Holding the engagement ring in his hand, Gu Jingxu moved his fingertips slightly, and the diamond sparkled. The counter lady spoke softly, “Sir, the one you chose is the only pink diamond in the entire brand. This jewelry series has only one piece like this.”

The term “unique” had been used repeatedly in the sales department’s proposals, and Gu Jingxu was well aware that it was just a marketing tactic.

On the way there, he had the mind to think that Gu Corporation should also have some involvement in the jewelry business.

But at this moment, he couldn’t think of anything.

In his mind, there was only the image of Chi You, smiling slightly as she agreed for him to put the ring on her finger.

“Yes, this one.”

Back in the car, Assistant Wang still tried to persuade, “Isn’t this too soon? Miss Chi is currently in a rising period in her career. Perhaps she doesn’t want to get married so early…”

Gu Jingxu clenched the small square box in his hand, remaining silent for a moment, then saying, “Hmm, I know.”

Assistant Wang: “???”

What did he know?

Gu Jingxu’s gaze fell slightly on the scenery continuously passing on the roadside. After a while, he spoke, “Do you think she will agree?”

Assistant Wang: “Well…”

He stammered, “Miss Chi has deep feelings for you.”

But anyone with eyes could see who was more deeply entangled in this relationship…

Assistant Wang certainly didn’t have the courage to say it out loud.

A hint of melancholy flashed in Gu Jingxu’s eyes. He unconsciously tightened his grip on the box, and his thick black eyelashes fluttered slowly twice.

Actually, he knew that Chi You didn’t like him that much.

She liked his face, liked that he listened to her. But these were things she could easily let go of.

Just like during those three agonizing days, Chi You hadn’t replied to a single message.

She said they would separate, and they did.

Even though she had returned to his side now, he felt as if Chi You had prepared herself to leave him again.

So… would she accept the engagement ring?

Gu Jingxu’s worries were completely unknown to Chi You.

If she were aware, she would probably just flash a sweet smile and tell him not to overthink it.

While Gu Jingxu was adorable when he lacked security, Chi You hoped that her significant other could trust her a bit more.

As she pondered this, she effortlessly put down her phone.

The screen displayed her chat with He Chenran.

He Chenran asked her when she would have time to visit her parents abroad.

Her reply was before the Chinese New Year.

Upon receiving her affirmative response, He Chenran, seemingly imagining something, sent several continuous messages asking how she had reconciled with Gu Jingxu.

Chi You had no intention of replying. She stood up and went to prepare for makeup.

That day was the premiere of “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves”, and a certain TV station had invited the entire cast for a live broadcast. After the first two episodes, there would be an interview.

She went with the crew, and when she sat in the audience with them, watching the premiere together with the viewers, she almost felt like she was watching a movie.

The main difference between “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” and “Watching the Tides” was that the former was adapted from an online novel. Although the original work had a fan base, it placed a greater emphasis on the actors’ acting skills. He Xing himself was a bit nervous, but he didn’t forget to pat Chi You’s arm to reassure her.

Chi You knew how she performed, so she wasn’t overly concerned. However, Bo Yihong beside her took several deep breaths nervously.

Chi You glanced at him, “Are you okay?”

Bo Yihong approached with a troubled face and whispered, “I’m afraid that if I don’t perform well, they’ll start criticizing us from behind…”

The crew members were seated in the front rows, and behind them were the audience members who had secured seats. Watching alone and being publicly judged were somewhat different.

Chi You smiled lightly, “You did great. Relax.”

Bo Yihong said, “Okay.”

[Haha, I caught you gossiping! Both of you, stand up and loudly announce what you were just talking about!]

[Report to the teacher upstairs, they’re talking about love!]

[Bold upstairs! Dare to speak the truth?! Are you not afraid of death?!]

[Let’s also pay a little attention to the drama! These two treasures are playing lead roles for the first time, and I’m so nervous!]

[Don’t worry; it will definitely be great!]

Fifteen minutes later, the premiere officially began.

Following the majestic opening melody played by the guzheng, the camera cut in from above the palace, passing through several palace gates, and finally stopping at the Little Princess’s sleeping chamber. The camera slowly pushed forward, revealing the Little Princess in an exquisite pink dress, half-lying by the desk, holding a paper kite. An off-screen voice called out, “Princess,” and the Little Princess woke up, her innocent and drowsy eyes entering the frame.

Behind, some of the viewers couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement.

The premiere was very successful, as Chi You had expected. During the interview segment, Bo Yihong blushed when fans asked him questions, hiding behind He Xing for quite some time.

After the interview, there was a signing event. Chi You got delayed a bit, and after parting ways with the crew, she returned home. As soon as she entered the house, she noticed dark clouds looming outside the French windows.

The sky had already turned overcast when she went out in the afternoon.

It seemed… like it was going to rain.


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