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Two hours later, it started to rain cats and dogs.

The living room’s French windows were rattled by the rain, and looking up, the pitch-black clouds shrouded the sky, creating an inexplicable sense of unease.

Chi You’s phone emitted a soft sound.

She snapped out of her thoughts, turned away from the window, and saw that Gu Jingxu had replied to her message.

[I’ll come back late. Is there anything you want to eat?]

Chi You’s long eyelashes drooped, contemplating something. Instead of replying to the message, she made a phone call.

As expected, there was no answer.

The sound of rain persisted in her ears. Chi You sat on the sofa for two minutes, silently staring at the unmoving phone.

After a moment, the girl stood up. After changing into her shoes, she picked up the umbrella from the entrance and left the house.

Under the raging storm, there were almost no people outside the Gu Corporation building. The trees along the road swayed back and forth in the wind. When Chi You entered the company, her face was already wet with rain.

The receptionist recognized her immediately and fetched a towel, asking, “Why are you coming to the company at this time?”

Chi You’s lips moved, as if she wanted to say something, but she only dryly asked, “Is Mr. Gu here?”

The receptionist was momentarily surprised but quickly said, “Mr. Gu just went to attend a banquet.”

Without any surprise, Chi You nodded.

She stood up, and after a while, a puzzled voice came from behind, “Youyou?”

He Xing walked over a few steps, saying, “Why did you come to the company?”

Chi You turned to look at him, tightening her grip on the umbrella, “I’m here to find Gu Jingxu.”

He Xing approached and only noticed that she was wet. Frowning, he took tissues and handed them to her, “You’re looking for him now?”

Chi You took the tissues and squeezed them in her hand, “Yes.”

He Xing glanced at the rain outside, “I know where he is. Let me take you there.”

It was just a casual visit from He Xing. After dropping her off at the hotel’s ground floor, he jokingly suggested going back to have Gu Jingxu make ginger tea for her. Chuckling, she agreed.

Such banquets were usually not easy to enter without prior arrangements, but evidently, that day was a deliberately orchestrated day.

The supporting character successfully arrived at the banquet venue and, following the original plot, witnessed the two figures in the center of the hall locking eyes.

The tall man, with his head slightly bowed, was gazing at the woman in the white dress. He was handsome and imposing, while the woman exuded grace and beauty.

Despite the distance, Chi You couldn’t discern their expressions, but she noticed a faint smile on the woman’s lips.

Raindrops, not yet wiped away, trickled down her forehead, sending a chill through the spots they touched.

Even though she knew the reason, Chi You’s face turned pale.

Her body involuntarily took a step back, and she looked up again, peering through the crowd in the direction of the two.

Two seconds later, the girl turned and left.

The moment the girl’s figure disappeared, Gu Jingxu furrowed his brow.

Instinctively, he looked towards the entrance of the banquet hall.

There was no one there, just some scattered water marks, evidence that someone had lingered there just moments ago.

After sending the message to Chi You, Gu Jingxu and Assistant Wang attended a banquet.

In a rush for time, Gu Jingxu stopped for a moment after getting out of the car, observing the gradually gathering dark clouds in the sky. He then walked into the hotel.

Having attended many such banquets before, he sat in the usual central position in the hall and was immediately surrounded by several business partners he frequently collaborated with.

Gu Jingxu dealt with each one, but after a while, he felt that he couldn’t calm his mind.

He attributed it to not seeing Chi You for nearly a day; without her presence, he felt uneasy.

Turning his head to ask Assistant Wang to hand him the phone, a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“President Gu.”

The woman’s voice was gentle, carrying a hint of a smile.

Gu Jingxu didn’t recognize this voice; he furrowed his brows and turned his head. Seeing the woman in front of him, he said indifferently after a moment of thought, “Lin Xi.”

Lin Xi had an elegant and dignified appearance, and her eyes were very gentle. Hearing Gu Jingxu’s somewhat distant tone, she smiled faintly, “Long time no see.”

The last time they met was almost twenty years ago.

Over the years, if it weren’t for occasional interactions between Gu and Lin’s parents, he might not have had any contact with Lin Xi.

Gu Jingxu nodded slightly, “Hmm.”

Lin Xi took a step forward, lightly touching Gu Jingxu’s glass with the glass in her hand. The collision produced a crisp sound. Gu Jingxu withdrew his hand slightly, “Why are you here?”

Not sensing any desire for reunion from him, Lin Xi approached with a smile, “I’ve missed you a lot.”

Gu Jingxu raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

Lin Xi continued, “Of course, I’m here to inquire about President Gu’s thoughts. I’ve revised this plan several times to ensure your satisfaction.”

Gu Jingxu frowned slightly, “I’ve already rejected the collaboration.”

Lin Xi’s smile remained unchanged, “President Gu, you wouldn’t truly refuse an old acquaintance, would you?”

A touch of displeasure appeared between Gu Jingxu’s eyebrows.

He didn’t like others interfering too much with his decisions, especially when the plan had been revised multiple times and still didn’t meet his requirements.

The man’s face showed a hint of coldness, and the corners of his mouth slightly tightened with displeasure. He stared at Lin Xi without speaking.

Lin Xi smiled and locked eyes with him.


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