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After leaving the bathroom, the damp and sticky feeling dissipated somewhat. Chi You couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

Facing Gu Jingxu, she always ended up doing something unexpected.

After sitting down on the sofa and calming down a bit, she remembered that night was the grand finale of “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves”. She took out her phone to check the audience’s feedback.

Since its broadcast, “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves” had received almost no negative reviews. He Xing didn’t ask the scriptwriters for many changes. Although the general plot developments were known to the fans, it didn’t affect the viewership.

With two episodes aired that night, fans had already edited a promotional video for Chi You and Bao Yihong’s dramas.

The clips from both dramas, excluding the ending, showed the Princess and the General, childhood sweethearts, privately deciding to spend their lives together. The combined video had already reached the top three in terms of views on the video-sharing platform.

[1l: Hehe, if I haven’t watched the two dramas, I’ll be really fooled.]

[2l: My OTP didn’t get together in both dramas. He Xing, are you sleeping? I can’t sleep (smiling).]

[3l: Oh, the ending is most suitable for the Princess and the General, all for the sake of guarding the country…]

[238l: I cried so loudly. Clearly, they like each other, why can’t they be together? He Xing, have you considered the feelings of Hongyou CP fans?!]

In the grand finale of “Sailing Through a Thousand Waves”, the Princess ascended the throne, and the General went to the frontier. The two were in love but unable to be together.

The feedback on this ending was mixed. Chi You replied to some comments and then noticed an email from Yang Qirou.

A fan had sent her a message a while ago, sharing a promising script. However, she heard that the director had retired. Chi You, with the intention of giving it a try, informed Yang Qirou, who said she would handle it.

Along with the email, Yang Qirou’s message also arrived.

[The director said you can take a look at the script first. If you still want to act in it after reading it, he will consider.]

Chi You opened the email, but before she could read a couple of lines, she heard the bathroom door finally open.

The man, who had been hiding inside for a long time, walked out. Seeing Chi You sitting on the sofa, he approached slowly, sat down, and silently embraced her shoulders.

Chi You chuckled, saying, “Gu Jingxu, I didn’t say you could hug me.”

Gu Jingxu’s arm stiffened.


His arm slowly retracted, finally gripping a corner of Chi You’s bathrobe.

Half a month later, Chi You retweeted a Weibo post with only three likes.

Fans quickly liked the post, but when they belatedly checked the content, they were all astonished.

[1l: Chi You is going to film a movie?!!]

[2l: Ahhh, am I seeing things?!!]

[5l: I’m not familiar with this director’s name, but Baby is going to shoot a movie!!!]

[69l: My girl finally has a new job. How am I supposed to live without seeing you act? Waaah!]

Chi You replied to a few comments, and as she put her phone down, a hint of surprise flickered in her eyes.

The new movie she had taken on was directed by someone who had been silently unknown for over a decade. His films had caused a small splash, but more often than not, his scripts went unnoticed.

It wasn’t that his films were of poor quality.

After reading his script, Chi You had a subtle sense of excitement just from the story outline. After going through the complete script sent by Yang Qirou, her determination to take on the project only grew.

Director Wu didn’t have much influence in the industry. His previous films were niche, and if Chi You hadn’t taken an interest in his script, he might have faded away completely.

For half a month, they met almost every day, discussing script modifications, plot details, and Chi You actively participated.

However, she hadn’t paid attention to who the female lead, her co-actress, would be.

In just a few seconds, the woman was already standing in front of her. Seeing Chi You’s gaze on her face, Lin Xi raised her hand, ran her fingers through her long hair, and flashed an appropriate smile. “Hello.”

Chi You’s gaze remained unchanged as she also smiled back, “Hello.”

Lin Xi was meeting Chi You for the first time, but it wasn’t Chi You’s first encounter with her.

As the makeup artist worked on her, Chi You closed her eyes, feeling that this encounter was quite peculiar.

If Gu Jingxu knew that Lin Xi was her co-actress this time, what would he think?

Chi You was curious, so after finishing her makeup and waiting on the side, she took a picture of Lin Xi, who had also completed her makeup, and sent it to Gu Jingxu.

Without checking his response, Chi You stood up, ready to shoot the first scene.

Time was tight, and there was no time for the two female leads to get acquainted. Therefore, the first scene they shot was relatively simple – their initial meeting.

“Twins” was a script with two female leads.

The plot unfolded around two girls living in a dark alley in a bustling city.

In the damp and dirty alley, one day, an abandoned girl appeared.

The girl was only seventeen, still at the most innocent and pure age. However, on her seventeenth birthday, her parents abandoned her at the entrance of the alley.

Chi You played Rong Yafan, who had grown up in the alley since birth.

[“Who splashed dirty water in front of my door again?! Have some decency!”

“Why are you making such a fuss early in the morning?!”

A clamor erupted.

Rong Yafan, who had worked the night shift the previous night and had just returned home, was rudely awakened not even two hours later. Frowning in irritation, she grabbed an old book from beside her and threw it down from the second floor, shouting, “Shut the h-ll up!”

The neighbors’ voices subsided, but she couldn’t fall back asleep.


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