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Turning over in her bed, the narrow single bed was uncomfortable to sleep in, but it was her best refuge.

Unable to sleep, she decided to get up and read.

Currently self-studying for the college entrance exam, she was pressed for time. Besides working, she spent almost every moment studying.

Rong Yafan sat up, and for a moment, everything went black. She steadied herself on the bed, pulled out a book, and prepared to start reading, but her stomach was aching uncomfortably.

After about ten minutes, she went downstairs to buy breakfast.

The water in the alley rarely circulated, and the foul-smelling sewage collected there. The stench wafted beyond the entrance of the small alley.

But the people living there had long since become accustomed to it.

Eating a bun, Rong Yafan swiped through her less responsive phone. As she approached her building, she noticed a girl in a white dress sitting under a dilapidated building.

The buildings in the small alley had been standing for decades, never undergoing any renovations. They were rundown, and each household suffered whenever a strong wind or heavy rain hit.

The girl, dressed incongruously in a white dress, looked up at Rong Yafan as she walked by.

Rong Yafan glanced at her and, without saying a word, turned and went upstairs.]

When they first met, not a word was spoken, yet it seemed like a lot was communicated.

The first scene was executed perfectly, fully capturing the effect that Director Wu wanted. The entire crew officially commenced filming.

After finishing the morning scenes, Chi You got to know Lin Xi’s acting style to some extent.

She performed exceptionally well.

Innocent yet fearful, wanting to approach but being scared away by a mere gaze – every scene was portrayed brilliantly.

However, the two didn’t exchange many words after filming. Lin Xi was promptly taken away by her agent.

Chi You didn’t rush to find her phone. Instead, she went to discuss the morning scenes with Director Wu. When she returned to her car to have lunch, she overheard Yang Qiruo muttering, “… Seems like she didn’t eat lunch; her agent said she’s on a diet…”

Chi You furrowed her brows slightly, saying, “She’s already so thin, and she’s still dieting?”

Yang Qiruo sighed, “Some agents have strict requirements for their artists, but restricting them from eating is a bit too much.”

Chi You thought for a moment and decided to turn around to get another lunch box.

The investment in Director Wu’s project wasn’t as substantial as other productions, with He Chenran and Gu Jingxu being the main investors. However, the actors’ dressing rooms weren’t completely ready yet. So, Chi You went straight to Lin Xi’s car.

Carrying a lunch box in her hand, just as she was about to lightly knock on the window, the car door was suddenly pulled shut from the inside by Lin Xi’s manager, who had been hurriedly preparing a self-heating hot pot.

Chi You was momentarily stunned, then reached out and opened the door.

Inside, Lin Xi was frozen, holding a self-heating hot pot. She awkwardly flashed a dry smile at Chi You, and the deliberately gracious and gentle demeanor vanished. Blinking, she attempted to please Chi You, “What a coincidence, haha… do you want to eat?”

Looking at the self-heating hot pot placed beside her, Chi You blinked her eyes.


“Ah… it’s just that things are too strict in the country. I saw another female celebrity being criticized for eating too much before…”

Lin Xi sighed, took a bite of the lunchbox that Chi You brought over, swallowed, and continued, “I won’t get fat. I work out every day. Look at my muscles.”

As she spoke, she slightly rolled up her sleeves, revealing the beautiful muscle lines on her arms to Chi You.

Chi You found it somewhat amusing.

Although the manager said she shouldn’t eat on set, the fact that she was secretly eating in the car, Chi You might not have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

She pinched Lin Xi’s muscles with a smile, saying, “Impressive.”

Lin Xi laughed, “Right!”

When she laughed, two dimples appeared on her cheeks.

But usually, to maintain her public image, she had never laughed like this in front of the public, so many people didn’t know.

Perhaps feeling like they were already friends, Lin Xi, while eating, began to gossip, “I heard from Director Wu that you also thought the script was great, so you took it.”


“We’re quite similar, actually. I was interested in your role at first, but I can’t perform this type well. It’s just right to learn from you.”

Chi You glanced at her, “You did well. Characters like Tong Xinxue are actually the hardest to portray.”

Tong Xinxue was the other female lead in this movie.

Innocent and gentle roles were sometimes even more challenging to master.

Praised by Chi You, Lin Xi smiled with some joy.

The two managers on the side suddenly felt that the public personas of these two were somewhat opposite to their private selves.

After finishing the meal, Chi You found the makeup artist and asked her to cut off her hair.

The makeup artist, although not new to this kind of work, was still surprised. She touched Chi You’s soft long hair, asking, “Are you sure?”

Chi You nodded, “Wearing a wig wouldn’t be very appropriate.”

The makeup artist responded, “Okay.”

Gu Jingxu immediately replied upon seeing the message, but waited for a long time without getting a response from Chi You.

Restless in his office, every time he closed his eyes, he would recall the picture Chi You sent him.

The person in the picture wasn’t important; what mattered was why Chi You sent it to him.

Speculating on Chi You’s thoughts had always been the most challenging thing for him. Therefore, he stood up and left the office.

When he arrived at the film set, it was already half an hour later.

Seeing him coming over, Yang Qiruo was somewhat shocked because, in her opinion, the two of them hadn’t really reconciled yet… 

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