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Ji Lingbai lightly snorted inwardly at the sight, shaking his wings again. This little girl was quite clever.

Perhaps it was because the wounds on his back were healing, but it had been itching a lot lately, and he couldn’t scratch them.

Ji Lingbai walked up to San Wu and tapped her foot with his claw.

“Woof~ My back itches, give me a scratch!”

He arrogantly demanded, sounding fierce yet soft at the same time.

At first, San Wu ignored him, until Ji Lingbai’s wings were almost on fire with anger. Then, she casually picked him up.

She continued to stare at the door.

The woman was still lingering outside.

“Miss, if you really won’t take me in, then I’ll have no choice but to go and die.”

San Wu let out a cold laugh.

She tried to reason with them kindly, but they still sought death and trouble.

“Be my guest,” San Wu said and turned to leave.

“You damn thief, how dare you steal my stuff and run away?!” The sudden explosion of noise outside made San Wu raise her eyebrows.


San Wu grabbed Ji Lingbai tightly, who was lying comfortably on her, feeling warm and wanting to sleep.

She listened to the voice of the bearded man.

San Wu looked out through the peephole and saw the bearded man grabbing the woman by her hair and dragging her outside.

“You wench! We treated you so well, how do you repay us?” The bearded man slapped the woman hard across the face.

Kui Ku was anxious beside her, saying, “Master, she’s so pitiful, are we really not going to help her?”

San Wu glanced at the sunflower, whose petals were starting to flare up in agitation. She spoke, “Kui Ku, sometimes whether someone is pitiful or not isn’t just based on appearances.”

“What do you mean?” Kui Ku didn’t understand.

“You’ll understand as you continue watching,” San Wu said.

She then asked Kui Ku to stand behind the door, then called San Yi and Xiao San out as well.

She decided to open the door, watching the drama unfold outside with cold eyes.

The bearded man also saw San Wu coming out, but he didn’t have time to deal with her now.

He watched the woman, furious, then viciously kicked her in the chest.

“At that time, you were following a man who not only didn’t feed you properly but also beat you every day. Yet you came to us, saying that we three brothers are good people and wanted to serve us.”

“Have we treated you badly? We always made sure you were well-fed. Look at this world now, which woman is as well-fed as you?” The bearded man’s eyes were bloodshot.

From the moment San Wu first saw this woman, she knew she was doing relatively well.

She noticed that the other two men were as thin as a stick. Yet this woman was fair-skinned and plump. What did that prove? It meant that these three men never starved her.

In this world where food was more valuable than life, being able to eat a full meal meant that these three men treated her quite well.

“What? Now that you’ve encountered someone stronger, and a woman at that, do you think it’s better than serving us?” The bearded man’s expression was ferocious as he snatched her backpack.

“Or do you think this younger woman is easier to control? Dream on, I’ll kill you today!”

“Beard,” San Wu calmly interrupted him.

The woman had been beaten to a pulp. Seeing San Wu speak up, she suddenly lifted her head, pleading with teary eyes, “Miss, please save me. You saw it, they’ll kill me, Miss.”

San Wu ignored her, calmly stating, “If you want to fight or kill, go somewhere else. Don’t spill blood here, it will attract unwanted attention.”

The bearded man glared at her but didn’t retort. He put the woman onto his shoulder and turned back.

“No! I don’t want to go back with you!” The woman probably realized she wouldn’t fare well and began to hysterically lose control.

She looked at San Wu with resentment. “Why won’t you save me? You clearly have the ability to save me but you won’t! You ungrateful wench, you stand by and watch people die!”

Her answer was the door closing shut by San Wu.

Kui Ku tugged on leaves as she walked out from behind the door.

“You see,” Sanwu patted her head, now calm, “sometimes we shouldn’t believe everything others say. If she can steal from those three men to seek refuge with me today, tomorrow she could steal from us to seek refuge with someone stronger.”

That was San Wu’s fundamental reason for refusing to take her in.

San Wu returned to the clay stove and began to cut the meat, preparing to make stir-fried rabbit with vegetables and radish soup.

As she rolled up her sleeves, she heard Xiao San suddenly pointing at the fish pond and saying, “Fish! Fish!”

San Wu thought that she was referring to the two big crucian carp.

She smiled and said, “The crucian carp are quite big, aren’t they?”

San Yi couldn’t speak, and Ji Lingbai could understand her words but mostly he was asleep.

It was nice for Xiao San to have someone to talk to.

“No!” Xiao San seemed too excited, even rare words came out of her mouth, “Little fish!”

Little fish?

San Wu stood up in surprise and looked into the fish pond.

The two big crucian carp had surprisingly grown even bigger.

Along the edge of the pond, there were many small fish pecking at the wall, as if they were starving.

She knew her planted plants grew exceptionally fast, probably due to the purified water and soil.

But the fish she raised grew so quickly too?

“These… have they hatched? No! When did they lay eggs?”

“That’s not right.”

“When did they mate?”

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