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San Wu glanced at the four people opposite, drew out her kitchen knife used for cutting vegetables, turned around, and was about to chop down the man’s head.

“Wait!” The bearded man spoke up, unwillingly saying, “Let’s make a deal!”

Those who strike first must be prepared to be counterattacked. Moreover, San Wu knew that if she fell into their hands, her situation would be even more miserable.

Most of the time, a team would abandon those who lost the battle.

But sometimes they wouldn’t, and that was when a ‘deal’ was necessary.

“What do you have?” San Wu nudged the unconscious man with her toe. “There are four of you, a bit more than usual. You should thank me for helping you kill one less mouth to feed.”

The bearded man’s eyes turned red with anger.

Was she mocking him for mocking her for having fewer people but a larger place to stay?

She was truly a woman who seeked revenge for the slightest grievance.

But then again, in the apocalypse, could anyone who survived be considered kind-hearted? The bearded man, with a mixture of self-deprecation and anger, opened his backpack.

“A three-pound piece of meat for him.”

San Wu didn’t even blink, saying, “Three pieces.”

“Impossible!” The bearded man’s eyes were blazing, his voice suddenly rising.

San Wu swiftly turned around, ready to strike with her knife.

“Boss! Please, you can’t. Save my brother.” Another man who had hit the tree shouted hoarsely. They were brothers.

San Wu sneered inwardly. If the bearded man refused to save him, the other surviving brother would probably resent him, and then he would be alone… Hmm.

As the knife was about to strike down, San Wu didn’t even hesitate for a moment.

The moment they laid hands on her, it meant they provoked her.

“I agree!” The bearded man trembled as he took out three pieces of meat from his backpack and tossed them in front of San Wu.

San Wu picked up the meat and kicked the man back to his companions.

“Get out of my sight. Don’t let me catch you within a five hundred-meter radius.”

She still had to be wary if they were too close. They had already become enemies, and anyone with a bit of sense wouldn’t let these people stay nearby.

In this environment, it was like predator against predator.

Striking the opponent had to be quick and accurate. If the opponent was fierce, one had to be even fiercer, or else they would end up being devoured without a trace of bone left.

The bearded man gave her a deep look and left with his companions.

After San Wu closed the door, Luo Bo hopped to her feet.

“Go see where they’re staying,” San Wu patted her head. “When you come back, I’ll give you some delicious water to drink.”

Luo Bo happily jumped up and disappeared into the ground.

The small zombie grabbed her hand again, repeating, “Eat! Eat!”

San Wu weighed the meat in her hand, then said, “Alright, I’ll cook something tasty for you tonight.”

This was rabbit meat, right? The taste of rabbit meat in the fortress was better than pork, and now that there were no more plants, each livestock had evolved differently. Rabbits now survived by eating a type of large beetle, and they were twice the size of the rabbits from before.

It would be fragrant and oily when stir-fried. How about making a stir-fry and stew for dinner?

She patted the small zombie’s head, saying, “I’ll give you a name… Let’s call you Xiao San.”

Simple, easy to remember, and understandable. Not bad.

However, San Wu didn’t expect that when she started cooking in the evening, the door would suddenly knock.

Frowning, she looked out through the peephole.

The woman who had been with the three men during the day was standing at the door with a large bag on her back, her face pale and anxious.

San Wu didn’t open the door, but asked, “What’s the matter?”

Then she heard the woman’s trembling voice from outside, “Miss, please save me.”

Hearing that, San Wu remained calm.

“I can’t save you.”

The woman outside, her lips trembling with fear, said, “I’m not asking you to save me for nothing, Miss. I’ve brought a lot of supplies.”

Nervously, she glanced around to see if any zombies were approaching, while taking things out of her backpack.

“I have toothbrushes, toothpaste, some food, sausages!” She displayed each item in front of the peephole for San Wu to see. “And a few pieces of clothing. These are all hard-to-find items.”

San Wu raised an eyebrow.

Indeed, she didn’t have any of these things that the woman took out.

That toothbrush and toothpaste were tempting.

But San Wu still didn’t open the door.

The longer the woman stood outside, the more frightened she appeared, her speech becoming faster as if something was chasing her.

“Miss, you’re so powerful, we’re both women. I’m really forced to beg you!” She cried in a suppressed and desperate tone. “Those men forced me to stay with them.”

“I feel like I’m living in hell every day.”

Tears streamed down the woman’s face. “Miss, please save me. I can do laundry, cook for you, I can do many things.”

Beside her, Kui Ku leaned against San Wu and asked, “Should we let her in, Master? She seems so pitiful.”

San Wu remained unmoved, saying, “Kui Ku, just because someone cries loudly doesn’t mean they’re more pitiful.”

Ji Lingbai, awakened by the crying, sluggishly walked out, unfolding his snow-white wings behind him and shaking them.

He glanced at San Wu, curious about her decision.

“I advise you to leave quickly,” San Wu’s tone was indifferent. “This isn’t a shelter.”

During the daytime incident, they had instigated the trouble themselves, and they had already settled the score. If she were to take in this woman now, those three men would definitely not let it go, and it would be seen as her provoking them.

Moreover, she didn’t want to reveal her secret vegetable garden to a stranger yet.

“Don’t wait until the zombies outside hear the commotion and tear you apart.” San Wu not only didn’t open the door, but also added another lock to it.


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