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After all, when he was in the First Fortress, nobody dared to touch his food, so there was no need to eat quickly.

San Wu ate the fastest, eating as if she was in battle.

While they were enjoying their food, two men came out of the Eighteenth Fortress, grumbling as they walked.

“Damn unlucky. The high-level zombie that the young master specified must have been transferred somewhere by those rice-eating guys. Now we have to leave the fortress to find it,” the crew-cut haired guy scratched his head. “It’s not safe even at this late hour.”

The other man, with one arm missing, said in a low voice, “Jiang Tian, stop complaining. Attracting zombies wouldn’t be good. Besides, we’re both speed-based ability holders, so we learn the fastest.”

“Chen Yi, I don’t like what you’re saying. Just because we have the ability, we have to go out and take risks? If it weren’t for him being the son of the fortress lord, I wouldn’t bother with him, damn it! Acting all high and mighty, hiding in the fortress all the time, that coward!” Jiang Tian’s expression turned ugly at the mention.

But with the fortress under someone else’s control, they could only vent their frustration with a few words.

“Hey, there’s a fire over there, probably drifters. Let’s go check it out,” Jiang Tian noticed a faint light coming from a house not far away.

As both of them were high-level ability holders, they easily avoided the sluggish senses of the zombies at night and arrived at the door of the house.

“Open up.”

The three men were just getting ready to sleep when they were suddenly startled.

“Who’s there?”

The second and third men quickly grabbed their weapons.

It was unusual for someone to come uninvited at this time of night, and it usually meant trouble.

The woman lay on the ground bruised and battered, but her mind was still filled with resentment towards San Wu.

If that woman hadn’t refused to take her in, she wouldn’t have ended up in this situation.

“Open up, we’re from the Eighteen Fortress, we have no interest in you. Relax and open the door, or we’ll break it down,” Chen Yi, sneered.

Residents always had a natural sense of superiority when facing drifters, just like the homeowners of the past would look down on those who rented.

The big-bearded man opened the door, and the two men in front frowned as they asked, “Have you seen a high-level zombie nearby?”

The big-bearded man immediately thought of San Wu.

These two individuals in front clearly meant trouble, and they were from the fortress.

“I haven’t…” He was about to say that he hadn’t seen anything.

But the woman behind him, filled with resentment, shouted frantically, “Yes! That woman has a  high-level zombie!

“What did you say? What woman?” Jiang Tian pushed aside the big-bearded man in front of him, walked over, and lifted the woman with a smile. “Come on, since you know, you can lead the way.”

One of the woman’s legs had already been broken by the big-bearded man and was hanging at a strange angle.

“I, I’ll tell you where she lives, but my leg!” The woman screamed loudly, “I won’t go with you! I don’t want to!”

“Her voice is really annoying,” Jiang Tian turned to Chen Yi and said with a smile, “Cut out her tongue.”

The woman covered her mouth and struggled madly.

“What’s the point of cutting out her tongue if we need her to lead the way?” Chen Yi said expressionlessly. “We’ll do it after we’re done.”

The woman couldn’t imagine that these two men would actually take her with them.

“No, no, save me!” The woman desperately grabbed the hem of the bearded man’s pants. “I don’t want to go with them, save me!”

It was clear that there would be no good outcome.

If these two men won, they definitely wouldn’t care about her, and they might not even bother sending her back.

If these two men lost, San Wu would definitely kill her.

The big-bearded man looked at the woman coldly, as if he had never known her before.

After the woman was dragged out of the house, she wisely stopped shouting.

If a zombie heard her and ran over, she would be the first to die.

“Is that woman powerful?” Jiang Tian shook his wrist and asked.


“Be careful, she has two very powerful high-level zombies,” the woman said, trying to please and be cautious at the same time.

Jiang Tian frowned, saying, “Two high-level zombies? How did she manage to raise them?”

True experts in the fortress wouldn’t waste resources nurturing zombies.

But before the woman could answer, something seemed to trip beside their feet, causing them to stumble.

“Damn it! What’s this thing? Almost made me fall,” Jiang Tian cursed softly, looking down to see a dark object.

“A mutated earthworm?” He furrowed his brows. “How did it crawl up here?”


At this moment, in San Wu’s courtyard, Kui Ku’s voice exploded in her mind, “Master, Luo Bo said that someone is walking towards the courtyard, two men, with the woman who was here earlier.”

San Wu, who had already fallen asleep, immediately woke up and got up.

She brought San Yi and Xiao San downstairs with her.

She flipped over and leaped onto the wall. In the darkness, she could see two dark figures not far away in the moonlight.

San Wu squinted her eyes.

“Bringing that woman along, they’re up to no good.”

And if it was not the big-bearded guys, then was this woman’s new backer?


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