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“Luo Bo, go and listen to what they’re saying.”

Hearing that, Luo Bo quickly did what she said.

Kui Ku’s leaves tightened with tension. “Luo Bo said they’re talking about how you stole the zombie, and both the men are saying they’ll kill you.”

San Wu looked up at the moon, which was about to be obscured by clouds, her voice lightly dispersed in the wind, “Is that so? So it’s because of San Yi.”

“So that means it’s the Young Master’s people.”

“They’ve arrived much faster than I expected.” San Wu climbed down from the wall and opened the door. “The guests are already at the doorstep, let’s go greet them.”

Kui Ku was overjoyed. “Can I go too?”

Normally, San Wu wouldn’t let her wander outside.

“Of course.”

When San Wu stepped out, Jiang Tian was already getting impatient.

“Why is it taking so long? If you’re lying to us, I’ll break off your other foot too,” Chen Yi grabbed the woman’s hair and scolded her.

“It’s just up ahead, can’t you see the biggest villa in front? There’s a very large courtyard!”

The woman begged for mercy, her voice trembling. “There must be many good things in her house. You two must kill her.”

Chen Yi was about to speak when he suddenly heard a slight noise.

“Who goes there?!”

Just then, the bright moon was swallowed up entirely, leaving only the starlight insufficient to see their surroundings clearly.


The clear laughter of a child startled the three.

“A child?” Jiang Tian saw a short shadow in front of them.

In the next moment, he was pulled aside forcefully by Chen Yi, who had suddenly rushed over.

With a loud “boom”, the spot where he had just been standing was left with a deep pit from the punch.


Xiao San raised her head, and a corner of the moon peeked out in the sky. She had re-tied her pigtails.

The knots were tight, but the ends were swinging even more vigorously.

“It’s Xiao San ! It’s her…!” The woman’s eyes turned bloodshot as she screamed halfway, only to be interrupted by a sudden surge of power from below.

A thick radish suddenly burst out from the heavy ground, thrusting her whole body into the air.

A huge flower plate ignited into a blazing fire.

A powerful leaf punched the woman, sending her screaming ten meters away.

“Damn it! With such a loud noise, those zombies will gather here soon.”

“Who’s there?” Chen Yi’s expression tensed.

“You came to find me, and you’re asking who’s there? Isn’t that a bit ridiculous?”

Following the voice, the two looked up and saw a woman standing at the entrance of a solitary villa.

What was beside her?

A sunflower burning with flames?

“A plant-based ability holder? No, an edible plant-based ability holder?” Jiang Tian began to retreat. “Damn it, that woman with the broken leg tricked us!”

As a plant-based ability holder, along with two high-level zombies, they shouldn’t have come.

They needed to quickly report back to the stronghold and then capture this woman to use her for breeding plants for the rest of her life.


“I just greeted you, and you’re leaving already? How about coming in for a cup of tea?” San Wu sneered. “Little zombies, attack!”

If these two went back to the stronghold and reported, she would face the Young Master’s siege.

It would be easy for the two speed ability holders to run away, but unfortunately… San Wu’s speed was not inferior to theirs.

“Play!” Xiao San caught up with Jiang Tian and almost smashed his head with a slap.

“Chen Yi, summon that thing.” Jiang Tian trembled in fear. “Be subtle, catching that woman and those two zombies won’t be a problem.”

Their levels weren’t the highest cards they had brought this time.

Chen Yi also knew it was not the time to hide. He flicked his wrist, and a black thumb-sized snake crawled out of his sleeve, darting towards San Wu like an arrow.

This was a high-level mutated snake, tamed by a big shot in the stronghold for their survival.

It was nighttime, so these people definitely wouldn’t notice.

Indeed, San Wu standing at the doorway didn’t notice.

But just as the black snake was about to reach her, disturbed from his rest, Ji Lingbai, who had been relaxing and emanating a low pressure, effortlessly leaped onto the wall.

Under the faint moonlight, the shadow cast by the elegant cat elongated slowly.

Long, straight legs extended upwards, defined by the belt around his waist.

Wings spread behind him, with icy anger swirling in his silver eyes.

He stood behind San Wu, mouth open, staring at the frozen black snake.

Without a sound, he uttered, “Reptile.”

“Get lost!”

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