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In the midst of the audience, while some fans were thrilled by the sudden turn of events, others were discussing the plot.

However, Ruan Qiu’s confession left Xue Wu unfazed.

He thought to himself that since the commander of the Imperial Guards could be bought over by her, then perhaps Bai Jinyao might not necessarily be on the Emperor’s side.

Xue Wu glanced at Ruan Qiu, then smiled and nodded, “Yes, I understand.”

Ruan Qiu blinked in surprise.

“I don’t mind,” Xue Wu leaned closer to Ruan Qiu, breaking the safe distance between them, allowing only himself to fill her gaze. “Whatever you want to do to me is fine.”

As long as it’s you.

For a man like him, half-rotten in the soil, only crows would keep him company, waiting to devour his flesh after death. He never dared to hope for anything more. Yet Ruan Qiu abruptly arrived at his grave, forcibly opening his coffin, pulling him out into the sunlight, telling him to live well.

Even if their initial encounter was a misunderstanding, he wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to be close to Ruan Qiu.

If only sunlight could approach him on its own…

The thought made Xue Wu’s whole body flush with heat, his soul trembling uncontrollably. The gaze he cast upon Ruan Qiu grew even deeper.

His desire for destruction had gradually dissipated, replaced by possessiveness. Xue Wu resisted the urge to drag sunlight into his own grave, waiting for Ruan Qiu’s response.

Ruan Qiu hesitated for a moment, then whispered, “I don’t mind, either.”

[“I don’t mind,” “Whatever you want to do to me is fine”. Two more lines to add to the Xue-Ruan CP.]

[Tsk, tsk, he’s fallen hard.]

[How can he be so smooth? It’s amazing! My CP hasn’t sunk! (Tears)]

[Can Ruan Qiu bear this? Xue Wu said “whatever you want to do to me is fine”! Hurry up and make your move on him!]

[They’re both on the same bed now, I don’t care, they’ve hooked up!]

With her lips slightly parted, Ruan Qiu couldn’t quite resist Xue Wu’s intense gaze. Tilting her head slightly, she whispered, “I won’t let you die.”

Ruan Qiu wondered why it was so hard to play along.

Wasn’t Xue Wu supposed to be experienced? Didn’t he know how to flirt properly?

Xue Wu’s breath caught in his throat.

He wasn’t sure which “death” Ruan Qiu was referring to, whether it was him being eliminated as the Emperor in the show, or his actual death in reality. But for a moment, he felt like he was submerged in hot water, his frozen limbs thawing out, and his heart rate reaching its limit.

He would wait until she fell into the web he had woven, until she willingly surrendered her heart.

“Okay,” Xue Wu chuckled softly, “I’ll remember.”

[“I won’t let you die”. If this isn’t love!!]

[Who else is having a field day with this CP? Oh, it’s just me, hahaha]

[Thanks to Xue Wu and Ruan Qiu, they’re giving us sugar even in the most anguishing scripts, sobbing]

Ruan Qiu felt her face flush. She changed the subject, mentioning the task at hand, “I want to go find Empress Wan. What about you?”

“Perfect, I was thinking the same thing,” Xue Wu said, pulling out the antidote the physicians had prepared earlier. “This is the antidote that will wake Empress Wan up. Shall we?”

While the barrage of comments from fans continued, directly ignoring the fact that Empress Wan was now Xue Wu’s legitimate wife, Ruan Qiu spotted Bai Jinyao approaching from a distance.

With Zhou Ping already gone with the medicine for the Empress, and Bai Jinyao having met with the Crown Prince Jiang Yan, she was about to leave when she ran into Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu.

Bai Jinyao quickly bowed in respect, listening to Ru’an Qiu’s words, “Leader Bai, choices are important.”

Ruan Qiu smiled at her and said, “Make the right choice, it can save your life. We are all serving the Emperor. I believe Leader Bai understands the meaning of loyalty to the monarch better than I do. Don’t take the wrong path, but if you do, come back in time.”

Bai Jinyao widened her eyes, not understanding how Ruan Qiu had discovered her hidden identity.

She never thought Ruan Qiu was deceiving her. The memory of Ruan Qiu single-handedly defeating two opponents was too deep for Bai Jinyao. She had already labeled Ruan Qiu as “very formidable” in her mind. Upon hearing her words, she quickly responded, “I understand.”

She decided to continue aligning herself with the current Emperor. Getting the throne and such was too risky; she might easily be eliminated again, just like last time.

Bai Jinyao recalled Ruan Qiu’s words from earlier and couldn’t help but glance at her, wanting to ask how she knew, what clues she had found. But she refrained from speaking, watching as Ruan Qiu and Xue Wu walked away.

[I have a question. Suddenly, I feel like this pair is also great to ship… The ruthless and crafty tyrant × the innocent little white flower?]

[Whoa, not sure if I can get onboard with that.]

[Is Ru’an Qiu really not hinting at anything? I always feel like there’s more to her words, like she’s telling Bai Jinyao not to hang out with Cheng Tianya anymore.]

[Are Ruan Qiu’s fans annoying or what? Bai Jinyao didn’t do anything wrong, why are you dragging her?]

[Sister Ruan is so domineering, I love it.]


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