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Ruan Qiu didn’t actually want to get too involved with the female lead.

Because in the Infinite Flow world, every person had a complete background story, just like an independent novel. And every novel inevitably had a protagonist, supporting characters, cannon fodders, and nameless passersby.

The protagonist, because of bearing the protagonist’s halo, would successfully survive and become the NPCs they encountered. Meanwhile, supporting characters and cannon fodders would mostly be killed by monsters, pushing the plot forward.

Among all the characters, the safest ones were the passersby.

They lingered on the edges of the story, never intersecting with the protagonist, never directly encountering monsters, and certainly not touching the core of the story. They just quietly stayed in unnoticed corners, waiting for the ups and downs of the story to end, continuing to live peacefully and safely.

… It was great to be a passerby!!

Ruan Qiu couldn’t help but clench her fists, inwardly sighing that if it weren’t for being forced to participate in this romance reality show, she wouldn’t have to interact with Bai Jinyao because of the plot’s needs. She would definitely not talk to Bai Jinyao otherwise.

She hoped that Bai Jinyao wouldn’t come looking for her in real life either. It would be best if they could just coexist peacefully like this.

While Ruan Qiu was lamenting to herself, on the other side, Zhou Ping had already returned to the Empress Dowager’s chamber with the medicine.

She entered the chamber, bowed to Qin Shuangyu and Ye Xingyu, then said to the Empress Dowager, “Empress Dowager, here is tonight’s medicine.”

Qin Shuangyu smiled and said, “Ping’er is still so considerate. How is His Majesty’s condition?”

Zhou Ping had encountered a palace maid arranged by the director on her way and learned about the current situation from her. With a somewhat solemn expression, she said to Qin Shuangyu, “According to His Majesty’s condition, although he is safe for now, he is aware that he has been poisoned. The physicians are working on an antidote.”

Qin Shuangyu frowned and waved her hand, saying, “Let’s not worry about it for now. He won’t cause any trouble. Just administer the antidote once it’s ready.”

She then turned to Ye Xingyu and said, “Xingyu, the matter between you and the Prince was just a temporary measure. How could I bear to send you to a foreign land? You’re not angry with me, are you?”

Could Ye Xingyu say that he was angry? He hurriedly shook his head and said, “Of course not, Your Majesty, please rest assured.”

“It’s good that you’re not angry.” Qin Shuangyu smiled at Zhou Ping, saying, “Ping’er, take Xingyu to rest.”

So Ye Xingyu got up and followed Zhou Ping to the back.

They walked through the long corridors, and the camera followed suit. Just when there were no more palace maids around and it was all quiet, Zhou Ping suddenly spoke, “Princess Xingyu.”

“The poison that Princess Xingyu administered to the Empress Dowager has already started to take effect. Soon, the Empress Dowager will faint and be unable to control the situation.” Zhou Ping’s expression was excited as she lowered her voice, “By then, Princess Xingyu and the Fourth Prince will be able to manipulate the Crown Prince’s Translatority!”

“From then on, the Empress Dowager won’t be able to control Princess Xingyu at will, and Princess Xingyu can return to the Fourth Prince’s side.” Zhou Ping looked at Ye Xingyu, who was already dumbfounded, saying, “Congratulations, Princess!”

Ye Xingyu: “??”

Wait a minute, wasn’t he on the Empress Dowager’s side? Why would he poison her? And where did the Crown Prince come from?

[Oh? Why are there two of me in front of the screen? Oh, I see, I’ve split apart.]

[I’m almost going crazy. What kind of amazing script is this?]

[So, the Fourth Prince indeed wants to be the Emperor himself. Jiang Yan is just a puppet Emperor like Xue Wu.]

[Wow, so many people want to be the Emperor. The competition for the throne is intense, isn’t it? Hahaha.]

Seeing Ye Xingyu’s bewildered expression, Zhou Ping couldn’t help but smirk, knowing that he probably hadn’t found any relevant clues. She could only continue speaking and explain the identity of the Crown Prince and the Fourth Prince’s true plan to the guests for the third time that night.

“So, uh,” Ye Xingyu asked in a daze, “the assassination tonight was arranged by the Fourth Prince?”

“Yes. But the Prince only arranged for the eunuch to administer the poison. The maid with the knife was directed by Eunuch Ruan to stage a scene to gain the Emperor’s trust.”

“What?!” Ye Xingyu was shocked, asking, “Ruan Qiu isn’t on the same side as Xue Wu?”

After calming down for a moment, he asked Zhou Ping with a complicated mood, “The Prince is planning to act tonight?”

“Yes.” Zhou Ping nodded again, and continued to say, “So, Princess, please quietly leave the palace. The Fourth Prince and the Crown Prince are waiting for you.”

Ye Xingyu, feeling dizzy, followed Zhou Ping out of the Empress Dowager’s chamber, heading towards an unfamiliar direction.

[So, Ruan Qiu guessed correctly… Next time, the director should give Ruan Qiu a better role. I want to see her dominate.]

[My friends, I’ve figured it out. This isn’t a villainous plot, it’s an all-two-faced-people plot!]

[Think about it, even though Ruan Qiu is currently on the same side as Xue Wu, she appeared to be on the Emperor’s side before. She also had connections with the Empress Dowager. In reality, she belongs to no one.]

[Qi Yingying appears to be on the Empress Dowager’s side, but in reality, she’s on the Emperor’s side.]

[Bai Jinyao appears to be on the Emperor’s side, but in reality, she’s on the Crown Prince’s side.]

[Jiang Yan appears to be on the Empress Dowager’s side, but in reality, she’s colluding with the Fourth Prince.]

[Ye Xingyu appears to be on the Empress Dowager’s side, but in reality, he’s with the Fourth Prince.]

[Only Xue Wu and the Empress Dowager were injured in this world.]

[The ultimate double-agent is Zhou Ping! Why do I feel like Zhou Ping is the protagonist of this episode…]

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