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San Wu felt her ability rapidly depleting; it lasted only three minutes, and her ability completely drained.

And Jiang Tian and Chen Yibi also fainted.

She sat on the ground, lifting her head to meet Ji Lingbai’s surprised eyes.

They were round and somewhat cute.

“These two probably won’t wake up until tomorrow,” San Wu chuckled, lightly kicking Jiang Tian.

She wasn’t afraid of them turning on her when they woke up.

After confirming she could truly cleanse the zombie virus in others, she felt her safety had increased significantly.

In a great mood, San Wu went off to her beloved vegetable garden to see what new crops had sprouted.

But when she arrived, she was dumbfounded.

Wait, what?

Something was not right!

What was with this huge display of pink? Right next to a small patch of radishes, a large cluster of pink roses was blooming.

The pink was strikingly delicate, and the air was filled with a charming fragrance.

Ji Lingbai shook his ears. He hadn’t seen roses in ten years… Girls would definitely like them.

Ji Lingbai stared at San Wu.

Didn’t this little girl look dumbfounded?

San Wu, with a dumbfounded look, took a deep breath, then suddenly slammed a shovel onto the roses.

“You damn!”

“I can’t eat it or use it!”

“What’s the use of it?!”


Chapter 17: Are You There? 


Ji Lingbai: “…”. Women’s hearts were like needles in the sea.

San Wu, angry, raised her hand and slapped one of the roses hard. But to her surprise, when her hand came down, she saw the stamen of the rose in front of her suddenly twist into the shape of a mouth.

Before San Wu could react, the mouth puffed out a breath.

Then, a plaintive singing voice emanated from that mouth, “Oh little cabbage, in the field so desolate, at two or three years old, without a mother…”

Ji Lingbai: “…”. This flower actually mutated.

San Wu felt her vision darken with anger.

The sunflower mutated and could fight.

The radish could gather information.

And now this flower…!

She sneered, raising the knife in her hand. “Useless mutant plants should be cut down to make room for more sunflowers.”

Kui Ku nodded beside the flower bed.

The master was right!

Useless little plants should be chopped up and juiced!

Thinking of the green juice San Wu made for her and Luo Bo the previous day, Kui Ku couldn’t help but salivate. That stuff was better than water, making every root on her body tremble with pleasure.

The flames in the flower bed grew stronger, and its strength increased.

Luo Bo, which had been buried in the soil, also emerged and stared at the roses, drooling.

Under the intense gaze of these plants, the rose began to tremble all over.

Just as the light was about to fall on it, the dismal tune finally changed.

“There will be rain tonight, heavy rain!” Perhaps sensing the threat, the rose’s voice became sharp.

San Wu raised her eyebrows, staring at it.

“Is that true?”

“There will be rain tonight, heavy rain!” It repeated, something a normal rose couldn’t do.

The music box might be useless, but a makeshift weather forecast was somewhat acceptable.

“Fine, if it doesn’t rain tonight, I’ll chop you down.”

San Wu put away the knife, but she couldn’t help but glance regretfully at the large piece of land occupied by the roses. It was quite spacious; she could plant a lot of radishes there.

“Hmm?” San Wu was lamenting when she caught sight of something red behind the roses.

She pushed aside the leaves and found a whole patch of red chili peppers.

Even though the chili peppers grown now were different from before, doubling in size, they still retained their pointed shape, with long strings hanging heavily from the branches, densely packed together, bringing joy to anyone who saw them.

Sanwu immediately smiled, “There are actually chili peppers, that’s great, saves me the trouble of searching.”

She had planned to exchange something for some seeds again, as she had already used half of the seeds she got before.

San Wu picked one and took a bite, and her whole face immediately turned red from the spiciness.

“Tastes great!” 

It was so spicy; a little of it added to grilled fish or stewed meat would be perfect for removing the smell.

When Ji Lingbai heard it was chili pepper, he walked over with cat-like steps to take a look.

It was actually chili pepper!

“Let’s make hot pot tonight… No, we need meat.”

Ji Lingbai remembered the taste of hot pot and began to consider whether to go out himself to catch some mutated beasts for meat.

However, San Wu turned around and smiled at the two still behind her.

When Jiang Tian and Chen Yi woke up, they felt weak all over and dizzy.

Three seconds later, Jiang Tian sat up abruptly, ignoring the pain all over his body. When he saw San Wu, his face turned pale with fear.

“Why… Why are we still alive?”

He clearly remembered being bitten several times.

Why weren’t they infected?

Chen Yi tightly pressed his lips together, his eyes on San Wu filled with deep fear.

Unknown people and things always made people shudder.

“Why you’re not infected is not obvious?” San Wu sat on the opposite chair, Ji Lingbai disdainfully kept his paws on the ground, then jumped into San Wu’s arms.

Jiang Tian glanced at the cat lying in San Wu’s arms and couldn’t help but shrink back.

He had seen it standing on the wall when the black snake escaped.

“I saved you,” San Wu smiled and said.

Jiang Tian couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth. What did she mean she saved them? She was the one trying to kill them!

“Can you solve the infection?” Chen Yi suddenly realized, his voice trembling with shock.

“I wish I could.” San Wu chuckled lightly. “Then wouldn’t I be able to save the world?”

Just dealing with these two who weren’t deeply infected had drained her power and she hadn’t recovered yet.

Beside them, Jiang Tian calmed down, then hesitantly, with a trembling hand and a pale face, pointed at San Wu’s vegetable garden. “This, this, this, this… this is actually vegetables! This woman can actually grow vegetables!”

Kui Ku shook her leaves disdainfully beside him. Wasn’t it just her master’s vegetable garden?

So ignorant!

After glancing around, Jiang Tian suddenly smiled at San Wu, saying, “Yes, yes, yes, thank you for saving us.”

“From today on, you are our benefactor!”

He said with conviction, while San Wu just kept smiling at him without saying a word.

Jiang Tian and Chen Yi glanced at each other and continued, “This whole thing was a misunderstanding; we were also misled by that woman.”

Jiang Tian’s gaze fell on San Yi.

Whether or not they knew if that one was the zombie the Young Master had requested didn’t matter. They just needed something to take back and report. They could deceive this woman first and then return to the fortress.

“Young lady, we don’t have much to repay you with right now. How about this, you come with us to the Eighteenth Fortress. At the very least, it will give us a chance to thank you together, right?”

Ji Lingbai raised his eyes. These two were treating others like fools.

San Wu had revealed so many abilities; could she really come out of the Eighteenth Fortress unscathed?

“You haven’t been to our fortress, have you? It’s much better inside than outside,” Jiang Tian said excitedly, spraying saliva as he spoke.

Those living outside must all aspire to live inside the fortress.

“There are countless meat and resources inside. With your abilities, you’ll definitely be valued once you enter the fortress.” 

They would definitely be quickly captured and locked away to work for them!

“We have some connections inside the fortress. It’s no problem for us to get you an identity as a resident, and everyone will take care of you.” Let everyone give this b*stard a good lesson!

“Oh, and the houses allocated to ability holders in the fortress are especially good, with electricity. In the evening, the area where ability holders live is brightly lit.”


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