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“Yeah, there’s electricity in the fortress, and in the area where ability holders live, it’s brightly lit at night,” Sanwu added slowly, “There’s also a place in the fortress called the Lower District, do you know about it?”

Jiang Tian and Chen Yi froze.

“You probably don’t know about it. In the Lower District, there’s no electricity, and the food is inadequate.”

“Anything captured has to be handed over, and during the harsh winters and scorching summers, there are so many people who starve to death they could pile up into a small hill.”

“If a woman catches the eye of an ability holder, she becomes a slave, either dying on the bed or living a fate worse than death.”

Jiang Tian broke out in a cold sweat, asking, “How do you know this?”

San Wu’s sharp knife twirled in her hand. “Because I came out of that fortress.”

She stood up and immediately reached out to press Jiang Tian and Chen Yi’s heads down onto the ground.

San Wu looked down at the two of them, her voice cold, “I wonder how the Young Master in the fortress is doing now?”

“My companion Ah Si died at the hands of that Young Master years ago.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Tian’s face really lost all color.

They were done for.

This time, they were going to be killed because of that useless coward.

In the next moment, Jiang Tian felt a cold hand gripping his neck, as if it was about to break it.

Jiang Tian couldn’t help but tremble.

If he had died earlier, it would have been fine, but now he could live!

He was very afraid of dying.


“Don’t be nervous, I’m keeping you for a reason.” San Wu pinched the back of his neck. 

Jiang Tian couldn’t see it himself, but there was a piece of rotten flesh on the back of his neck, festering.

This was evidence that the zombie virus hadn’t completely cleared, and San Wu had no intention of cleaning it up for him.

“I need two pairs of eyes in the Eighteenth Fortress.” San Wu chuckled lightly. “Can you understand what I mean?”

Jiang Tian nodded vigorously. “I understand, I… I and Chen Yi will be yours from now on.” 

Bah! This little girl was really easy to fool, they should return to the fortress first.

“Remember what you said today. If there’s any movement in the fortress, especially from the Young Master, you must inform me, understand?”

Both nodded together.

San Wu didn’t care what they were thinking.

“Oh, by the way, didn’t you say I owe you a debt of gratitude? I’ll give you a chance to repay it.”

“I’m about to cook, and I need some meat. Get me ten pounds of fresh meat, any kind will do. Also, two live chickens, two ducks, one male and one female each.”

“Bring some daily necessities too, toothpaste and toothbrushes are a must, also salt and oil. And bring some girls’ clothes as well.”

Jiang Tian and Chen Yi: “…”. This woman must not have woken up yet.

When they return to the fortress, who would bother with her?

Not only would they ignore her, but they would also bring people over to take her home and torture her to vent their anger.

After San Wu relaxed, the two of them left in a hurry.

Kui Ku and the others were very worried.

“Master, what if these two don’t come back? What if they bring more people over?”

San Wu happily picked chili peppers while saying, “No, they won’t. The faster they run when they leave, the more anxious they’ll be when they come back.”

Jiang Tian and Chen Yi began to sneer as they ran out.

“She still wants us to do things for her? Is this woman insane?”

“Once we catch her, we’ll throw her into the slave den to make our brothers happy first. Then we’ll lock her up and let the research team take samples. Both of us brothers will have made a great contribution,” Jiang Tian said happily.

But suddenly, Chen Yi looked at him in horror, saying, “Jiang Tian, your… your eyes…”

Jiang Tian also noticed Chen Yi’s eyes.

A murky white color was beginning to show through.

They were turning into zombies!

“What should we do? If the people in the fortress find out, they’ll kill us,” Chen Yi said in despair.

Jiang Tian’s heart was pounding violently as he gritted his teeth and said harshly, “It must be that woman! We have to go back.”

Chen Yi looked worried, saying, “But if we go back empty-handed, will that woman care about us?”

Jiang Tian: “…”

The three men didn’t wait for the woman to return; they only heard continuous cries of agony.

The Second Brother swallowed nervously and asked, “Big brother, should we… go check on that woman? Maybe there are some good things left behind. Even if there aren’t, we could still move into her house, right?”

The three brothers felt that San Wu’s body must be cold by now.

“Well, it’s worth a try,” the bearded man muttered.

If they died, they died. In this era, who could escape death?

The three brothers quietly walked outside. Before they reached the door, they saw Jiang Tian and Chen Yi hurrying toward them with bundles of things in their hands.

“Wha… what should we do, big brother?!” The Third Brother trembled at the sight of these two. “Did they kill that woman? Are they going to kill us now to silence us?”

But these two simply bypassed them and nervously knocked on San Wu’s door.

With a disdainful expression on his face, Jiang Tian, who was sweating profusely, pinched his throat and said, “Miss… no, Madam, are you still there?”

His fawning demeanor and tone were like those of a sycophantic lackey from ancient times!

“Madam, we’ve brought you some gifts. Please open the door, Madam.”

The three men stared wide-eyed.

Had these two been possessed by ghosts?

But no one dared to ask them what was wrong.


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