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Jiang Tian and Chen Yi were even less concerned with them. They could feel their heartbeats accelerating, to the point of being beyond normal human range. The stench of death was also gradually emanating from their bodies.

San Wu left them hanging for a while before allowing Kui Ku to open the door.

Seeing the two outside carrying bundles of items, San Wu smiled and said, “You came so quickly. I noticed you were sweating, but I wasn’t in a hurry.”

Jiang Tian and Chen Yi swallowed a mouthful of old blood. They were in a hurry!

Chen Yi trembled all over and couldn’t hold back anymore. “Madam, can you help us clear the virus? Please? It’s getting late.”

His tongue was slowly stiffening.

In less than three minutes, he probably wouldn’t be able to speak anymore.

“Quack, quack!”

The two ducks Chen Yi was carrying began to quack restlessly.

San Wu gestured for them to put everything down and motioned for the two to come closer.

Jiang Tian and Chen Yi hurried over.

Although they hated the woman in their hearts, they wore grateful expressions on their faces.

The three men could only watch from a distance as the door remained tightly shut.

“What’s going on with that woman?” The Third Brother shivered. “It’s so scary. How could the high-level ability holder of the fortress listen to her?”

The Second Brother remained silent, lost in thought.

After contemplating for a while, the bearded man spoke up, “Whatever happened, we can’t afford to offend her in the future. If possible, we should try to get closer to her.”

The Second Brother was startled and turned around incredulously. “Big Brother, are you suggesting…?”

The bearded man nodded. “Although we came for the recruitment activity at the Eighteenth Fortress this time, the chances of us being selected are very slim with just the three of us.”

“This woman isn’t the kind who has no bottom line. We can try to temporarily cooperate with her.”

Even in the post-apocalyptic world where everyone was wary of each other, temporary cooperation was common. But even in temporary alliances, one had to choose their teammates carefully, or they might end up like the previous woman, stabbed in the back without knowing it.

“She might not agree to cooperate with us.”

The Second Brother swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “But if she knows the conditions offered by the Eighteenth Fortress for participants this time, she’ll probably be tempted.”

The Third Brother also looked excited, saying, “Yeah, I heard they finally managed to produce hydroponic bean sprouts. Everyone who participates, regardless of whether they’re successfully selected, will get a share of bean sprouts.”

Not to mention that water resources were scarce, and hydroponic cultivation with the current drinking water wouldn’t succeed. It took the research team a long time to succeed.

There were not many beans left.

But it could be imagined how precious a handful of bean sprouts was.

They hadn’t eaten vegetables for ten years.

Thinking about the taste of bean sprouts, the three brothers couldn’t help but swallow their saliva.

In the small courtyard, Jiang Tian and Chen Yi, who were treated temporarily from the zombie virus, stared blankly at the hotpot emitting a strong fragrance.

The meat they brought was shaved off the bones and cooked into a large pot of bone broth.

What were those red things floating inside?

Chili peppers?

They had only seen vegetables before, but San Wu even had chili peppers?

Kui Ku happily pulled out several radishes, washed them clean, and cut them into small pieces to throw into the pot to cook.

Just now, it quietly tasted a bit of this thing called “hotpot soup” with her own roots.

The taste was exceptionally good!

San Wu washed a lot of vegetables and stacked them into a small mountain in the basket.

The vibrant green color of the vegetables was so eye-catching. Perhaps because of the disappearance of vegetables, green became the most beautiful and popular color in the world.

Jiang Tian and Chen Yibi couldn’t help but swallow hard as they smelled the tantalizing aroma wafting over.

So many vegetables in one go!

What a waste!

But obviously, San Wu had no intention of inviting them to eat together.

She watched the rich broth boiling and bubbling, emitting a fragrant aroma, then bursting open again.

The slices of meat didn’t need to be cooked too long. They were immediately scooped up and eaten. 

Even Ji Lingbai, who usually ate slowly, was eating faster that day.

As soon as Kui Ku finished eating, she anxiously tiptoed and asked Sanwu to give her some more.

Seeing Jiang Tian and Chen Yi, who were practically drooling, Ji Lingbai felt that the food in his bowl suddenly became even more delicious.

He sat upright, but the tail constantly winding around San Wu’s wrist fully revealed his anxiousness to eat more meat at the moment.

“Got it, I’ll serve you after Kui Ku finishes eating,” San Wu reassured, patting his tail.

Ji Lingbai wasn’t happy. Why wasn’t he the first one served?

Once they couldn’t eat anymore, San Wu turned to look at Jiang Tian.

“I can’t completely clear the virus for you in one go. Come find me every three days from now on.”

“Of course, if you want to talk about what you’ve seen today, that’s fine too.”

“I can always pack up and leave, but you two… will have to die. Understand?”

Both nodded quickly.

What could they do, feeling bitter in their hearts? Their lives were in her hands.

No wonder San Wu had been so confident before. They had thought she was foolish, but in fact, they were the foolish ones.

“If there’s any important news from the fortress, you must bring it to me. Oh, and if you can get your hands on some seeds, bring them to me too,” San Wu said with a smile. “After all, using my ability to clear the virus every time is quite tiring.”

In other words, don’t come empty-handed, or it’s better to stay outside and die.


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