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“Eat more, eat more,” San Wu stroked the heads of the mother duck and mother hen. “If you lay more eggs, I’ll let you taste the flavor of vegetables.”

The vegetables she had planted first were already flowering. She planned to keep these flowering ones for seed.

The radishes were the same. Their yellow and white flowers intertwined… San Wu thought they were much prettier than the useless roses!

San Wu brought out a flat pan that served as her kitchen and brushed the bottom with the meat oil given to her by Jiang Tian, which was quite expensive in the fortress.

She cut a few slits on the surface of the fish. When she placed them in the pan, the fish immediately made a sizzling sound.

It had been a long time since she had grilled fish, and she couldn’t even remember what it tasted like.

She sprinkled ground chili powder and salt on the fish. The fish took on a light red hue, and the outer layer of the fish was fried to a crispy texture along with the oil.

San Wu used chopsticks to pick up a piece of fish, her eyes lighting up immediately.

Indeed, chili powder was best used for grilling.

San Yi and Xiao San didn’t need to spit out the thorns. They ate the fish heads along with the rest of the fish.

Beside the grilled fish was a pot of fish soup, slightly spicy to ward off the cold. After one sip, San Wu didn’t feel like doing anything else.

“Are we really not leaving anything for Xiao Bai?” Kui Ku asked as she drank her soup.

“Xiao Bai!” Xiao San held her bowl, also looking up at Sanwu.

“If we’re leaving something for him, then you two have to eat less,” San Wu said with a playful smile, staring at the two of them.

Kui Ku immediately lowered her head, saying, “Pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Xiao San shook her head frantically. “No! No!”

San Wu felt no guilt whatsoever. The joy of a secret meal was what made it delicious.

Just as San Wu was about to take the last sip of fish soup with devout reverence, there was a deafening explosion, and she spilled the entire spoonful.

San Wu stood up and looked outside. The sky above the fortress was dyed a dark red by the flames, and the choking smell of smoke reached even into the courtyard.

“It’s on fire!” Kui Ku held Luo Bo tightly, looking outside from the doorway. “Luo Bo is afraid of fire, but Kui Ku is not!”

After saying that, she even shook her flower plate proudly, showing off her ability to start a fire.

“Master, why aren’t you saying anything?”

At that moment, San Wu stood at the doorway, watching as the flames tore through the night sky.

Her usually smiling face now wore an odd expression, as if she wanted to laugh but her muscles were stiff, a mixture of ecstatic joy and sorrow.

“It seems like the lab exploded… Haha!” She let out a short laugh. “Burning is good! It’s all burning, and that’s good.”

When Ah Si died, when she buried him, she once thought while watching the flames rise from his body that it would be good if this fire burned every corner of the fortress.

Now, this fire had actually started, and it was even more exhilarating than she had imagined.

As she gazed into the distance, the fire reflected in her eyes, as if something was tearing through the tranquility and bursting forth with this sudden blaze.

Where was the fortress laboratory?

Others might not know, but someone who had lived in the fortress for so long like her would surely know.

The horrifying human experiments, even serving as torture chambers for the pleasure of those young masters and big shots.

San Wu gazed into the direction of the fortress, feeling a vague sense of doubt.

The laboratory was not used for legitimate experiments at all. There weren’t even many dedicated researchers. Could such a laboratory produce sprouts that other fortresses couldn’t?

Was that possible?

In the fortress, countless screams mingled together.

“Enemy attack! The laboratory is on fire!”

“Hurry! Where the hell did those water-type ability holders go? Come here and put out the fire!” Wang Haosheng yelled as he retreated with the protection of the others.

Just moments ago, when he dug out the crystal from that woman’s body, he hadn’t had time to revel in his success when there was a loud explosion beside him.

Next thing he knew, a huge blaze was rushing towards him.

He was a water-type ability holder and naturally afraid of fire. If it hadn’t been for someone nearby pulling him and using themselves as a shield, he would have been burnt.

“Protect the Young Master!”

The man beside Wang Haosheng lamented as his face was charred beyond recognition. But if Wang Haosheng died here, then he would truly have no chance of survival.

The fortress’ lord would make sure they died together.

Regardless of whether it was an enemy attack or not, he had to ensure Wang Haosheng’s safety first.

He grabbed Wang Haosheng and jumped out through the broken window.

The guards who had been waiting outside immediately caught Wang Haosheng.

These were the people Wang Haosheng had arranged before entering. Jun Lingbai, who had been hiding completely behind the flames, looked at them with regret in his eyes.

Wang Haosheng was indeed very afraid of death and highly alert, arranging multiple escape routes for himself.

From pulling someone to shield himself from disaster to being carried out by someone through the window, it all happened in the blink of an eye.

“It’s a pity. I thought I could kill him directly,” Ji Lingbai walked into the flames. Wherever his feet landed, the flames parted to form a vacuum circle around him.

He opened the only remaining drawer and found several packets of unused soybean seeds inside, along with red beans and mung beans.

There were also a few small packets of seeds of unknown substances.

Anyway, he already knew what Wang Haosheng was up to. Since the sprouts had been destroyed, and there were many people outside now, including high-level ability holders, he needed to leave.

Transforming back into his palm-sized cat form, he quietly flew out from the window on the other side under the cover of the firelight.

As the fire burned larger and larger, San Wu’s mood improved.


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