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“The laboratory is going to burn down,” Kui Ku clapped her leaves beside her. She hated everything her master hated, so she was happy to see the laboratory burn down.

“Yeah, when other fortresses’ laboratories burn down, it’s a loss for humanity, but the Eighteenth Fortress definitely isn’t,” San Wu smirked. “The longer it burns, the better!”

But in the next moment, a muffled thunder sounded.

San Wu looked up at the sky with a stiff face.

The previously clear sky suddenly began to flicker with lightning.

A rose bush, which had been cowering all day, sensed the change in weather and immediately trembled.

With a triumphant expression, San Wu repeated, “There’s rain tonight! Heavy rain!”

“Haha! Heavy rain!” The rose bush’s heart was pounding with excitement.

She was a good flower with accurate predictions!

The master would surely love her!

San Wu turned her neck stiffly and slowly to face the rose bush. The bush trembled shyly, ready to accept praise and admiration from her master.

But this heavy rain was beyond Ji Lingbai’s expectations. He quietly returned to the doorstep, intending to go inside, when he heard San Wu’s furious voice.

“Nobody can stop me!”

“Today, I’ll definitely chop down this useless flower!”

Ji Lingbai: “…”

Ji Lingbai hesitated whether to go in or not.

This little rose really hit the nail on the head. But it seems its forecast was accurate.

After thinking for a moment, he decided to climb over the side wall and walk into his room as if he had never left.

As for whether San Wu noticed he had gone out, it didn’t matter to him.

After all, he wasn’t one of those little things she took care of.

Downstairs, the rose trembled as if she wanted to shrink into the ground.

She shook her petals, saying, “T-tomorrow morning at five o’clock, there will be heavy fog.”

San Wu was stunned.

Heavy fog?

Mutant animals reacted slower in heavy fog, and their senses were even more impaired than humans, making it a great hunting opportunity.

San Wu sighed and scooped up some water to pour on the rose.

“Forget it, I don’t remember what you said.” San Wu massaged her own forehead.

She put away the water ladle. “Okay, if there really is heavy fog tomorrow, I’ll reward you with another ladle of water.” 

Water resources were limited, and there were more mutant plants and zombies. In the future, everyone would share according to their work, fair and just.

Although she said so, San Wu felt sure there would be fog.

Raindrops the size of beans fell, and San Wu looked in the direction of the fortress. The towering flames wouldn’t be extinguished for a while, but because of this heavy rain, the laboratory wouldn’t burn completely.

She glanced over and noticed that Ji Lingbai’s window was open.

“Looks like he’s back.”

She couldn’t help but wonder if Ji Lingbai was related to the fire at the fortress.

Otherwise, why would the laboratory explode as soon as he went out?

In his room, Ji Lingbai casually tossed the seeds he had brought back beside him and took out paper and pen, spreading them out on the table. With his vision, he could see things clearly even at night. He began to draw a map.

It wasn’t a map of the laboratory.

Instead, it was a map of the architectural divisions of the Eighteenth Fortress’s anomaly zone. Clarifying the situation of the bean sprout was just a side task; his ultimate goal in going there this time was for this map.

It included several side doors, small entrances, and some hidden escape routes, all of which he had already explored.

After finishing the drawing, he put away his things. Those guys beside him… should be coming to find him soon.

The reason he came here this time wasn’t just for the crystal cores of zombie kings. Originally, he thought he wouldn’t need to bother, just collect the crystal core for advanced use, and quietly enter the fortress to finish the map and leave.

But the intelligence was mistaken, and he almost fell victim to a successful ambush by three high-damage kings and was brought back by San Wu.

As a result, the plan was delayed for so long.

Originally, he was staying well in the First Fortress and had no intention of dealing with the Eighteenth Fortress on the other side.

But someone couldn’t stay put and planted spies in the First Fortress.

Some people really didn’t learn until they were taught a lesson.

At that time, the folks in the fortress had just finished pulling out the spies and were having a headache over the differing opinions between the two factions during the meeting.

He was tired of listening to it at the time, so he made a decision and decided to take the Eighteenth Fortress at some point.

They dared to stretch their hands under his nose, quite bold indeed.

The folks in the fortress who followed him all had ambitions. They had wanted to expand their territory a long time ago, and his idea was immediately approved by all of them.

When he took the map back, they would plan and prepare to swallow up the Eighteenth Fortress.

Of course, for the ordinary residents inside the fortress, this was definitely a huge blessing.

But for the managers who didn’t treat the residents as human, it was a crisis.

However… Ji Lingbai stood at the window, watching San Wu watering the plants below.

If he were to go back, he’d have to figure out a way to take this woman with him.

Her abilities were extremely useful.

But what if she refused? Knock her out and take her away?

Ji Lingbai began to ponder the feasibility of this plan.

Meanwhile, on the road to and from the Fourteenth Fortress, four mid-level mutant horses were pulling a silver steel cart with wheels, speeding along the road.

In an era lacking various resources, traditional gasoline cars had been phased out, but energy-powered vehicles were becoming more popular.


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