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As soon as he received the director’s message, the Fourth Prince raised his hand, pointed at Ruan Qiu, and commanded the armed guards, “Kill her!”

The other guests were simultaneously taken aback and looked towards Ruan Qiu.

Qi Yingying originally intended to hold onto Ruan Qiu even tighter and take a stab meant for her when the armed guards approached. However, seeing that Ruan Qiu remained completely unfazed and even took a step forward, Qi Yingying understood Ruan Qiu’s intentions and immediately let go of her arm, not wanting to stop Ruan Qiu from showcasing her skills.

Xue Wu strode towards Ruan Qiu, delivering an over-the-shoulder throw to an armed guard who tried to block him. Seeing him in danger, other ministers rushed to his aid.

After all, Xue Wu was still the Emperor, and the Fourth Prince’s desperate reaction raised suspicions. If all this turned out to be fake and they failed to protect the Emperor, the Great Zhou Dynasty would be left without an heir, which would spell disaster.

The hall instantly descended into chaos. Ruan Qiu raised her hand to grasp the wrist of an approaching guard, swept her right leg horizontally to trip him, and then easily snatched the long knife from his hand. She raised her eyes calmly to look at the others rushing towards her.

The armed guards, who had been charging forward, felt a chill down their spines under her gaze. Sensing a certain danger, they hesitated and slowed down considerably, feigning attacks with gentle swings of their blades towards Ruan Qiu. The extra in the closest proximity to her whispered, “Miss Ruan, I’ll lightly cut you now, please cooperate and fall down. We’ll get you out immediately…”


The extra stared at his long knife that had been flung several meters away, his wrist throbbing with numbness, and his mouth gradually fell open in shock.

The next second, he felt something graze his waist. Turning his head, he heard Ruan Qiu’s gentle voice, “Hello, I just lightly cut you. Please cooperate and fall down.”

Extra: …

He remained silent for two seconds, then begrudgingly broke the blood bag hidden at his waist, and fell straight to the ground, pretending to be dead.

Ruan Qiu, holding the unsharpened long knife, twisted her wrist to point the blade upwards. She then stepped forward and charged into the crowd, deftly fending off the extras’ chaotic attacks and effortlessly disarming them. Her deep red robe fluttered with her movements as she performed nearly inhuman dodges and attacks, each move swift and smooth.

Amidst the black and blue-clad armed guards, Ruan Qiu’s deep red figure stood out strikingly. She moved with such speed that those around her could only see her agile form and hear the whoosh of the blade slicing through the air. Their gazes were involuntarily drawn to her, unable to look away.

Qi Yingying, hiding behind Ruan Qiu, watched with starry eyes throughout, quietly cheering for Ruan Qiu in excitement.

The extras, knowing they couldn’t defeat Ruan Qiu, gradually adopted a perfunctory attitude. Sometimes, before Ruan Qiu’s blade even touched them, they would conscientiously break their blood bags and begin to spit blood, collapsing to the ground and pretending to be dead, creating a scene of utter carnage.

Head Director: ?

Wait, as a female celebrity, was it really normal for Ruan Qiu to be this skilled in combat??

[OMG, these moves are so pleasing to the eye. Did Ruan Qiu train at Shaolin Temple or Wudang Mountain?]

[The production team didn’t add special effects for Ruan Qiu, did they? If this is live, it’s just too ridiculous. It outshines all martial arts dramas instantly!]

[Qi Yingying’s fangirl expression is exactly how I feel. Ruan Qiu is so cool! Ruan Qiu, marry me!]

[Hahaha, extras should get their pay docked! Slacking off like this, how can you justify Ruan Qiu’s amazing martial arts performance!]

[Ruan Qiu must have some real martial arts skills. Can she start a class? I’d love to learn…]

[Please, Ruan Qiu, shoot a martial arts drama! Save my eyes! Save our entertainment industry!]

[Hahaha, again, how’s the director doing?]

Head Director: …

He shakily picked up a cup, took a sip of tea to calm his nerves, and said to the equally dazed Fourth Prince, “Send, send more people to deal with her.”

The situation in the main hall began to tilt against the Fourth Prince’s faction due to Ruan Qiu’s intervention.

There were so many people fallen around Ruan Qiu that they could play a stacking game with the bodies. She continued to cut down anyone who approached her, sometimes even dealing with groups at a time, occasionally even spacing out briefly.

Her swordsmanship had been taught by the team leader in the Infinite Flow world. The team leader was a tall, burly man with a goofy smile. From the moment he entered the Infinite Flow world, his goal was to survive and get out. He often laughed and said, “How will my wife live without me? I have to go back and take care of her,” and he would try to find partners for everyone, so no one would be alone.

Later, he died in a swamp.

Ruan Qiu closed her eyes briefly. Facing the Fourth Prince’s human wave tactics, she swung her sword even faster, preparing for a quick battle.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Bai Jinyao ran to Xue Wu’s side. Ministers stood in front of Xue Wu and Qin Shuangyu, causing a temporary stalemate. Seeing that Ruan Qiu was almost being overwhelmed, Xue Wu increased the force of his strikes, breaking through the armed guards in front of him and striding towards Ruan Qiu.

“Everyone, stop!”

Jiang Yan suddenly shouted, “The Fourth Prince is about to die!”

Everyone turned to Jiang Yan in shock, listening as he continued, “I poisoned the Fourth Prince with the same toxin that the assassin threw on Eunuch Ruan.”

“He will soon lose consciousness and then die from the poison.” Jiang Yan glanced back at the Fourth Prince, whose face was covered in black powder and who was in a state of shock. Then he turned to the armed guards still surrounding Ruan Qiu and said, “Stop!”

The armed guards hesitated but eventually stopped their actions, standing around in confusion.

The Fourth Prince wiped his face, smeared with black powder, and angrily pointed at Jiang Yan, “You, you…”

His hand shook, and his eyes rolled back as he fainted.

Backstage, the head director dropped his cup.

[Jiang Yan, what’s going on? Why did he switch sides too?!

[Another one switching sides at the last minute?]

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